Skinny VS Curvy Time! Nicky Hilton VS Alicia Keys!


Every event MUST have our trademark Skinny VS Curvy post and our picks for the VMAs are Nicky Hilton and Alicia Keys.

Alicia is a classic pear shape, with curvy hips, thick thighs and strong-looking legs, while Nicky is actually a very thin apple shape (she carried more weight in her middle area when she was heavier a few years back).

Skinny VS Curvy Time! Nicky Hilton VS Alicia Keys!

And since they have SUCH different legs, which pair do you like better?

Pick your favorite!

Note: Remember, this is just for expressing your preferences! This is not an actual battle and we DO believe both women and beautiful in their own way.

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Gymnast Shawn Johnson: Leggy in Shorts


We just had a post about a pair of super skinny and super long legs, attached to a supermodel figure. But since we don’t all look like Gisele, it’s only fair to post about other body types and sizes as well  – so let’s go from the supermodels to professional athletes, namely Olympic Gold Medal-winning gymnast Shawn Johnson, who was kind enough to let us take a peek at her muscular legs.

P.S.: Remember that Shawn is only 17 years old, so be nice!

Oh, and she’s 4’10” (147 cm).

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Skinny Versus Curvy Battle Time! Whitney Port Versus Michelle Trachtenberg!

Whitney has the the kind of legs that would make Gisele’s and Heidi’s legs look meaty and shapely, the kind of legs that are actually advised to wear ankle straps, horizontal lines or white stockings. Now on the other side (right), we’ve got some actual meaty legs, belonging to Michelle. And I think we can be positive that Whitey’s legs continue with a very thin upper body, while Michelle’s legs connect with curvy hips.

Skinny Versus Curvy Battle Time! Whitney Port Versus Michelle Trachtenberg! Choose your favorite!

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Michelle Trachtenberg – 1 Girl, 2 Outfits

Here is Michelle Trachternber looking a tad fuller since the last time we saw her (could be cause her part in Gossip Girl ended?). Even though Michelle doesn’t have the skinniest legs in the business and she doesn’t have the thinnest arms either, she’s definitely got the flawless skin and the curves working for her.

And when you add some sleek outfits to all that (this girl loves to dress up, doesn’t she?), then you’ve got a healthy & hot young celeb.

One minor note, though: Michelle, please say “No” to the shoes in the pic on the left.

All Eyes on Janet Jackson’s Stage Outfit

Janet Jackson just starter her new tour – not sure about how she sounds, but THIS is how she looks. And how exactly is that? Well, pretty plump from the side, yet with a well-kept, slim waist (and my oh my, does she know to accentuate it or what?)

I’m pretty sure the aim was a fierce look, but I’m not quite there yet. What do you say: is this the right outfit for Janet’s body or not?


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