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Victoria Justice Goes Blonde for Kode Magazine

March 26, 2015 in Makeover or Makeunder? by Versus


Here’s an almost-unrecognizable Victoria Justice and her long blonde hair as part of a makeover (makeunder?) for the Spring issue of Kode Magazine.

How do you all like it?

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More of Kim’s New Blonde Hair (and Recent Outfits)

March 8, 2015 in Kim Kardashian by Versus


Since we didn’t get to see Kim’s dramatic makeover clearly enough last time, here’s the queen of reality television and her new platinum hair matched with over-the-top outfits this past week.


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Brooklyn Decker Chopped Her Hair – Makeover or Makeunder?

January 22, 2015 in Brooklyn Decker, Makeover or Makeunder? by Versus


On opting for a short bob:

“We were deciding between coloring it red or chopping it. [My job] made my decision for me, as blonde would just be easier and we could always add extensions! I wasn’t nervous. I had it in a ponytail, and while I was waiting to get my hair washed for the color, Rona O’Connor [her colorist, whose husband Luke O’Connor did the cut] just walked up behind me and chopped it off!”

… says Brooklyn.

Brooklyn Decker Chopped Her Hair – Makeover or Makeunder?



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Naomi Watts: “It’s not easy watching yourself get older”

January 14, 2015 in Beauty & Body Image by Versus


On Renee Zellweger’s makeover:

“[The backlash] was cruel and unnecessary. I saw a picture and I thought she looked great! She looked amazing! Leave her alone! You can’t win can you? I don’t have any judgment about [plastic surgery]; whoever makes that choice, that’s fine.”

On getting old in Hollywood:

“It’s not easy watching yourself get older, but when I look at two women in their fifties or sixties or seventies side by side, one who’s had surgery and one who hasn’t, I think one likes themselves a lot more and one looks more dignified and graceful. And I hope I get to stay being that woman. But I would never say ‘never.'”

… says 46 year-old Naomi in InStyle.


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Taylor Swift Does Vogue

October 2, 2014 in Taylor Swift by Versus


She certainly looks like a model these days and this Vogue shoot is no exception – at request, check out a lean Taylor Swift in the latest British issue of the magazine.

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