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What Body Type is Shannen Doherty?

what-body-type-is-shannen-doherty - What Body Type is Shannen Doherty?

I’m the one who usually gives verdicts about body types – but let’s switch roles this time! Since you get to see Shannen’s body pretty clearly, try and identify her body shape!

In order to make your decision, consider the following:

1. What part of her is thickest / thinnest?

2. Where does she seem to deposit / gain weight?

3. Bust-waist-hip proportions.

So let’s hear your verdicts!  What Body Type is Shannen Doherty?

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  • runner_girl

    I am going with apple.

  • harj

    apple..big boobs, undefined waist, thin legs gains weight on her stomach/ midrift.

  • Sarah

    I agree with the comments above: definitely apple.

    Also, what in the hell is she wearing/her hair is awful!

  • susan

    What the hell is up with her hair??

  • Kate

    Drunk? High? Prescription meds

  • apple i think


    Question @ versus is an H shape similar to a hourglass shape?


    but defianately not aying she’s an hjourglass. she more of apple like angelina jolie.

  • Versus

    According to some classifications, the H shape stands for the rectangle shape: straight lines and a subtle waistline – hourglasses, on the other hand, have more dramatic curves and a very defined waist.
    The similarity between H and hourglass (or S shape): bust and hips are the same size (these shapes are not bottom heavy, nor top heavy, but evenly proportioned).

  • Barbie

    I think that H shape is close to the “ruler” too

  • ilovesugar

    apple but she still looks slim

  • fickle

    Apple mixed with V-shape 😉

    Versus, what do You think about her body type?
    Now You can tell as a verdict 😉

    • Versus

      You said it right! In some pics, she looks like an apple and in others like a true V shape.

  • raz

    Yeah, she looks like an apple in that photo, but I’d like to see a better angle coz this one’s a pretty awkward pose, doncha think?

  • Danella

    She is an apple/V shape. Her body is incredibly fit, but I do have to say that she’s not looking her best.