Skinny Scale Time! Rate Thandie Newton!

No doubt about it, Thandie Newton is skinny – not scary skinny, but very thin and a little bony. And all this calls for: The Skinny Scale!

So, what do you say? How would you rate Thandie on the Skinny Scale? Ratings start with 1 and end with 10, 1 meaning “You mean flabby, right?” and 10 meaning “Can’t get any skinnier”.

Versus’s expert verdict: Thandie’s collar bones, shoulders and bony knees call for an 8. Might change the rating at the sight of Thandie in a bikini, though.

Let’s hear your verdicts!


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Skinny Scale Time! Rate Marcia Cross!

Marcia Cross is skinny. Some of you might even say “scary skinny” if you pay attention to the chest, collar bones and arms. Some of you might say that she looks “just right”, judging by her not-as-skinny legs. This is why she’s perfect for the Skinny Scale!

How to rate, you ask? Ratings start with 1, which means “QUIT the fries!” and 10 is “GRAB the fries!” How would you place Marcia on the Skinny Scale?

Skinny Scale Time! Rate Marcia Cross!

Versus’s expert rating: Marcia looks like she deserves a 7. And  some fries. And then some dessert.

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Skinny Scale Time! Rate Keira Knightley!

It’s another one of those: Skinny Scale! You’ll have to agree, Keira is one of our best candidates in the skinny, tiny, pin thin section, with her insanely small shoulders, skinny arms and minuscule waist.

What do you say? How would you rate Keira’s skinniness on a scale from 1 to 10?

Versus’s expert rating: Taking the tiny body frame and the pear shape body type into account, Keira deserves an 8 on the Skinny Scale.

Photo credit: Wenn

Curvy Scale Time! Rate Bachelorette DeAnna Pappas!

Trying really hard to balance the skinny and the curvy celebrities here – and occasionally it might need some curvy C list celebs to do so. So, here is The Bachelorette’s DeAnna Pappas (who was looking slimmer on the show, but hey, don’t they all “diet on work day and indulge on vacay”?).

And since we’ve got one curvy girl in a bikini, why not do a Curvy Scale! Not familiar with our rating system? Here is how it is: Rate DeAnna from 1 to 10, where 1 means “skinny, waif, rail thin” and 10 means… “Kim Kardashian”.

Versus’s expert rating: DeAnna deserves an 8+ with applauds! Boobs? Got them! Hips? Surely there! Waist definition, Spot on! Meaty Thighs? Definitely!

Now let’s see your ratings!

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Skinny Scale Time! Rate Heidi Klum!

When you can wear a dress that tight and that white and look that slim, then you know you belong on the Skinny Scale! What is the Skinny Scale, you ask? It’s a rating system destined to grade the skinny celebrities from 1 to 10, 1 being the “so not skinny” and 10 being “so soooo skinny”.

I guess you agree that Heidi is looking particularly narrow and thin in the above picture, with tiny hips, tiny waist and thin legs (even with the cut of the shoes and the cut of the dress that generally thicken the legs). So, what do you think? How would you place Heidi on the skinny scale?

Versus’s expert rating: Heidi’s rate is 7. No bones in sight, that’s true, but no visible body fat either.

Photo source: Celebutopia