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This Bikini ‘Booty’ Belongs to…

This-Bikini-Booty-Belongs-to...- - This Bikini 'Booty' Belongs to...

Who might this girl in a bikini be?

This ‘Booty’ Belongs to…

Whoever she is, she’s mixing animal print & florals!

Let’s take a second look:

guess1 - This Bikini 'Booty' Belongs to...

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megan-fox-in-a-bikini-21 - This Bikini 'Booty' Belongs to...

It’s Megan Fox!

megan-fox-in-a-bikini-31 - This Bikini 'Booty' Belongs to...

megan-fox-in-a-bikini-41 - This Bikini 'Booty' Belongs to...

megan-fox-in-a-bikini-5 - This Bikini 'Booty' Belongs to...

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  • Nicole

    Gorgeous hair!!

    • Starfish

      lol!! somehow i thought she’d have a nicer….toner butt…i was wrong.

      she does have great hair, though.

  • RAchel

    That’s hardly a booty! She should inject her ass with some fat instead of her lips 😉

    • b

      Boowhahahahaha, my butt is 100x better than hers!

      • [email protected]

        What about your face? …wait, we don’t care.

        • Dayna


        • fab

          HAHAHA hillariouss

      • nikki

        but can you say the same thing about your face? 🙁

  • Sidney

    Not so attractive from up close. It looks like she has a flat arse and sorta big, untoned thighs. (I don’t think she does, but the first pic just made me think so) Cute bikini. Looking at these pics, Brian has lost almost all of his appeal in my eyes.

    • bestguest

      lol @ her having big thighs! are you legitimately crazy?? she looks pretty good here, she’d look even better with a little more color, everyone’s legs look slimmer with some color (spray tan, of course : ) )

      Versus, (or anyone else) do you know how tall Megan is?

      • Versus

        Most sources say 5’4” – 5’6”, we can’t know for sure. Brian is 5’11”, if that helps.

  • Kaiser

    She officially has no butt.

  • Eve

    Megan Fox! I got it right 😛 Still beautiful but where the hell did that booty go??

    • solaxi

      she never really had one…photoshop and padded panties!

  • Jen

    Its funny that when she was at the peak of perfection, we hardly ever saw her in a bikini but now she’s feeling generous. I’m so disappointed in Megan, she looks like a shadow of her former self. When she appeared in two and a half men and did the GQ shoot I thought she was perfect. She doesn’t look good to me in these photos, she looks extremely average. If I saw her on the street I wouldn’t do a double take.

    • susie q

      Maybe tha’ts what she’s going for?

  • Not a fan of the matching bikini, is she?

    She looks lovely, I would love to look like that, especially the third pic, but I don’t know, she just doesn’t make me want to keep looking at her like Miranda and Candice do, if that makes any sense. Her hair is gorgeous though 😀

  • Miglena

    No, no, no! This is can’t be Megan Fox?!! She is such a disappointment in an unphotoshoped bikini pictures! I really can’t see why she is “one of the sexiest women on Earth”.!!!

  • charlotte

    wow! shes so stunning.
    i expected her to be taller though, she looks to be about 5’4 here. hmm..
    not that theres anything wrong with being petite!
    shes so beautiful and clearly takes really good care of her body:-)

    • Beans

      5’4″ is actually considered average, people just tend to have a taller height in mind when it comes to the average height for females due to the fashion industry and their 5’11 models — it’s the same as the whole skinny thing. These tall emaciated models get hand-picked from all around the world and are all grouped together in the popular fashion world, thus some people tend to see tall and emaciated as the norm. To me, someone who is about 5’1 would be considered petite, and I like to think that Megan Fox falls under the “average” category, and myself too (I’m 5’6″/169cm)

      • charlotte

        really? where i come from (norway) 5’4 is considered petite for some reason. ive always felt like a really short person next to my 5’10 friends.
        thats so true tho, about these tall ppl in the industry messes with ur mind a bit.
        thanks for clearing it up 🙂

        • May

          I guess that in nordic countries people are taller? Here in Portugal 5’4 is quite average too. I’m like 4’12 XD

          • paulette

            Agreed, here in Argentina 5´4´´ is average, but yeah in Nordic countries the average height is higher, hence someone below 5´6´´ or so falls into the petite category.

          • May

            I’m 5ft. The website I used to convert gave me that value, but now i see it’s most likely 5 ft.

        • im 5’3, and in sweden im REALLY considered petite 🙂 hejsan charlotte! kul att se lite fler skandinaver här, trodde nästan att jag var ensam 🙂

          • lea

            I love Swedish ! Almost as much as I love finnish lol

            IN France the average size for a woman is 5’4. I’m 5’5 lol
            But i think it’s changing because I see a lot of younger girls than me who are taller and thinner. Our population seems to grow taller and be thiner, even though there are some obeses now. (I’m not saying that as a bad thig, it’s just a fact), France used to be very gastronomic, now in each TV spots, and on the streets, and at the doctor… you can see ad saying that it’s no good to eat between meals, nor to eat to much sugar and salt, that doing sports is important and to eat fruits as well. Everyoe knows that but I think that they hope that children who watch tv and read this, will become more concerned about their health.

            Do you have these ads in other countries ?

          • Georgia

            Her er ogsÃ¥ en dansker! SÃ¥ har vi jo hele skandinavien her 🙂
            I’m from Denmark and 5’5. It’s not insanely tall, but I would say it’s pretty average – maybe a bit below. People still give me crap for my height, though, even the ones who are the same height as me. Those stupid wedges people have begun wearing don’t exactly help, either.

          • paulette

            Swedish women are so pretty it makes me wanna cry hahaha!!!

          • lea: and i love french 🙂

            no, not yet! but in sweden we’re generally healthy and don’t eat a lot of processed food. but we’re a “salty” country, since it’s an old nordic method to preserve food. but the “salt awareness” was more talked about in the late ninties. now a days, they just warn us from fast food, but the daily intake has decreased. mcdonalds has closed around 20 restaurants in sweden since everybody eats at MAX, the swedish equivalent but with a healthy touch. no transfats, wholegrain bread, yoghurt dressings, 100 % swedish meat, bean salads instead of french fries and such 🙂

            georgia: Ã¥h kul! jeg är sÃ¥ avundsjuk pÃ¥ danskarne, vill ocksÃ¥ att sverige ska vara med i fotbolls VM! hade varit sjov med en repris frÃ¥n EM 2004 dÃ¥ vi hjälpte varandra. hihi. men jag ska holde lite extra pÃ¥ er 🙂

            i get mocked everyday because of my height, doesn’t help that my boyfriend is 6’1. hihi. i’ve learned to accept my height, now, i think it’s actually kinda cute to be petite 🙂

            paulette: hihi, maybe 🙂 but we look the same as danes and norwegians. we’re all related somehow. haha

          • charlotte

            heisann lovisa!
            hele skandinavia er her haha.
            og hyggelig at jeg ikke er den eneste korte skandinaviske piken 🙂

            I feel much better about my height now, thanks guys! its nice to see such diversity! and i guess there is nothing wrong with being petite even if you should have a 6’4 boyfriend haha

          • fab

            if you think you’re petite you should come to Mexico LOL that’s pretty average i’m like 5’5” and im like the tallest in my family.

          • Kara

            5’2″ and always getting crap for it especially by my tall guy friends.

            Oh I’m so jealous. Honestly I’m thinking of moving to Europe after I’m done with college only because you all eat so much healthier over there. It’s almost impossible to find foods that aren’t processed. Even the “all natural” foods still have things like corn syrup and corn starch.

        • Mimi

          Portuguese too and proud of my 5’2 figure. Even though I get teased everyday, by my friends and boyfriend!

          • May

            Haha, mine doesn’t mock me, because he cant. He is a shorty too. I think he’s just a little over 5’5!

          • May

            Nah, more like 5’6″. I hate converters!

          • kate

            I think 5ft3-5ft7 is pretty average in the UK at the moment.

          • charlotte

            ive never really understood why ppl seem to find it so amusing to tease you about your height! honestly, its not like being short (compared to ur friends or bf) makes you any less attractive.
            hmmm…anyway, im really glad that my post started this kind of debate, its nice to hear ppl from different countries accept my height and not consider it small (allthough theres nothing wrong with it). im still surprised at the amount of ppl who get teased for their height. and on the other hand im glad im not the only one. 🙂
            beauty comes from within, no matter what anyone tells you <3

          • agree.. and it’s always girls that are super tall or slighty taller (like 3 cm) selfconscious girls, one thing they have in common is their own insecurity. like, my height is something that i really CAN’T do anything about. im always gonna be this tall unless i go to china and lengthen my legs (which would make my body extremely unproportionate):P

            petite girls rule! stop dissing us 🙂

            charlotte: vi fÃ¥r helt enkelt flytta till sydeuropa, verkar som att vi skulle anses att vara “normala” i längden där. haha:)

      • Ella

        According to wikipedia, the average woman’s height in Norway is 5’6″ and in Sweden it is 5’5″. Though if you take the average height of women worldwide, it is 5’4″. So I still don’t understand why petite clothing (for women 5’4″ and under) is not more popular!

        • lea

          Because average is only average. It doesn’t mean that the largest part of women on earth is 5’4, it means that there are taller people and smaller than 5’4, but if you make the average it goes to 5’4.

          • Ella

            If you take into account the standard deviation for human height, women under 5’4″ in the world actually make up the majority (however slight), so I do still think it is ridiculous that there isn’t a lot of petite clothing available.

          • Eve

            Hum, yes, I think it’s probably more common for someone to be x” taller than 5’4″ than x” shorter, and even more common the bigger the value.

            And that makes people just a little shorter than 5’4″ to be more frequent than those just a little taller, so when the ones much taller are taken into account you have that average, but they are still minority.

            I think I didn’t make myself clear. Poor vocab, blah! ><"

          • Ella

            I just reread my comment and realised it didn’t make sense because the worldwide average is actually lower than 5’4″. This is why petite women (under 5’4″) make up MORE than 50% of the world’s women. This also means those above 5’4″ make up LESS than 50% of the world’s women. Women are considered tall at around 5’8″ish and above. This group is quite small and yet, from what I’ve seen, clothing for tall women has about the same production as clothing for petite women.

        • charlotte

          thats true. height is one thing u cant change haha.

          lovisa: ja tydeligvis maa vi flytte land haha


  • Beans

    Her boyfriend is gross, she could do so much better. But I guess this shows that she might not be as shallow as people think.

  • Monika20

    Wow, would have never guessed! I thought to myself,a woman with no ass, flat and so not curvy/sexy. Why Megan? I always thought of her as a sex symbol, why did she lose so much weight?

  • happyshinypeople

    that is one non-butt, very disappointed! i just megan fox is just hotter with clothes on! (except for that tummy!) x

  • camille

    this constant mismatching of suits irks me!!! but that is megan, always doing her best to stray from the path of typical hollywood starlet.

    and yes @Nicole, her hair is GORGEOUS!!

  • Debbie

    I thought it was Justin Bieber in a speedo.

  • What booty…


  • Sherry

    I thought it was Leighton Meester

  • lp23

    Well she has lost a lot weight.
    It doesn’t suit her. That is why she is not in the new transformers movie. She wouldn’t put the weight back on.
    She seems happy here – So who am i to judge.

    • [email protected]

      She got replaced by Rosie Huntington so i don’t think that’s the reason… maybe it’s even the contrary since her co-star was isabel Lucas in Transformers 2…

  • Beth

    Wow, she’s a lot skinnier than I thought she’d be! Still a beauty but she could benefit gaining 7lbs.

    I love her hair…it’s amazing. I think she’s one of the few in hollywood who doesn’t wear extensions? Maybe I’m delusional. Who knows.

  • jenna

    ooh… no me gusta.

    • PAULA

      A mi tampoco!!!!! En español!!!!


    She doesn´t has ass!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yasmin

    wow she really has NO butt ! I have never been a very big fan of megan and dont support that whole “shes the most beautiful women in the world’ shes perfect!”- Thing, because any women can look perfect with surgery!
    But now i like her even less, the weightloss is just ugly !

  • Purplebunny

    Whoa she has such a long skinny torso!
    otherwise she does look pretty as usual..and better than in the previous post

  • lovinlife

    She looks 12!

  • Princess

    I`M 5`4 tall as well,in my country Malta people aren`t that tall. About Megan i think she`s naturaly preety and her and Brian make a great couple!

  • Rosina

    One thing that’s really admirable about Megan Fox is how her skin changed! If you look at older photographs of her you can see that she had a lot of impurities, and the bad condition of her skin made her look much older. Now her skin is always so porcelain–like and flawless.
    About the bikini situation: I always thought that she had a rather straight Torso, and now she has lost too much weight for her body type; thus her figure looks less proportionate.
    Oh and I’m 5’4, Ha! I’m not skinny, but slim, and content with my height, but it’s difficult to find clothes that fit, even the smallest size (european 32/34) is often too big. 🙁

    • Purplebunny

      I’m 5’2 but I like my height 🙂 Short is good and 5’4 isn’t too short it’s a good height..
      I also have the same problem because I’m so petite..I have a hard time with jeans particularly because I have skinny legs..They fit at the butt and hips but they hardly ever fit my tighs *rolls eyes* ,my skinny legs are so annoying..And I’ve always envied Megan’s legs..there great!

  • Nkeon

    Firstly, why are people ‘disappointed’ in her? Does her flat ass give you no more cause for happiness.

    Secondly, to be straight up, I don’t get why everyone’s surprised. It’s not like white women are renowned for having plump booties. Of course there are many that are plump in the rear (Kimberley Walsh, Jennifer Metcalfe, Scar Jo), we all come in different shapes and sizes afterall, but it’s not a common feature.

    Maybe its because people are used to photoshopped images of her in GQ etc but come on people on this site should be savvy enough now!

    • amazon

      ha!! you never met my cousin, pale freckly and HUGE bum!
      as for megan, she gets a part in transformers, becomes the most desirable woman in the world( seriously sick of hearing men go on about it) and promptly loses loads of weight.
      angelina did it too, after lara croft. and they are not the only ones.

      • Nkeon

        amazon, I don’t doubt your pale freckly cousin has a huge bum (did you read my comment fully?)

        What i’m getting at is that huge butts are not a common feature for white women. Of course there are white women with huge butts; I know a few myself.
        Common genetic traits and variations are found amongst certain races but not every fits the same mould of course. Not all white women have flat butts, not all black women have big butts, not all Indian women have big chests and not all south east asian women are short.

  • jjj

    I think she looks great. Her but also looks flat based on the pose. A pose is everything.. She looks great at this weight though..

  • Dayna

    Squats do wonders…just sayin.

  • sassy

    it could be the bottom of the bathing suit it looks too tight

  • k

    She looks to me like someone who’s skinny from just not eating a lot instead of eating right and working out.

    (yes, I know there have been a few pics of her in workout gear, that doesn’t convince me this weight loss is healthy)

  • k

    super lean abs like hers come from malnourishment – robust abs come from working out.

    • Mizzy

      im so glad you said that!!! Too many people think that a six pack on a woman is a sign of being extremely fit, but the truth is that if you lose all the fat off your body the only thing left to see is muscle – whether you work out or not. I don’t think she spends very much time in the gym…I have a six-pack from working out and it looks A LOT different from her stomache, mine is much bulkier.

  • Nina

    She does have hair extensions (someone here wondered if her hair was natural). You can see plenty of pictures of her in hair salons where she is getting a weave sewn in. Lip injection, nose job and fake hair.. I think she is pretty, but it is not natural.

  • pinacolada

    shes looks good but hottest woman? i dont know also im italian and only 5’6″ but somehow it comes out to be the tallest in my family except for my dad whose 5’10” but i dotn know are Italianos short usually?

  • pinacolada

    …also i was told that wherever you gain weight is also where you lose it…it seems like meg stores it in the hips buttocks area b/c she did have a full bum before so thats why it looks flat now b/c shes lost weight

    • habibi

      I’ve never heard that before… I heard that regardless of shape midsection fat is easier to get rid of than bum and limb fat because It’s a different type of fat….

  • jenni

    seeing that we’ve never seen candids of her in bathing suits before, i wonder if she’s now allowed to look “normal” after losing her contract with transformers. lol.

  • Sheridan

    I also thought she would have a better looking bum than that. She used to be nice and curvy and now she looks flat

  • Cecily

    Give me that brunette plus sized model Laura from 2 days ago! I would rather have her body than Megans’s.


    Not only does she look hotter and more feminine, she also looks way healthier! Too skinny is JUST AS BAD health wise and appearance wise as too fat.

    Healthy girls FTW

  • is that cellulite?

  • Is she choosing mis-matched bikinis on purpose??

  • Freedom

    HA HA HA HA HAXD LOL I’ don’t know why I find it funny but I knew it was megan! It was either her or whitney port.
    I had that type of butt when you lose any type of weight your butt flattens. I find Squats and lunges would do her good.

    • kate

      “Squats and lunges would do her good.”

      Certainly would…they help lift up the butt fat.

  • lilly

    hm… sorry but she’s not hot at all… she is too stupid to be atractive.. and this pisture.. hm.. can do better…

  • paula

    she doesnt have a nice butt
    It’s Megan Fox, she has a beautiful face and the rest of her body looks nice

  • It’s funny, the magazine I have next to me has a much better body shot of her… perhaps they photo shop the “everyday” photos as well?? Oh and I am no fan of the tattoos either!

  • Vanessa T.

    She has an ugly backside. Looks like a granny’s behind.

    But you can’t have everything.

  • sassy

    whatever I still love her, she’s a human she’s not perfect Like everyone in this site LOL, anyway i dont like big butts, and i also think that the bottom of the bathing suit it’s not flattering

  • hmm

    so basically the best things about her are her face ala nose job, plumped lips and fake rack. that’s disappointing. i thought this was lindsay lohan or demi moore…

  • candace

    i had no idea she has like 7 tats lol

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  • Bronte(:

    I think it’s the swimsuit bottom choice giving her this look, its tight so it’s flattening out her but and squishing it on to her thighs, making them look less toned. and it’s pulled up to high in the back.

    • Vanessa T.

      She is a beautiful girl face wise but she doesn’t have much of a figure at all. I don’t think we can blame that on the bathing suit.

  • Padme

    She is thin, but I think she looks good. We can’t all have Photoshop around 24/7 to give us perfect round butts.

  • I used to have a nice round bottom…..but working out made it look slightly flat like Megan. Clearly she works out and when she lost weight she lost her booty as well. Big deal…..she’s still hot!!!

  • shell

    Her butt is very flat. Even though she is slim, and butts are fat, some slimmer women, eg Kelly Roland, Demi Lovato, have more fat on their butts and so they potrude more. Personally, i like to have a little on the butt. When you’re small built, your butt isn’t going to be massive like Beyonce’s, but it can stick out and have a round shape in proportion to the rest of your body…. I think that’s feminine. Still, just my opinion of course!

  • it would look better if she had a different bikini and a bigger booty

  • Kiki

    She’s lost her curves…

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  • The other day, while I was at work, my cousin stole my iphone
    and tested to see if it can survive a 25 foot drop,
    just so she can be a youtube sensation. My iPad is now broken and
    she has 83 views. I know this is totally off topic but I had to share it with someone!