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This Bikini Body Belongs to…

fit-bikini-body-51 - This Bikini Body Belongs to...

She’s fit, she’s thin and she’s fully accessorized at the beach…

Who could this be?

This Fit Bikini Body Belongs to…

Take a look inside!


fit-bikini-body-2 - This Bikini Body Belongs to... fit-bikini-body-3 - This Bikini Body Belongs to... fit-bikini-body-4 - This Bikini Body Belongs to... fit-bikini-body-5 - This Bikini Body Belongs to...

Alessandra Ambrosio!

The stunning model / mom-of-two enjoyed a little sun this week while back home in Brazil.


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  • Annie

    She looks good, but not “I’m getting paid millions to pose in lingerie and bikinis” good. Sorry.

    • Tiina

      Agreed. I didn’t think it was a model at all. My first reaction was “someone in her latish thirties with an unimpressive bum”. She does look better in the other pictures, but in the first the angle is so unflattering that I just casually thought to myself that this is what it looks like when you start to age and the only thing you’ve done to take care of youself has been staying thin. But yeah, she doesn’t look bad at all. The context just makes me over critical, I guess. :/

      • angry_bird

        If she did more strength training she’d look more firm. Strength training and building muscle mass really help to maintain youthful looking body. Especially when aging happens and gravity takes its toll, muscles don’t sag

        • Kia

          It cracks me how you give advice to a worldwide known model to tone up. Lfmao
          She’s fine can you believe it

          • AlyssaMoh

            thinking to myself, k, yes she’s a model, but a good % of 20 year olds dont have a body like that, even ones who play a lot of sports. Its not just your leel of fitness, but your body frame, build and musculature.

          • chel

            body frame and build are determined by genetics, musculature is determined by training and diet. big difference

          • a

            most models are just skinny and not muscular at all, Alessandra looks better than most but she’s not muscular by any means. doesn’t mean she *needs* to do anything, but also doesn’t mean she is perfect… what angry_bird said is true, and would make her look better, as it would anyone. it’s just an opinion on what looks best, obvs a lot of people like the skinny look so good for them

    • Kik

      Actually she never looked “I’m getting paid millions to pose in lingerie and bikinis” . Since she always had short legs and average face, Her huge success is an enigma

      • Asdf

        Funny bc wen she was younger i thought she had the most beautiful face id ever seen and im really picky….i think she had butt implants bc her butt was always way flatter.

      • a

        I don’t think her face is average at all. plus she has great energy in photos/runway

    • Kia

      To me she does. Also she could be paid that much because she works a lot, is consistent, easy to get along, poses well, photogenic etc etc

  • Rita_7

    Would have never guessed! The tattoo gave it away

  • isa

    i’ve never understood her appeal.

  • A

    i dont get the appeal of any of the brazilian models tbh

    • Rita_7

      Even Adriana Lima?!

    • mia

      I can’t believe it, i might be biased because i find her face one of the most beautiful.
      Even Ana beatrice Barroz , Isabeli Fontana, Cynthia Dicker?

  • Kia


  • cheeze.wiz

    I think she looks great. I hardly see people looking this great in real life. She’s gorgeous. Love

  • AlyssaMoh

    she is super hot. I think she looks kind of mischievous/cute

  • Grumpy

    she is perfect 🙂 not even trying