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  • HB

    Unflattering pants and very ugly shoes, but she has healthy looking hair and a nice face! I also like how toned her arms are.
    But I don’t think I’ve ever seen her in anything… is she a good actress?

    • Lana H

      she’s not bad! she was in pearl harbor and click (with adam sandler) as the leading female role

      • lc

        And the Van Helsing movies. She isn’t the best actress, but a pretty decent one.

    • lexi82

      I think it depends on the role. She was really good in the “Underworld” movies.

  • liv

    those dressy sweat pants suck suck suck

  • CarrieD

    Horrible pants! Everyone says she has such a beautiful face but I don’t think so, I don’t like her profile. But yeah, she’s pretty and has a good body… Not that those horrible pants do her any favors. I keep thinking that if I had their money (and their body) I would dress so much better!

  • Sisi

    I’m sorry but I laughed at her phone! Don’t mean this is a bad way, just that these flip phones certainly do bring memories! 🙂 I used to have one and thought it was so badass when I hung up on people! Kinda weird that’s not sporting an iphone or whatever.

    • solaxia

      Holy cow!!! I’m not the only one in the world without a smart phone! Ha ha, I never noticed that but I can’t believe a celeb doesn’t have one! There must be a reason…lol I never had a flip phone but I was envious of my friends that did =P

      • Ellia

        I’m guessing that she has several phones (at least 2–one for business & one for family & close friends) and that she’s using an older flip phone for security reasons. To avoid tracking, hacking, etc, which smartphones are vulnerable to. Also, if she loses this one, it won’t have all kinds of sensitive passwords and emails on it.

    • Juju

      I loved my flip phone! It was my first phone ever, it was tiny with a little antenna awww, now we have huge smartphones. ^^
      I just bought my first smartphone after Christmas and though it’s very useful and convenient I’m way more cautious about not dropping my phone now, whereas with the previous ones I didn’t give a single care because they were basic and never suffered from being brutalised :p .

      • Alexanna Ben-Zvi

        Isn’t it funny that in the eary 2000’s we wanted our phones to be as small as possible and now we want our smartphones to be a big as possible! It’s a weird, weird world.

        • Juju

          I know, right ^^
          My current phone is 4’5″ and it’s only even considered a medium size since 5’5″ or even 6′ phones are now available! They call it “phablet” and of course you can’t put it in your jeans’ pocket haha.

  • i guessed kourtney kardashian! terrible pants.

  • lc

    I guessed Mel B., but more so because of the outfit I think. Kate is pretty and has gorgeous hair.

  • solaxia

    Always a beautiful woman. Very demure, sexy and polished. I think of her like Gwen Stefani for some reason. I just think they are both very fit and gorgeous, but they have the most gorgeous faces I have seen (personally I love Gwen especially). Striking and refined features. Anyway, Kate looks beautiful as always, but I don’t love these pants on anyone!

  • Juju

    I’m so bad at guessing who it is ^^
    I guess it’s not a bad thing though because if I could recognize the body of every celebrities in Hollywood that would mean I’m way too obsessed!
    She seems to have a great butt! Aside from that I’ve never been interested by her career or just looks.

  • adriana

    did anyone notice that she is a reeeaaaaaally old cellphone???

    • kia

      mine is from 2007 and I still don’t feel any need to change it. one charging of the battery lasts almost one week. I payed it 5 euros in big sale. I live in europe. my cellphone is so great.

    • lc

      Woah! No I didn’t at first but I do now. I wonder why, clearly she can afford a newer one.

    • Lau

      I will always have my ”old phone”. The one where the purpose is only to phone with it and receive calls. And I’ll want my kids to have the same. Kids nowdays are so spoiled and grown ups buy all sorts of things they don’t need. Like phones for ”tweeting” when noone actually cares. At least that’s why perspective on things.

      Also from my experience normal phones can’t let you down, when never ones are constantly trouble.

  • Snugglepup

    She makes me wanna get a jumpsuit.

  • maelstrom

    So much plastic surgery.

  • retrobanana

    i guessed kourtney kardashian….i like the outfit….eep

  • Maria

    I see nothing wrong with this outfit. It simple, and casual. Its something you wear when you dont want to wear clingy clothing, and when you just want to be a bit more comfortable but not wear sweatpants lol. And the fact that she paired it with cute comfortable wedges to dress it up, along with matching jewelry, its so cute. Her hair is fab too.