Rebel Wilson: “You don’t want to be in that weird range between skinny and fat’

rebel-wilson-weight-loss - Rebel Wilson: "You don't want to be in that weird range between skinny and fat'

36 year-old Rebel Wilson is currently working on Pitch Perfect 3 and while the star doesn’t want to lose weight for her role, she is also concerned with looking twice as big as her coworkers. But more interestingly, the actress mentions the Hollywood weight pressure of fitting into a clear mould, where you have to be either very thin or overweight, just not in the middle, in order to have a distinctive label and get roles.

On the fact that her fans don’t want her to lose weight because being in the middle range in Hollywood is bad:

You know what? People say, ‘Don’t lose weight.’ You don’t want to be in that weird range of are you skinny or are you fat? Because how do you class yourself then? Weirdly, a lot of people say “Don’t,” but then I guess when you’re doing movies with actresses who are super skinny and whatever and you got to do a photo shoot side by side… then you notice you’re twice the weight they are.

On how she feels about her body and her outlook on body size despite the Hollywood weight pressure:

But for me, it’s just about being comfortable in your own skin. You never want to be like too unhealthy because that’s bad. But you just want to be comfortable with who you are, whatever your size.

… says Rebel.

rebel-wilson-weight-loss-5 - Rebel Wilson: "You don't want to be in that weird range between skinny and fat'

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Bella Hadid Talks Food and Workouts

bella-hadid-diet-4 - Bella Hadid Talks Food and Workouts

Bella Hadid, who lost weight accidentally, is back with a few quotes today:

On being very disciplined when it comes to her diet, but also indulging from time to time:

“I like to eat healthy and not eat crazy plane food. I like to still make sure my diet is good and I stay hydrated and stuff. That’s basically all I do. But I’m going to eat pasta right now. If you want to have a piece of bread, go have a piece of bread.”

On maintaining her skinny figure with her trainer – Rob Piela at Gotham Gym:

“He’s really the best. I literally can’t work out with anybody. It has to be me and him. If I am working with other people, I freak out.”

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Kourtney Kardashian: “I’ll do dips on my bathtub & 100 squats before showering”

The trick that makes my eyes really pop. On my app.

A photo posted by Kourtney Kardashian (@kourtneykardash) on

Kourtney Kardashian admits she’s a food snob and an avid pre-shower exercise fanatic – and she also isn’t keen on keeping her biggest beauty secret to herself:

On getting ready for a special event and for bikini season:

If bikini time is coming up or something I want to be shape for I’ll do dips on my bathtub and no matter what I’ll do 100 squats before I get in the shower. That way I won’t forget. Once in a while, when I’m feeling anxious, we’ll say let’s do boxing but usually we leave it up to the trainer because I think it’s good to shock your body.

On her biggest beauty secret:

I make an avocado smoothie in the morning. It makes my skin glow my hair really healthy everyone asks why my hair is so shiny.

On how she is the food snob that cleans up her family’s fridges:

We eat gluten free and dairy free in my house, try to eat as little processed food as possible. I love to share whatever things I’m into. I was at [my sister] Kim’s the other day looking through her freezer and said I can’t believe you have this or that and she was like you’re right and changed a bunch of her things to organic. I’m a food snob.

… says Kourtney.

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Kaley Cuoco Had 3 Plastic Surgeries: Nose Job, Boob Job and Neck Job

kely-cuoco-plastic-surgery - Kaley Cuoco Had 3 Plastic Surgeries: Nose Job, Boob Job and Neck Job

30 year-old Big Bang beauty Kaley Cuoco is the covergirl on Women’s Health’s December issue, where the pretty blonde opens up about wanting to look hot, her 3 ‘celebrity plastic surgery procedures’, as well as working out and indulging with junk food.

On not apologizing for wanting to look good:

As much as you want to love your inner self … I’m sorry, you also want to look good.

On her 3 plastic surgery procedures:

Years ago, I had my nose done. And my boobs – best thing I ever did. Recently I had a filler in a line in my neck I’ve had since I was 12. I don’t think you should do it for a man or anyone else, but if it makes you feel confident, that’s amazing.

On her favorite types of workouts and how she hates running:

I tried spinning, I tried running, I tried yoga, I tried Pilates. I realized I don’t like running … I refuse to do it. I like spinning, so I try to mix that in. When I found hot yoga, I fell in love with it and was like, ‘This is my thing. I’ve cried numerous times in yoga. The best part is I’m sweating so bad no one can tell.

On her favorite indulgence:

Tonight I’ll be going to In-N-Out and doing one of their grilled cheeses, massive fries, and a shake. That’d be a cheat for me.

Kaley before her celebrity plastic surgery procedures:

kaley-cuoco-before-nose-job - Kaley Cuoco Had 3 Plastic Surgeries: Nose Job, Boob Job and Neck Job

kaley-cuoco-nose-job - Kaley Cuoco Had 3 Plastic Surgeries: Nose Job, Boob Job and Neck Job

Check out the video below, too!

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