Sarah Hyland & Selena Gomez – GG Afterparty Beauties


22 year-old Sarah Hyland and 20 year-old Selena Gomez were among the beauties that stepped on the red carpet at the Weinstein Company’s Golden Globe Awards after-party the other night.


Whose look do you prefer?

Check out more, plus Vanessa and Ashley as a bonus next!


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Sarah Hyland in Glamoholic Magazine


At request, here is Modern Family‘s petite beauty Sarah Hyland in the current issue of Glamoholic Magazine, where the 22 year-old actress tries on different feminine dresses and poses prettily for the cameras.

Here’s an older quote from Sarah:

On being compared with Mila Kunis:

I think it’s the most flattering compliment I’ll ever get. One, she’s a wonderful person and very nice. And two, she’s smokin’.

How do you all like Sarah’s spread?

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