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Guess Jenny McCarthy’s Weight!

jenny-mccarthy-reveals-her-weight - Guess Jenny McCarthy's Weight!

Jenny McCarthy revealed her weight on the Today show – the number is coming straight from the source!

She’s 5’6”, so how much do you think she weighs?

See the answer after the jump!

The Huffington Post says:

Jenny McCarthy weighed more than 200 pounds when she delivered her son, Evan. But that was seven years ago, and now she is a Weight Watchers “lifer.”

Though she may not be posing for Playboy again, McCarthy is happy with her weight. Wine in hand, she shared that number with Hoda and Kathie Lee on the Today show.

“I’m normal for LA,” she said. “5′6,” 125 pounds.”

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  • beetlejuice

    … i think, not more than 130 pounds…

    • Miaca

      She looks happy and overly muscular. Not a real woman’s body, but I like her personality and her personal characteristics are endearing!

  • sara

    i guessed 120..almost right! XD

    • Hannah

      Same! So close

  • ha

    I’m guessing 115, now I’m gonna check….

    Oooh wow, I guess those great, sculpted muscles weigh more.

    Good idea to date Jim Carrey. That must be fun.

  • Jules

    I guessed 121. Only 4lbs off! 🙂

  • ckmj787

    she is telling the truth! refreshing for Hollywood!

  • xo

    I could ef see 125.. she looks amazing!!! I love her..

  • et moi

    wow I guessed exactly. . . not sure what that says about me as a person.

  • Lily

    120 range because she has so much muscle!

    She looks amazing, I wonder if she had a tummy tuck post kid? I know it’s possible to get abs and a flat stomach post kids (esp. over 200 lbs!) but sometimes it’s hard to believe it happens without surgery…she is fabulous regardless!

    • Kae

      It’s possible to look like that after having kids. I was 205 lbs. when I had my son. Now I’m 133 lbs. and still working on it. Doesn’t she look great?!

      • peachess

        Damn, girl! Good for you 🙂

        • Kae

          Thanks peachess!

  • Kae

    She looks awesome and healthy. Good for her!

  • Pistola

    She has a lot of muscle though… I’m 5’5″ and I weigh 116, but she looks about my size, cause I have less muscle weight.

  • Flori

    her body is greaaat!

  • Sara

    wow- i guessed much lower than 125… I was thinking something like 115. guess her boobs weigh a lot. haha. she does look great.

    • I’d be interested in knowing more heights & weights of celebrities. I guess I am just nosey like that

  • neonilla

    It’s very interesting because i didn’t think muscles could influence your weight that much… which means a “test jean” is always better than scales.
    Anyway, i kinda like to know about celebrities stats, so thank you Versus!

    • Versus

      My pleasure! 🙂

  • Katie

    Wow I thought she’d be around 110-115, must be all that muslce!

  • fidigum

    I guessed 125!!! yay me!! and yay for her cause she looks stunning

  • peachess

    I think at a glance she looks more like 115-120, but after taking into consideration that she is RIPPED, I can see how she would weigh 125!

    She looks awesome for her age! Good for her for losing the weight. She looks happy and healthy 🙂

  • helena

    how much is this in kilos?i’m not from america i have no idea how much is 125 pounds…

  • Mel

    devide 125 by 2.2=56kg

  • K

    I thought about 128-130 with the big boobs and muscle. I’m a little over 5’6″ and I looked much thinner than that when I was 125. Weird.

    She seems happy, healthy (and smart!) so good for her 🙂

  • Naomi

    Great muscle tone and boobs, but I really don’t like her body shape.
    Too straight and masculine.

    But she looks happy, and that’s all that matters.

  • chchris

    I estimated her at 125 lbs – and wow that’s it.

    Even it was difficult to estimate, because of her muscled body. Maybe she would have a waist if she wouldn’t have those abs.

  • AllisonR

    I guessed 117lb, but since she’s so muscular, I can believe that.

  • glo

    I think she looks awesome and just perfect! Especially considering how much she weighed post pregnancy and her age…infact she has a better figure than many other female celebs 10 years her junior who have never even had kids! She’s always been one of my favorite celebs, she’s gorgeous but also funny and down to earth, far from the stereotypical ‘busty dumb blonde’ image some other celebs tend to have (jessica simpson, pam anderson, etc etc)…yeah, she does look 125, though I’m pretty sure her breast implants weigh 1 pound each, so minus the breast implants she’d weigh 123…nothing against implants, hers look great and suit the rest of her body, they don’t have that over-sized fake look like that other busty blonde (Pam). Oh, and I don’t find her to be ‘muscular’ at all, she’s just really toned and fit, but still curvy with butt and boobs…I saw her in ‘2 and a half men’…she doesn’t look muscular at all, just healthy and normal, fit and toned, but still feminine. I’d love to have a figure like hers.

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