Rihanna: “Lipstick draws attention away from any flaws”


On her pick for “world’s sexiest woman”:

“Penelope Cruz is the sh-t. If I could wake up and look like her tomorrow, that would be great. Mia Wallace [Uma Thurman’s Pulp Fiction character] is gangsta. She’s epic. I’m going to do that bob again. Those bangs.”

On her favorite beauty product:

“Lipstick. It draws attention away from any flaws. When someone is wearing lipstick, you just assume they’re wearing a full face of makeup. And guys are stupid–they won’t notice when you’re not.”

… says Rihanna in Elle.

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Diane Kruger: “In L.A., you’re the devil if you eat bread”


On how she loves carbs and French food:

“In L.A., you’re the devil if you eat bread. Josh and I went to Paris over Christmas, and he gained, like, 15 pounds. The bread! White chocolate! Risotto! Pâté! My friend lives out in Normandy on a farm, and she makes her own foie gras. And then the wine. All we did was eat and drink. It was so fun.”

… says Diane.


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