Kendall Jenner & Taylor Swift – Leggy at the AMAs


Left: 18 year-old Kendall Jenner rocking a little white dress at the AMAs last  night. Read about a recent controversy surrounding Kendall here!

Right: a slimmer Taylor Swift (23) looking extra leggy in gold at the same event.

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WCurve Model Robyn Lawley in Glamour Magazine

WCurve model Robyn Lawley is featured in the March issue of Glamour Magazine, in an article which makes a ‘shocking’ revelation: ‘97% of women are unhappy with their bodies and only 3% have no negative thoughts regarding their figures.’

We’ve seen beautiful Robyn before, but this time, we get to see her stats, too (according to Model Management UK):

Height: 6′ /1.82 m

Dress Size: UK 16

Measurements: 36D-32-42 / 91D-81-106

Check out this popular post featuring Robyn in a bikini, then check 2 more after the jump!


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Serena Williams in a Bikini!

Weekend bikini treat!

Today’s beach body: professional tennis player Serena Williams (28), who was spotted in a green bikini on the beach in Miami yesterday afternoon.

According to various sources, Serena is…

Height: 5′ 9″ (1.75 m)

Weight: 150 lbs. (68 kg)

Do they sound (remotely) accurate to you?

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