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  • Helen

    I like this outfit. The design on the sweater dress is really neat. It would be nicer if it was more form fitting as she has such a petite frame. I love her sunglasses! So fresh and fun!

    • alyssa

      She’s already wearing over the knee socks and heels. Any more and it looks cheap vs ingenue. Balance. She nailed the look perfectly

      • MissMarilyn

        agree. If her sweater were form fitting it might look a little trashy seeing as she’s already got heels and its already short. I think its perfect like this!

        like the user above me said, balance.

  • Bells

    I thought it was miley because of the horrible outfit.

    • annabanana

      i thought one of the olsen twins… never would have guessed selena! I had no idea she dresses like this.

      • Crissy

        hahaha i was just going to write that!! Too funny 🙂

  • kara

    lol at the way she stands when she pumps her gas

  • cesq

    why is she driving a ford escape

    • lila

      Because she has had this car since she got her license. It’s her first car & other than her spoiled ex, maybe she doesn’t want/need to buy a new, super-fancy car every few months.

      • Meena

        I really like that; it makes her seem so much more down to earth.

    • Hannah

      Do you mean because of the size of it? I always used to wonder why young people had massive cars but I’m guessing the cheap price of petrol in America has something to do with it? I can barely afford to run my 1.2L Polo over here seeing as I paid £1.45 for a litre last week *cry*

      • Powwow

        @Hannah I wonder that too. I have a ford fiesta and can’t imagine driving anything bigger until I have kids.

      • HANAN

        here 1 litre = about (0.07) £

        • Hannah

          I can fill by car up for less than £3? I’m emigrating!

          • HANAN

            Where do you live ?
            and i don’t live in USA either .

        • Hannah

          ‘Sunny’ England!

  • lila

    I actually like the outfit. Wouldn’t wear the glasses, but overall she looks cute.
    And she seems to have lost a bit weight lately, maybe because she’ll soon be promoting her album & film? She wasn’t big to begin with, but she was less toned over the last year, but I think she might have done that for Spring Breakers, I’ve heared Emma Roberts dropped out of the film because she would have had to gain weight…

  • lc

    I guessed Lindsay Lohan for some reason.

    • Candy

      The insults don’t get much worse than that. I thought it was Lindsay but than I saw she wasn’t falling down and her car want crashed into the gas station.

      • Rosalie


  • Dorothy

    She looks really cute!

  • Chloe

    Lol! She pulls out when there is still gas coming out! 😀

    • Tia

      I thought so too but if you look at her hands, they are not squeezing the pump. I don’t know what that is..glare?

      • Mia

        The pumps here in CA won’t let you pump without pressure being on the cover of the hood thingy around the nozzle.

        Source: I have a scooter so you have to hold the fume cover back and squeeze the handle.

        • MissMarilyn

          that’s not true. I also live in California and have not experienced that at any gas station. You just put the nozzle in your car, make sure its in correctly, pull the trigger, and then wait.

  • nat shermans

    It’s almost a zoolander moment

    • li

      haha, best comment ever!

    • Emmy

      I thought that too!!!

  • Pixie

    Pretty girl, bad outfit. 🙁

  • Stephanie

    Hahaha I might get shot but I actually like her outfit… I think she pulls it off cause of her lean figure. Ah well, I am guilty of liking the ‘tumblr hipster’ style just as much as I love a polished fancier style!

    Reminds me of Penny Lane from Almost Famous cause of the hair and glasses 🙂

    • La la la la

      she said that was what she was going for… Penny Lane. pretty cute

    • lola

      I like her shoes

  • Melia

    Is there gas coming out of the nozzel?
    She is slimmer than I thought she was. It is a cute outfit, she pulls it off well.

    • Polska Blondynka

      Lol that’s what I thought!

  • Kylie

    Such a cute outfit and hair! I normally don’t find her remarkable in any way, but she looks great here.

  • Jenni85

    Is there gas coming out of the nozzle?!?! Wth?

    Btw, i am going to start standing like that while i pump gas lol

    Aside from that, she looks fantastic. I love her sunglasses.

    • Jessica

      YEAH hahahaha i die!!! obvi girlfriend doesnt pump gas often if shes getting it all over

      • jessiepants

        Lol I actually knew it was her cause I always see pics of her pumping gas.. U would think she would have it down by now.. Either way she’s a doll

  • jemima

    I actually really like this outfit. It looks cute on her.

  • Aafje


  • MissMarilyn

    Whhhaaaat ok honestly who has problem with gas. Like its not very complicated…. dont pull the lever unless its inside your car.

    I actually like the outfit. Except not a huge fan of the sunglasses for some reason but otherwise I like it.

    • La la la la

      I’ve never spilled gas or seen anyone spill gas….. you’re right, it’s super simple!

    • Mia

      I am completely baffled by the gas..I can see a couple of drops getting stuck in the nozzle after you finish pumping, but this looks like a full on stream of gas pouring out. Not only is it wasteful, but it also seems dangerous. Maybe it was photoshopped? Just doesn’t make any sense.

      As for the outfit – I don’t get it, but maybe I’m too old to understand.

  • JJ

    What’s with her hair? It looks like a bad wig.

    • HANAN

      it’s not wig , she has the THICKEST hair ever ! i always envy her thick hair

  • serena

    She looks cute and youthful. Didn’t realize she was so skinny!

  • jessiep

    I think she looks great.. Really pulls off this outfit too. Very pretty girl.. I really like her figure too looks healthy

  • Adriana

    Lol if only I could pump gas like that!
    She has the best aim, like she doesn’t even have to stick the nozzle in the car!
    She just aim’s, shoots & score’s!
    So talented. Maybe her pumping gas is an art that she picked up during her acting classes?

    • solaxia

      Ha ha ha!!! I never even noticed! You’re right, that’s awesome! =P I usually have to wriggle it around to get it in

  • Tia

    that outfit is very “Vanessa Hudgens”. It is not the worst thing out there but the outfit does not really flatter her and it is a little trashy. I’ve always like the look of thigh high socks with boots so I guess I do like some trash myslef.
    I hate those uberlong extensions and corny glasses but her body looks as good as usual if not a little skinnier

  • AnnieD

    Ugh, V Hudgens seems to have rubbed off on her. Bad styles and strange smirks.

  • Tinkerbell

    I’ve always hated her casual style but this outfit is AMAZING – veeeerrrry Vanessa Hudgens though. I’m starting to notice her beauty once again – here her face doesn’t look puffy at all & her figure is lovely 😀 Also diggin’ the glasses..

  • solaxia

    She’s really grown on me as she’s gotten older.

  • Hazal

    Her hair looks gorgeous in the 1st pic.
    But I’m not a fan of this wannabe hipster style.

  • Jacky Daniels

    she is such a cuttie

  • pressplay


    • Aafje

      Thats not that much hair…too much fake extensions maybe. It looks unnatural. I have more hair than that naturally tho so maybe I’m biased

      • HANAN

        nah , it’s her natural hair , she always had this really thick hair , even years ago when she cut her hair chain length

  • roonie

    I knew it was her because I saw this on another site.. but I’m usually really bad at these. Anyway, I LOVE her outfit. I probably wouldn’t wear the glasses myself though, and I don’t really like the bag but I am so in love with her boots with the socks and the sweater!!

  • Dorian

    She’s about to spill gas all over her ugly grandpa sweater.

  • retrobanana

    totally thought vanessa hudgens or annalynne mccord…def looks a little to v hudgens for her…hudgens is prob looking at this saying girl i wore this same thing in 2010….

    • MissMarilyn

      Vanessa isn’t that thin but this is a lot more similar to something she would wear hahaha

  • Deane

    She looks so childish and silly… I don’t think anybody could take her seriously. Is she gooing to a uni or sth like that? I dont think so..

  • Irina

    She’s pretty and her outfit is pretty. But yeah, sure, walk on the grass.. why not..

  • Mariah

    Love, love, love her shoes!! The long socks/leg warmers are also cute…

  • Hanan

    very cute , i want one .