Tracy Anderson: Curvy Kim Kardashian on the Cover of Vogue Is ‘Progress’


On juice cleanses:

“Anybody is going to lose weight if they drink liquid all day long. That’s like lunchtime liposuction or freezing the fat cells off. You don’t own that change. The weight is coming back.”

On Hollywood beauty standards:

There’s a disease here—the disease is vanity, insecurity and the lengths of unhealthy behaviors people go to to achieve what they think is beautiful. The disease of ‘I’m not worth anything unless I look like that person over there.’”

On being pro body diversity:

“I think it’s changing, and that excites me. You take a Kim Kardashian, who is a curvaceous, voluptuous, petite woman—and she’s on the cover of Vogue! I like that. I think that’s progress. Lena Dunham, who is a buddy of mine, is on the cover selling magazines with her beauty and her light. She’s not all about giving women the same body: “I want to get away from ‘Tracy Anderson is going to make you teeny-tiny.’ I’m not trying to make everyone the same. To me, ‘hot’ is not defined by a height or weight or measurement; hot is going to the root of who you are.”

… says Tracy.

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Tracy Anderson: “Some people think: ‘celebrities have it better than me’ and it’s just not true!”


On how her favorite client and BFF Gwyneth is not ‘genetically blessed’:

“Well, she is just so dedicated, and what’s great with her is that she’s so consistent, focused and she actually puts the work in. There is not a trick, and everyone is just not genetically blessed.”

On the fact that ‘celebrities can lose weight easier’ (because they have money and can afford cooks, nannies, trainers) is a complete MYTH:

“Gwyneth had some problem areas when I first met her, and now she is in great shape. Some people look at celebrities and they think ‘oh, they have it better than me,’ and it’s just not true! Some celebrities are doing some unhealthy things. But someone like Gwyneth, I like to celebrate because she is really just a good example.”

On how she’s proud of Victoria Beckham:

“I am really proud of my clients like Victoria, because she is a consistent, hard hard-working mother and she really works at her body. David and Victoria are an amazing, lovely, beautiful family. So many celebrities I am not impressed with, and Victoria was one that I been consistently impressed with.”

On her Cameron Diaz connection:

“I am a good friend of hers. We actually had the same ghostwriter that pieced my book together and also pieced hers. She’s done my workouts on and off throughout the years.”

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Tracy Anderson: “Spin may burn calories, but it’ll bulk your thighs”


The full story from Redbook Magazine:

Kristy, 31, a mom of one in New Jersey, decided to go on a gym kick last winter. “I still had about 10 pounds of baby weight from when I’d given birth a year before, and I finally felt like I had enough breathing room in my schedule to actually commit to going to the gym.” Her workout of choice was spin, three mornings a week.

The result? Two months later, Kristy saw a change in the way her pants fit… They were tighter than ever. “I don’t think that I was eating that much more, but I put on about five pounds. It was really disconcerting.”

It turns out that her story is one that fitness experts hear all the time, especially as boutique spin studios like SoulCycle and FlyWheel have popped up around the country. These classes promise transformation, and, incorporating tons of enthusiasm, top-20 dance hits, and affirmations shouted to participants by the instructor, they’re never monotonous. But does feeling awesome translate into an awesome workout?

Tracy Anderson, celeb trainer and creator of the Tracy Anderson Method, isn’t so sure. “I have women who come into my office after spinning exclusively for six months, wondering why they can’t fit into their jeans,” she says. “Spin may burn calories in the short term, but if that’s all you’re doing, it’ll bulk your thighs.” That got us wondering: Could spin classes be thwarting our fitness goals?

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Celebrity Trainer Tracy Anderson: “You need to make sure that you are being consistent with your workout”


On how not to gain weight during the Holidays:

‘Consistency is key. Through the holidays especially, it’s really important that you’re able to enjoy your friends, your family and food. You need to make sure that you are being consistent with your workout. The best thing that people can do is, try and make the recipes that you love without using processed foods. Try and make things that are natural and organic to bake with this year.’

… says Tracy.

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Tracy Anderson: “There needs to be more emphasis on all different body shapes”


On how she is PRO body diversity:

“One of the things I can’t stand the most is all the fashion magazines where all the women look exactly the same. I train everyone from Jennifer Lopez to Gwyneth Paltrow, you know, and I’m a totally different body type. I think there needs to be more emphasis in art and entertainment and fashion on all different body shapes.”

On whether her New York clients skip workouts during Fashion Week:

“I don’t think anybody would skip a workout this week. They’re more like in the gym early, to get their sweat before they do hair or makeup or anything like that. This is not a week to skip the gym. I taught a master class this morning and it was like packed to the walls.”

… says 38 year-old celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson.

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