Nina Agdal Does Health Magazine and Brings Today’s Quotes

3CED198400000578-4200764-image-a-76_1486489871896 - Nina Agdal Does Health Magazine and Brings Today's Quotes

On her very active childhood:

‘I grew up very active, and my parents made me try every single sport there was. I would pick some of them up, but with others, I’d be like, “I hate it.” So they’d say, “OK, let’s try something else.”‘

On the fact that she hates running:

‘I wish I loved to run, because I’d love to run through Central Park or on vacation on the beach, but I absolutely hate it. I do it for five minutes and I’m like, “Ugh, why am I doing this?”‘ she said.

On why she loves working out:

‘I always feel better after a workout. I have more energy, and mentally I’m in a better place.’

On where she gains weight first:

‘God, my butt. My friends always joke around because whenever I turn around, I’ll bump into stuff because I forget that it’s there. In stores, I’ll knock over glasses or candles or whatever. Everything goes there or on my face. But definitely down there.’

… says Sports Illustrated beauty Nina Agdal.

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Taylor Hill Is Red-Hot

3CEF3C4200000578-4200964-image-m-2_1486493275132 - Taylor Hill Is Red-Hot

On the food involved in her ideal Valentine’s Day date:

‘I love going to the movies and seeing a movie in the theater and getting pizza or something and having the popcorn. For me, that is so chill because you are having a good time together and you can see some fun movie. It is a fun experience and you can get a New York slice. It is like icing on a cake.’

Red-hot Taylor with fellow models Josephine Skriver and Sara Sampaio at the Victoria’s Secret flagship in New York City on Tuesday:

3CEE0B5400000578-4200964-image-m-6_1486493443234 - Taylor Hill Is Red-Hot

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Christie Brinkley Posed for Sports Illustrated at Age 63

3CE88F3F00000578-0-image-a-92_1486434877660 - Christie Brinkley Posed for Sports Illustrated at Age 63

On posing for the magazine at age 63, together with her daughters Alexa, 31 and Sailor, 18:

My first thought was, “At my age? No way!” When I turned 30, I was like, “This is the last time I’m posing in a bathing suit! When this issue comes out, I’ll be 63. I thought, “Those days are over.” But to get to do it with my girls, I thought, “One last go!”

On aging:

In a country that’s very ageist, people love to put you in little boxes. Women feel very limited by their numbers. On a personal level, I thought, if I can pull this off, I think it will help redefine those numbers and remove some of the fear of aging.

Christie rocking the cover of Sports Illustrated in 1981:

3CE8D5A700000578-4198230-image-a-29_1486444052055 - Christie Brinkley Posed for Sports Illustrated at Age 63

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Skinny Gigi Hadid Rocks Leather Pants

skinny-gigi-hadid-2-1 - Skinny Gigi Hadid Rocks Leather Pants

Models Off Duty: skinny Gigi Hadid was spotted by the paparazzi as she stepped out in New York City this weekend. 21 year-old Gigi is rocking a darker hair color these days (see her blonder locks and her bikini body in 2015 here!) and she seems to be maintaining her recent weight loss results. On this particular day, the in-demand model looked chic and comfy in a dark green coat and skin tight leather pants, paired with a furry purse.

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