Skinny Anna Kournikova Models in Swimsuits


Skinny Anna Kournikova Models in Swimsuits… and the best part is that these are BEFORE all the airbrushing, since they’re basically behind-the-scenes shots. And since we get to observe Anna’s skinny figure accurately, here are  few observations:

* Anna is a V shape (cone / reversed triangle) and it’s mostly visible in the above shot: her shoulders are the broadest part of her body, she’s got skinny legs, narrow hips and her torso is visibly V-shaped.

* I also think a the first swimsuit she has on does not flatter her body type, mainly because it cuts her hips – she needs more… “hip cleavage” and a different neckline, not round (the black swimsuit is more flattering).

Check out the pictures after the jump and share your thoughts!


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More Celebs at the MET’s 125th Anniversary Gala: Becki, Brooke, Ginnifer and Claire


4 ladies in dark dresses for you, all slim, all dolled up for the Metropolitan Gala Anniversary!

Becki Newton is smiley in dark green sequins, Brooke Shields looking a tad top heavy in a black dress, Ginnifer Goodwin looks pear-shaped in that patterned and slightly puffy dress and Claire Danes looks sleek in dark blue.

Pick your favourite look!


Jordan and Her Pink Fashion Sense


Katie Price, aka Jordan wore this pink extravaganza the other day, challenging, if not surplussing the queen of pink, Paris Hilton.

And on a non-fashion related note, notice how Jordan’s artificially enhanced bust is making her figure look like a reversed triangle? When you don’t have curvy hips, this kind of bust kinda disproportions the figure. In addition, a darker color on top and brighter / lighter flared pants or an A-line skirt would have given Katie a more proportionate look.

Say your thoughts! 

Angelina Jolie on the Golden Globes’ Red Carpet


The minus: This is not the ideal dress for Angelina’s body type (apple). She looks slightly top heavy, because she’s got very narrow hips and a full bust and the dress isn’t offering any waist definition at all, on the contrary. She’d look amazing in an empire waist gown!

The plus: Looking MUCH better with her hair down.

What do you have to say?

P.S.: Will we only see grey / black dresses from Angelina from now on? It’s been like this for the past 12 occasions.

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