‘Gossip Girl’ Katie Cassidy Ate Cake for 15 Hours Straight

Gossip Girl’s Katie Cassidy (24) wants to share a food story:

“I’m a healthy eater and before I went to Budapest I was experimenting being vegan and had been vegan for like six months, and Budapest is like, literally goulash and pulled pork. And day one on the set, the directer came up to me and was like, ‘How do you feel about cake? Can you eat cake in this scene?’ I was like, ‘Yeah, actually it would be really funny if my character was scarfing down cake in this scene.’

“So little did I realize that this actual scene took 15 hours to shoot, so I was eating cake for 15 hours straight and I ate two full cakes to myself.” And Cassidy spent the following three weeks in pain as a result. She adds, “I’m telling you, when you go from being vegan to eating cake like that, your bowels are frozen for probably three weeks!”

Pictured: Katie while filming “Monte Carlo” in Paris back in June 2010 with Leighton Meester and Selena Gomez.

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The Hottest Girl in a Strapless Dress Is… Katie Cassidy VS Chrishell Stause!


New faces (and new figures) on our site! Who? Supernatural’s Katie Cassidy (22, who used to be blonde, so you might not recognize her) and All My Children’s Chrishell Stause (27).

Katie’s slim with curves  and Chrishell is definitely skinny (but quite busty) – also, Katie’s got a larger bone structure than Katie, whose bone structure is quite tiny – check out the difference between their shoulders. So… whose figure do you like better?

The Hottest Girl in a Strapless Dress Is… Katie Cassidy VS Chrishell Stause!

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