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All Kinds of Legs – Take a Guess!

all-kinds-of-legs-take-a-guess - All Kinds of Legs - Take a Guess!

By request, it’s Guess the Legs! Last time, you tried to figure out who owned a bunch of skinny legs. This time, we’ve got 3 pairs of legs, all different in shape and size. We’ve got toned and athletic, voluptuous or thin, you name them!

Like literally, NAME them. Who owns these legs? Take a guess! And which pair is most attractive? Which ones would you rather have?

2 days later, you’ll get answer!

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  • Kate

    OK, my guesses are:
    1. Nicole from Pussycat Dolls
    2. Beyonce
    3. Heidi Klum? I know she has shoes like that.

  • Nelly

    I say
    Christina Millan,
    I donno but they are really really bad and I wouldnt have showed them like that; plus, what is she wearing that short? A bikini?
    Nicky Hilton with her bony knees.

  • sam

    second one is kim kardashian

  • Julia

    I dont have any idea who they belong to, but I would like to have legs number 1, they are fit and nicely shaped.

  • Julia

    I want to have legs 1! fit and shapely, lovely!

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  • Freedom(yes my real name)

    2.Kim Kardisian
    3.Blake lively