Golden Globes Parade – Mega Gallery, Part 2

golden-globes-parade-mega-gallery-2 - Golden Globes Parade - Mega Gallery, Part 2 

At request, here are the rest of the Golden Globes’ fabulous (or not) dresses and fabulous figures!

Let’s talk about a few:

Christina Hendricks looked very voluptuous (though the dress should have fitted better) and Rita Wilson was bursting out of her cleavage.

Susan Sarandon‘s figure looks absolutely amazing for 62, while Jennifer Carpenter looked frightenly skinny in a simple black dress (we haven’t seen SUCH a skinny figure in a while).

Jessica Capshaw wasn’t particularly toned and definitely under-dressed in a short hot pink dress (I think the one and only short one), while Maria Menounos’ waist looked impossibly tiny.

Laura Linney, Anna Paquin and Elizabeth Banks all chose very flattering dresses that showed off their amazing figures.

Who’s your favorite from this bunch?


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