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Victoria Justice Goes Blonde for Kode Magazine

March 26, 2015 in Makeover or Makeunder? by Versus


Here’s an almost-unrecognizable Victoria Justice and her long blonde hair as part of a makeover (makeunder?) for the Spring issue of Kode Magazine.

How do you all like it?

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Chanel Iman in Malibu Magazine

March 13, 2015 in Hot Models by Versus


At request, here is 24 year-old beauty Chanel Iman in a spread in Malibu Magazine, where the model shows off her slim figure in denim, knits and florals.

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Eva Mendes: “I haven’t eaten meat in about six years”

March 11, 2015 in Eva Mendes by Versus


On her diet and her secrets to looking good:

“I haven’t eaten meat in about six years, because I don’t agree with factory farming here. This is just what worked for me, it’s important to say, but when I cut that out I immediately felt better. And also, after a year of eliminating it, my skin looked brighter and healthier overall.”

… says Eva in Women’s Health.


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Natalia Vodianova Does Glamour and Brings Today’s Quote

March 11, 2015 in Hot Models by Versus


On the beginning of her modeling career:

“I didn’t know the business. These poor girls were lined up in short skirts. They were all scared. There was this guy walking along, looking at them, and I could see how much he enjoyed it. He was the biggest a**hole. I stood in the corner, and some other guy took a picture of me. That was how I was discovered, really.”

… said the 33 year-old Russian model.

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Jennifer Garner Says Her Lips Are Real

February 18, 2015 in Jennifer Garner, Then and Now by Versus

10031ae0acf35977f77de42cb56e3393 jennifer_garner-plastic-surgery

Jennifer Garner recently did a photo-shoot with her mom and her sisters and when asked about her reasons behind it, the actress replied:

On Family Resemblance:

“We are doing this shoot so people can finally stop asking if my lips are real.”


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