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  • Twocents

    She loOks great! Never guessed right though

  • Sassy

    I’ve always thought she has the most beautiful face.

    • jemima

      I agree. Such a pretty face.

  • Elena

    By the hands I thought it was someone older like Demi Moore or smthg

  • ary

    love her blazer!

  • La la la la

    looking nice!

  • jane

    I love her, but from the hands I guess Courtney Cox.

    • annemarie

      I thought it was Courtney too, because she was recently talking about making her hands look younger.

  • jamie

    Tough one! she is super pretty!

  • Pixie

    Very pretty! Can’t say the same about that outfit though. 🙁

  • lc

    I guessed Jessica Alba lol.

    • Trickster

      Yeah me too, but then I looked at her hands and knew it was not jessica alba. Her hands do look older but she’s real pretty!

  • Ajla R

    How old is she? Her hands look old :-/

    • Debbs

      She’s 39. I think she looks great.

    • Loxy

      Awww I’m worried my hands will look like that soon and I’m only in my twenties 🙁 I have very scrawny hands so you can see every bone and joint…i use hand cream constantly, stay out of the sun and wear gloves while cleaning but I’m afraid my hands are already looking veiny! On the bright-side, I’d rather have delicate hands than Seinfeld-like man hands.

      • Neri

        Yeah me too! My hands and wrists are very slim with prominent veins… So has my mum and greatgrandmother, so it’s probably also a geneticthing. I fear that I will look like Angelina Jolie – her hands and underarms are really…ehm.. terrible to look at… :/

        • Loxy

          You are so right about genetics Neri – my mom and gradmother are the same. Angelina does have scary hands and mine are very similar including the boney arm and wrist with the round bone that is always popping out. This will be me in a few years http://crabbyhands.wordpress.com/2008/11/24/the-unexpected/

          • Neri

            Yes, oh dear lord… It’s really not looking good. Her arms actually look quite a lot like my mothers… :/ I cross my fingers that yours (and mine) aren’t going be that bad Loxy!
            I think perhaps it’s important to get plenty of healthy fat from fish, nuts, certain seeds, avocado etc. I believe I’ve read somewhere that those types of foods will make your skin firm and ‘bouncy’ (Omega3 fatty acids, antioxidants, collagen, restoration etc) – not aging into thin and loosely stretched skin around one’s bones…

          • Loxy

            Thanks for the tips! I’ll give them a try and hope for the best *boney fingers crossed*

      • Well… I’m 18 and my hands are already starting to look like that. my wrists and hands are very very boney. I have no doubt that they will look horrible when I turn 30. Luckily my hands are rather small. Using Vaseline intensive rescue really helps making them look better instantly though, maybe you should give it a try 🙂

  • G Girl

    Are those pegged pants I see? Are those really in again?

    • Neri

      Well, yes, I believe they are the so-called boyfriend jeans in the world of fashion…

    • artemis

      they’re horrible especially cause they’re rolled up too

  • sophie

    She looks good…but I always notice she has a large head. Looks a bit weird.

  • veeeeev

    oh i would totally turn lesbo for her. my biggest girl crush ever!

  • Loxy

    Oh god, I also have a large head for my body 🙁 Someone once called me lolipop head…I am feeling very insecure today…gonna go watch funny cat videos…..

    • Aafje

      Funny cats cure everything

    • sophie

      Everybody thinks Kate is beautiful even though she has a big head…so don’t worry, I bet you’re beautiful too

      • Loxy

        What a sweet thing to say. Thank you 🙂

  • petpeeve

    I’ve always noticed that she has a large head, and really short legs.

  • sindy

    Versus, none of the images on skinnyvscurvy are appearing for me, only text in posts. Not on any of the posts, the same was true yesterday. Any idea what’s up? something i can do?

    • Versus

      Try using a different browser, can’t think of anything else – nothing seems to be wrong with the site, it looks fine to me.

    • Debbs

      Hi Sindy – the pics weren’t showing for me either until I clicked on “compatibly view.”

      • Debbs


        • Debbs

          And I still spelled it wrong! Ugh!

  • Mara

    I like her – she comes across as genuine and reasonably mature in interviews, which can’t be said about many celebrities, IMO.
    She also has a really nice, moderately slim figure. But I’ve never really liked her face, and it’s not pickiness or jealousy as I’ve been told many times I look a lot like her facially 😉

  • retrobanana

    saw her on a different site so i knew oit was her..i usesd to love her but i find her pretty underwelming these days..she isnt a very good actress..she is quite tiny and consistently so…and i like that she isnt perfect shes tall with shorter legs..but she always looks looks like a knockoff posh spice which makes sense since they are besties…i like her dont love her..

  • Chelsea

    I don’t get the appeal.

  • Cristina

    I guessed Rachel Bilson…such a big head on such a tiny body, she always has a great figure though

  • I thought Alessandra Ambrosio or some other thin model – she looks so much thinner than I thought! Anyway, Kate is a beautiful woman – but I’m not liking the outfit (or the hair because it makes her head look huge compared to her body!), it doesn’t do her justice, imo.

  • Rachel

    She could do with a few extra pounds it would make her look much younger.

  • CK

    i saw the first pic and thought Miranda Kerr, though she us wears much tighter pants the top and purse, kinda thought was miranda

  • Adriana

    I don’t think Kate has a big head, not that big heads can’t be beautiful.
    My bff actually prefers smaller bodies with larger heads.
    Anyway imo her head looks proportional to her body.
    Someone who looks like they have a slightly larger head in comparison to their body would be Nicole Sullivan.

  • anonymous

    Beautiful face, but her body is too skinny for me. She looks like she’s lost weight? … I think she’d look better with more weight on, but whatever…