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Christina Aguilera – 2 Outfits and a Make-up Mess

April 30, 2009 in 1 Girl 2 Outfits, Celebrity Oops, Christina Aguilera by Versus


Oops! Like the initial green eye make-up and red lipstick weren’t enough… looks like Christina had a wild rough night that ended with a messy make-up!

Looking good weight-wise, and looking good in jeans, seems like she’s settled at this healthy, slim & curvy figure… but honestly, I’m not getting her hairstyles… or make-up style.


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Pamela Anderson Does It Again

March 7, 2009 in Celebrity Oops, Pamela Anderson by Versus


Here we go again. Pamela flashes to the paparazzi while she walks down the catwalk during an appearance at Paris Fashion Week.

The thing is, the premeditated slip malfunction happened twice, in two different outfits. And Pamela didn’t look very bothered.

This is getting kinda old, isn’t it?

Check out the other nipple slip and an extra crazy outfit after the jump!

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Mischa Barton Says “Oops!”

February 14, 2009 in Celebrity Oops, Mischa Barton by Versus

Mischa’s lost weight, that’s a fact, but she surely isn’t looking gaunt or “terribly skinny” right here.

And while Mischa’s preoccupied to calm down the wind in her dress, let’s discuss:

What do you think of her outfit?

Shenae Grimes Forgot Her Pants at Home

January 15, 2009 in Celebrity Oops, Shenae Grimes by Versus


“If Mary-Kate can pull it off, so can I” seemed to be Shenae’s motto yesterday, when she decided that going pantless was OK.

Shenae Grimes Forgot Her Pants at Home – Your pick:

a. Fashion-forward, vanguard, fabulous.

b. Not as dramatic as Jessica Alba’s pajamas at that movie premiere.

c. Completely in the “What was she thinking???!!” territory.

Now that I think about it, she got us talking about it, so the pantless look was actually a big sucess.

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Courtney Love Says: “Oops!”

January 5, 2009 in Celebrity Oops by Versus

Following the slogan “If you can’t say anything nice, say nothing at all”, I’m trying (really, really, really) hard not to comment on the fashion ensemble. But hey, you can!

OK, trying to get passed the outfit, I’m noticing how Courtney’s figure is looking much healthier than it was a while back, when she was close friends with skin & bones.

If you want to see the outfit from the back, it’s on the next page!

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