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      • Guys, her waist hasn’t changed in any way whatsoever.

        The reason why it appears to not be as small as usual is because EVERY SINGLE ONE of these photos is obscuring her waist in some way. She’s either in the middle of some weird movement (a la photo #1), or she’s posing with her arms in front of her waist, posing to the side, busy turning around, etc.
        The *only* photo where she’s facing the camera and her waist is unobscured is the 5th to last photo, and in it, her waist looks just as tiny as always.

        • She has a good WHR but when it looks ‘crazy’ (by which I assume you mean pronounced) is when she arches her back, and tilts her pelvis.

          You can see some of the pictures when she’s doing it for the shoot.

          There is one full, straight up and down shot where she is standing normally (not posing) where you can see her relaxed body.

          Its a great body and I think she’s put on some muscle she looks good

  1. Wow, this was an easy one!!Amazing body, as always. these swimsuit shoots all seem to blend together. I feel like ive seen this one before

  2. All vs angels look the same. I remember back in the days of Gisele, Heidi and Tyra you had to have something a little extra. Now anyone can be an angel. Snooze!

      • I have always been a fan of Doutzen, even before she was part of VS. There is always an exception, but I still feel like they lack variety and personality. I feel like all of the original VS Angels had more to offer than just pretty faces. I was never a huge Gisele fan, but I can understand why people are she makes stupid comments sometimes but at least she has a personality as did Heidi, Tyra and Marissa (who is still an Angel) I feel like they didn’t try so hard to be sexy because they are already very sexy women. Candice and all of the current VS Angels try so hard and it is just not attractive. Lol I am stepping off of my soap box now…

    • I agree although I think Doutzen and Adriana are ‘special’. Personally, I think Barbara is really pretty too but the rest are kinda mehh.

  3. When she actually stands normal and doesnt arch the s— out of her back, her torso seems straight up and down like adrianas/mirands/doutzens? And all this time I thought she had a crazy hip to waist ratio lol

      • “She does have a great WHR – it was more pronounced when she was a bit softer though:”

        Her WHR more pronounced when she’s “softer”? why is that then erica? is it because it makes you feel better about yourself again? and she is hardly “soft” in that picture and never has been. She is a slim toned young woman who may have lost or gained a few pounds here or there, but even at her highest weight always slim and toned. Everytime there is a post on Candice you try hard to search for pictures of her “softer” as you put it. You need to stop acting like she’s used to look like Christina Hendricks once. she never has and she never will. due to the fact she has a slender frame. and her WHR is the same no matter what picture I have seen of her. The only way it would look un-pronounced is if she were to gain a ton of weight and become obese, which would never happen anyway since she is super tall and naturally slim to begin with.

    • She still has a pretty nice waist/hip ratio (going by the first pink/yellow floral swimsuit picture), but its a much more gradual transition than I expected. The widest part of her lower body is in her upper thighs, not her hips like I expected. Not a bad thing, just looks different when she isn’t throwing her back out. 😛

    • Agreed! Either way I think her legs and overarching are her main selling points; I’ve never thought she had a mindblowing WHR or torso.

  4. Candice….you know you read too much celebrity gossip when you can guess smb not even by the body but by a simple pose))))
    agree with girls above this is an easy one to guess…

  5. She has great legs – I knew it was her from the legs and the pose! I wish she wouldn’t arch so much – it looks so forced and awkward.
    She looks good and not *too* skinny and toned like she has done in recent years – but she used to look even better before VS, imo, just a little fleshier is best on her frame for me.

  6. her body is beautiful! homegirl can arch that back! it really helps to create the illusion of a fuller bottom. i’ve got pancake booty like her so i get why she arches like her life depends on it.

    • hahahah. pancake bum indeed. i love that she works with what she’s got and makes it look good even if its doesn’t fit the ideal beauty standard. i’m in the same boat. i use all sorts of clothing, posture tricks to help my flapjack bum and jellyroll belly look better. but i’ve also recently hit the gym, so hopefully i eventually i won’t have to resort to all the trickery anymore.

  7. Her face is actually prettier to me than her body in these photos.

    Based off of other photos I’ve seen of her recently, she’s lost weight again and is straight up bony. It’s not as apparent in these photos because of the soft lighting, but she doesn’t look as curvy as usual. Usually her WHR is ridiculous and here it looks normal.

    • It’s strange – in some ways she looks softer, but you’re right that she also looks less curvy than usual. I haven’t seen any other photos of her recently, so I can’t compare though.

    • Thank you! I thought I was the only one to see that. In that first pic her legs look way too skinny and her body looks pretty shapeless. And then I read the comments and everyone is commenting on how great her legs are! I like lean legs but that first pic is too much. And then I scroll down and she actually looks great and not too skinny in some pics. But I guess it’s because she’s arching her back. When she’s standing straight, like one usually does on our everyday life, she doesn’t look that good. I’m not jealous at all and a bit disappointed, she would be the bomb if she gained 5 pounds, but that’s probably out of the question for her anyway…

  8. As always, she looks nice in close-up and off in full body shots – imho. She has a horrible posture!
    But I loooooooooove her legs!

  9. Candice has the short torso/long leg combination so her waist doesn’t always look super curvy. What gives her the illusion of having a curvy torso or “dramatic” whr is really her small ribcage, if her ribcage was bigger, her torso would have a “wider” look.

  10. as soon as i saw the shoulders, i knew it was Candice. then i scrolled down and saw the tiny mole on her tummy. i guessed right for once! 😀

  11. I adore Candice, but her posture could be improved, maybe from yoga? Plus she lost weight and I don’t think it suits her. Not only are her breasts tiny, but she’s lost the curve of her hips which is why her whr doesn’t look dramatic (though her waist is still tiny). You can fake b❆❆bs with chicken cutlets but you can’t fake hips/whr; those are part of her natural beauty, what helped her stand out from other skinny models. Maybe a bit of added weight and muscle tone would help. But she still looks fantastic.

  12. Yeah easy one… Only that her curves don’t look as drastic as usual 😀 Her back’s going to be like a shelf if she keeps on pushing her tooshie out like that 24/7

  13. i think Miley Cirus has a much better whr than candice. yet i havent seen people comment as much.
    one day this girl will permanently throw out her back.

    • I agree! Candice is a pear shape, the only reason people think she is an hourglass is because of her ridiculous posing and photoshop.

  14. Her legs don’t do it for me. The length is nice, for sure, but they are scrawny and lacking definition to my eyes. Guess my ideal is more muscle /strength.

  15. I usually find the blonde and tanned look boring but Candice is stunningly beautiful. She has an amazing figure but is her back naturally arched like that? If not it’s really unnecessary to arch it THAT far.. looks silly.

  16. You know what? I don’t really like her body that much at all. Lol I know it’s probably heresy to say it here on SvC, but I’ve said it. There’s no “wow” factor at all imo. Now excuse me while I go and hide from the onslaught of stones haha!

    • I’m with you, misscheeks! I think her body is nice for sure, but I don’t think it’s O-M-G amazing, “she is a goddess!” like everyone says. And I must say it’s quite annoying that every body that is featured here is compared to Candice’s, like she’s some kind of reference or something. *sigh*

    • Lol it’s not heresy, I’m sure many people agree with you. I’m a Candice fan but she is not as appealing here because she blends in with Miranda, Erin, etc…the VS girls are all starting to look the same and that’s boring. She used to be a bit heavier and had more curve to her hips which made her waist look tiny.

  17. wow i knew candy! …..easy i guess because of the legs…i admit they look to die but i dont see any amazing body …again adriana, miranda, and doutzen are my faves….i like that black bathingsuit putting it on the wish list

  18. her legs look amazing here! Like AMAZING. Defined calves and a tiny bit of more weight on her thighs. But i’m not a fan of her torso. Her waist definition isn’t a sexy one, imo. I think it’s because her ribcage is so small.

  19. thats the first ive ever got right! can just tell because of the arms and the fact she’s standing on tiptoes – standard VS pose

  20. As much as I freaking adore Candice, she’s got to relax that charlie horse in her spine. It actually hurts just looking at it all bent.

  21. Ths is the first time i got it right. I’m so familiar with her body. i find her to be too skinny for my taste sometimes, but she has good proportions and a great butt!! I find her to be way curvier than many so called curvy celebrities out there.

  22. I would love to be her, although I would want to be a couple inches shorter lol Tall looks great on models, but odd in the real world lol

    • I agree that generally women are shorter than men; however, I wouldn’t describe being a tall woman ‘in the real world’ as looking ‘odd.’ I don’t think it’s the appearance of being tall that’s ‘odd’; it’s just the fact that there aren’t that many tall women in most countries, rather than the tall woman aesthetic looking strange/odd-looking so-to-speak. 🙂

    • I must respectfully disagree. Tall in real-life looks statuesque. There is a certain amount of presence that a tall woman has when she walks into a room…so I guess one would notice her more readily (and label her as ‘odd’ or whatnot). But the fact is–you notice her!

  23. I Love this girl. She always seems so happy, she puts out a good vibe, someone I would love to meet. I would love to see what her body looks like in real life as the camera makes you look different sometimes. She is my favourite model. Just my opinion.

  24. I love love love her body. Lots of people don’t get the hype and they are entitled to their opinion. I, however, just love her. 5th pic from bottom, no ridiculous posing…lol, just my idea of a perfect bikini body. Love her.

  25. Candice is normally my dream body as I have a similar WHR/build to her normally but I have to say that her waist is looking less defined here (her legs though… jealousy unbounded) Still a beautiful girl but I’ll admit I like her figure better when she’s a little thinner and her waist is tinier.

  26. this one was easy to guess. i kind of like how she usually has regrowth, makes her seem a little natural i guess.
    forever envious of her legs.

  27. Very pretty commercial model, not beautiful or unique, but good for lingerie. My grandmother watches Young and Restless and a character named Sharon looks very much like her. Her arms length and shoulders kind of look like mine but more fat, but I don’t like her inner thigh bulge, I wondere why she hasn’t liposuctioned that, maybe b/c there is photoshop. All in all, still above average woman that looked more unique w/ natural dark blonde/light brown hair.

    • Natalia, get off this website. You’re toxic. If you compare yourself to a (successful, happy, beautiful, model) celeb again i’ll go ham on your removed*. You literally have no life, you sit on your butt criticizing 24/7, but let me tell you, karma will hit you sooo goood. But honestly, keep comparing yourself to others… it only shows what an insecure ignorant -b- you are.

  28. Candice has a pretty face and a nice figure, but she’s a bit too thin for me. She looked best a few years ago when she was just starting out on the runway for VS (she looked a bit bigger then and it suited her). Overall she is a good looking girl, but her poses are hilarious. Without the extreme posing and push-up bras/bikini tops, she really does not look that curvy… She looks good in most of the VS photoshoots though… They could just ease a bit on the fake tan… For me Candice’s best features are her eyes, butt, and stomach… Her thighs are too skinny for personal liking though….

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