Rebel Wilson: “You don’t want to be in that weird range between skinny and fat’

rebel-wilson-weight-loss - Rebel Wilson: "You don't want to be in that weird range between skinny and fat'

36 year-old Rebel Wilson is currently working on Pitch Perfect 3 and while the star doesn’t want to lose weight for her role, she is also concerned with looking twice as big as her coworkers. But more interestingly, the actress mentions the Hollywood weight pressure of fitting into a clear mould, where you have to be either very thin or overweight, just not in the middle, in order to have a distinctive label and get roles.

On the fact that her fans don’t want her to lose weight because being in the middle range in Hollywood is bad:

You know what? People say, ‘Don’t lose weight.’ You don’t want to be in that weird range of are you skinny or are you fat? Because how do you class yourself then? Weirdly, a lot of people say “Don’t,” but then I guess when you’re doing movies with actresses who are super skinny and whatever and you got to do a photo shoot side by side… then you notice you’re twice the weight they are.

On how she feels about her body and her outlook on body size despite the Hollywood weight pressure:

But for me, it’s just about being comfortable in your own skin. You never want to be like too unhealthy because that’s bad. But you just want to be comfortable with who you are, whatever your size.

… says Rebel.

rebel-wilson-weight-loss-5 - Rebel Wilson: "You don't want to be in that weird range between skinny and fat'

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Star: “Victoria’s Secret Models Call Gigi Hadid Fat and Overrated”

gigi-hadid-fat-mean-girls - Star: "Victoria's Secret Models Call Gigi Hadid Fat and Overrated"

Who would call Gigi Hadid fat? Well, according to Star Magazine, Gigi has been Mean Girl-ed by the other models at Victoria’s Secret, who talk behind her back, think she’s not skinny enough and say she’s is the product of nepotism. The full juicy story from Star:

The prettiest people can do the ugliest things – just ask poor Gigi Hadid, who finds herself totally shunned by her fellow Victoria’s Secret models.

“They’ve frozen Gigi out,” says a VS insider. “They’re jealous over her silver-spoon upbringing and how easy she’s had it – they’ve been slaving away for years, but she dates a couple of pop stars and boom, she’s an It Girl? They’re over her.”

But for some reason, Bella – who dated The Weeknd – is getting a much warmed reception at the annual lingerie show.

“She’s been given the industry stamp of approval because she’s naturally much skinnier and more ‘high fashion’ so the girls accept her,” explains the insider.

And despite the smiles you’ll see strutting down the runway on Dec. 5, Gigi’s peers weren’t hiding their contempt for her during rehearsals.

“Gigi is convinced she heard one of them making horse noises and laughing at her backstage,” snipes the source, adding that the other Angels were just as mean last year. “They call Gigi Hadid fat and overrated.”

Pictured: Gigi at last year-s VS runway show.

While this story is coming from a questionable tabloid, it is true that in the past, Gigi was called out for not being skinny enough by fellow VS model Blanca Padilla, who said:

I don’t have a problem with the fact that you’re a curvy girl on the runway, I support that. But if it was me with your same measurements going to a casting they would send me home to lose weight.

Read her full comments HERE!

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Drew Barrymore’s 20 Pound Weight Loss

20-pound-weight-loss - Drew Barrymore's 20 Pound Weight Loss

Mom-of-two Drew Barrymore recently opened up in an interview about her 20 pound weight loss. The bubbly 41 year-old actress, who is 5’4”/ 163 cm says that she currently weighs 124 lbs:

On how she achieved the weight 20 pound weight loss:

I’ve been very disciplined and all I did was cry and dream about pizza. I still am dreaming and crying about pizza.

On her weight:

I was 144 and now I’m 124. I did it on the filming of a Netflix show [Santa Clarita Diet]. I feel really great. I followed Kimberly Snyder’s methods, but I added some protein like fish and chicken since she’s all vegetarian or vegan.

On her future plans:

The holidays are coming up, so I’m going to enjoy some of that stuffing!

… says Drew.

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Bethenny Frankel: “I weigh 115 pounds. People don’t talk about people that are overweight”

FFN_f_51701548 - Bethenny Frankel: "I weigh 115 pounds. People don’t talk about people that are overweight"

On her weight:

People do comment a lot. I do say ‘yeah, I am thin.’ I mean, I have a brand called Skinnygirl, so it’s not a big giant mystery. You can’t please everybody. You try to please everybody, you end up pleasing nobody. Sometimes I do agree that I look too thin, especially when I’m tired, especially when I’m haggard. I do eat. There are nutritionists that comment that I don’t even weigh a hundred pounds. I weigh 115 pounds. I’ll be happy to get on the Today show scale.

On how only skinny people are picked on:

People don’t talk about people that are overweight. If someone thought you were overweight imagine being like ‘wow, that person looks really overweight’ and keep talking about it, that wouldn’t be nice. But that’s not something I’m going to complain about.

… says Bethenny, who is 5’7” tall.

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Rebel Wilson: “It’s very hard to laugh at someone who’s very attractive”

FFN_f_51604363 - Rebel Wilson: "It’s very hard to laugh at someone who’s very attractive"

Joking about her weight:

One time I got X-rayed by a chiropractor and he goes, ‘You know, you don’t actually have a big build.’ It’s like, you’re just fat!

On her success in Hollywood:

Bigger girls do better in comedy. I don’t know why. Maybe because people find it easier to laugh. It’s very hard to laugh at someone who’s very attractive, I think. And normally those people don’t have a great personality anyway.

On whether she would like to lose weight:

I do have these dreams, like, ‘What if I just went to a health farm and lost 50 kilos? What would happen? Would it affect my career?’ But then I think, that’s never going to happen.

… says 28 year-old Rebel.


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