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  • annemarie

    I would have never guessed it’s her.

    • She looks like she gained weight. And doesnt look much like the vs angel she used to be.

      • Casey

        I actually think she’s lost weight, at least, from the Transformers time. She used to have bigger thighs and more of a booty back then.

    • annabanana

      me neither, she looks WAY better than I would have thought!

  • courtney

    not a fan of her face

  • Hazal

    Has she gained? Her body looks great.

  • Mia

    I think she is so pretty. There is something very sweet about her face. Her body looks great, of course, but that’s nothing new.

  • Tally

    VERY nice

    • Loxy

      My thoughts exactly.

      • Nina

        Same here. The legs are fantastic although the ass could use some work.

        • Amatevi

          I agree! She has great legs but she could do a couple squats for the booty, just a abit of work and she’ll look fab!
          Speaking of which I havent done squats in ages! Tomorrow for sure

  • Rose

    I was SO sure that it is Jessica Biel haha!
    To me it looks like Rosie has noticeably gained weight. She looks good though-I like her shorter hair, it looks very healthy.

    • Robin

      I thought that too! I was like, finally, I had the right answer, but no…

    • misscheeks

      Lol I can never get these right either, although I think Jessica has a bigger, fuller booty. Rosie’s looking great here there though!

    • Rita

      jessica neil came 2 my mind 2.. but i thought it was the angle that’s making her booty smaller or she kinda lost weight

    • Abby

      Also guessed Jessica Biel. The paler strong legs and booty plus the wetsuit top that Jessica often wears.

    • Emeline

      Jessica Biel’s butt is way curvier though

  • mary

    great legs

  • Marty

    Even though Jason Statham is a hottie, I don’t understand how it works between them. I dated a guy who was 40 (and I’m 25, was 24 then) and honestly I couldn’t get past the stares. He looked like my Dad. haha. No offence.

    • Annee

      I think, when you look like them, you’re used to the stares anyway…. ;);)

    • Aafje

      Maybe when you are a famous model and everyone is staring anyway you don’t notice people staring for that reason lol

  • Pixie

    Her body looks great!!!

  • retrobanana

    she looks much more toned and muscley then i thought more fit then just slender and skinny i like both types of bodies i agree she looks jessica biel-ish in the bum….a good thing

  • Cara

    I don’t know why but she always looks to me as she was really stupid. Nevertheless she is beautiful.

  • I’m awful at guessing these – I really didn’t know. Rosie looks great – great legs and she looks as if she has gained a little, which looks good on her. I often prefer models in candids with little make-up and in ‘normal’ situations instead of on the red carpet, runway or in print – and she’s no exception. Natural beauty for sure – and I love her dog!

    • La la la la

      i agree, i think candid shots are the most interesting. i think rosie looks amazing. her outfit would definitely not flatter most people but she looks great! toned and slim

    • Chloe

      I agree I think she looks great at this weight! Wouldn’t have thought it was her.

  • Polska Blondynka

    She looks lovely.

  • CK

    knew that was her even by the headline alone before the pic laded cos saw it on other website. As usual i have the same “issue” with Rosie, her body looks thin & fit& strong in candids like that and on the runway, she looks bit “bigger” even in pants sometimes, however in lingerie or any “body revealing” shots and in her workout clothes she looks too skinny, “fragile-like”, saddens me to think she must pose and use angles to look thinner in photoshoots, and they prob also use photoshop, but maybe i’m just imagining things….

    • Casey

      I noticed that too. I think it’s just her weight has been fluctuating a lot, because she’s trying to do both acting and modeling.

      I remember reading somewhere that Micheal Bay asked her to gain weight for Transformers. I’m sure that is the opposite of what her modeling agency wants…so I think she gains and loses depending on the project she is working on.

  • lc

    I think she looks better thinner.

  • Casey

    Love her. Gorgeous, unique face. And her body is a fitness inspiration for me.

    Also I don’t normally say this but that dog is super cute.

  • liss

    is she pregnant? Anyways she looks great! Beautiful girl

  • Tinkerbell

    she looks awesome – lovely face, bangin’ figure 🙂

  • jessica_rabbit

    wow great body.she looks like a real surfer girl. as for her face just regular VS model look.

  • Ana

    She’s gained so much and I don’t think it suits her. She looked much better when she skinnier.

    • mary

      has she really gained THAT much? I noticed her tummy looks a little bloated, but I honestly don’t a considerable difference…maybe 5 lb…idk I dont really follow her so I could be wrong

      • Ana

        I actually think its more than that. Do you remember those pictures from fashion week, a year ago? Her legs were so nice and thin.

  • Natalia

    Phto number 2 made me think hmmm maybe she needs to workout a little more, then the rest of the photos looked good, then the last two made me think, yeah, a few more squats wouldn’t hurt. Overall, a very pretty woman, not beautiful, but overall very pretty and in good shape. The dog shot looks like an catalog shot.

  • Debbs

    She’s incredible.

    • neutra


    • lc


  • solaxia

    I like her bikini bottoms, and she looks great bodywise here! Cute bum

    • HB

      Me too! I wonder who makes them? Definitely don’t look like the usual VS crap.

  • serena

    I love her legs, they’re so shapely!

  • lol

    Great legs, much better than Britney Spears in the post below.

  • Ash

    She looks toned and fit. I like her this way compared to her past frail appearances. She should be abt 130lbs now at 5’9.

  • Avelyn

    In full makeup and lighting she’s so-so, but in candids I never liked her face at all, I guess its “exotic” but she’s just not very pretty to me.

    • Gina

      agreed, she just doesnt have a very attractive face

  • Kimmy

    squats? she looks like she does alot of them…

  • D

    I think she looks awesome, but I understand why she isnt with vs anymore based on these pictures… they go for a much thinner look nowadays.

  • deppfan

    I’ve never seen her more beautiful. She looks fresher and fitter..

  • linny

    Any guess for height and weight?

    • KK

      She’s 5’9″ so I’d say 119–123. In her thinner days I’d put her at 110-115 tops.

      • serena

        Well she would be underweight in that range – I know most models are underweight but Rosie has gained and looks quite healthy. I would guess 125 – 128 lbs if 5’9″

        • KK

          Nah…I’m always shocked at how high people estimate celebrities who have put on a couple of lbs. The camera seriously does add 5-10.

          • ash

            I would have to agree with serena on this. There is no way that she can be lighter than 125lbs at 5’9. She should somewhere ard 130lbs.

  • Megan

    She looks great and healthy!

  • Emeline

    Her legs are great

  • loula

    Anyone know her exercise/diet?

  • Fielding

    I thought it was Bar Rafaeli in these pics.

    From a distance and with no makeup and poor lighting she looks rather plain.

  • nessa

    she doesn’t have a pretty face.. If you put her next to other celebs like beyonce, adriana lima, shay mitchell, and many others, she has a very average face. Her body is what makes her career.