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  • Jenna

    Didn’t know it was her, she looks good.

  • modelesque

    Zoe looks pretty even without a touch of makeup and a bad hair day.

    • Powwow

      I think her hair looks fine..

      And super cute reading glasses! Want!

    • Jacky Daniels

      i thought jessica alba..
      imo zoe looks better au naturel and no make up!

    • Loxy

      She really is gorgeous wow

    • Emilie

      Please note that she is wearing makeup

    • Snip

      I love how all a female has to do is skip opaque lipstick & black liquid liner & she gets FULL credit for being 100% makeup-free. 😉

      • annabanana

        yes! hahaha

  • liss

    wasnt expecting her, but she looks great

  • babyvincer

    Who is that man? I thought she broke up with Bradley Cooper not too long ago. Whi is this now?
    She’s skinny, but would look better a little fuller. Still pretty though.

    • Jenny

      I might be wrong but i think i looks like Zachary Quinto?

      • ellentjie

        Zachery Quinto is gay

        • Jenny

          Yeah, i know. It could still be him though. They did Star Trek together, so it wouldn’t be strange if they became friends.:)

          • babyvincer

            Oh, I see. It’s just a gay-friend goodbye kiss. Thanks.

        • snoops

          That didnt stop Bradley cooper 😉 lol

  • Sophia

    She looks amazing! Does anybody know about her height, weight and body shape?

  • Ana

    I think she looks best thin. She’s gained in the past few months, it still suits her. I also love her fashion sense, comfortable but chic.

  • natascha

    i thought jessica alba because of the very narrow hips and the very straight back

    • Snip

      I always imagine a bombshell figure whenever I read Jessica Alba’s description of her own body in interviews.
      “Whatever they’re saying about JLO, they’re saying about me!”
      “I definitely do NOT have a boy’s body!”

  • Hazal

    She looks very pretty here! Even better than when she’s all dolled up.

  • Tally

    She didnt gain as much as i thought/heard, natalia was saying her legs were the same as beyonces now :L anyways go unisex outfits!!!!

    • nicole

      lol I know I was just about to say this!

    • Zoe

      Natalia says a *lot* of things, and in my opininion, most of what she says is utter c*rap. Back on topic though… I think Zoe S looks amazing- great legs!!! 🙂

      • cinnamon

        To be fair she looked way bigger in the last post.
        I expected her to be fuller, but she looks good.. seems to be a good weight for her. She seems tall.. any height guesses?

        • carrie

          i guess 5’6 120ish lbs

    • artemis

      she looked bad when she was stick-skinny, she looks good now. if only she would gain a few more pounds(mostly muscle especially on her legs and butt) she’d look very good.

  • Pixie

    She’s just cute……I guess I don’t see what everyone else does.

    • Ana

      Please don’t take her name or this post will have 300 comments soon.

    • Ana

      Whoops! The comment was suppose to be at Tally and Zoe!

  • jenna

    Usually when I see her, I think she’s super skinny with no shape, but here she looks good. She’s def still skinny, but she has something more going on. Maybe it’s the outfit. I’m thin, but if I wore her outfit, I bet I’d look kind of big.

  • snugglepup

    She lacks butt 🙁

    • Jenny

      She does? Cause when I look at the pics I SEE a butt. Never seen a person WITHOUT a butt. Wow.. must feel strange to be without one :S

      • sara

        i love you

      • snugglepup

        Oh man jenny… 😀 so poor. Yeah I feel like her butt is very flat! Some muscles would suit her good

      • Sandy

        This should have been a joke? Embarrassing…

    • artemis

      yep, she’d look way better w/ some more muscle on her butt(and fat, if she gains there)

      • Adriana

        I feel the opposite, I really find bigger butts especially dispportionate ones unnattractive, especially when teamed with fuller rounded thighs eg Ice-T’s wife Coco.

  • Mara

    The weight gain looks great on her.

  • sara

    i thought it was miranda kerr! zoe looks great, which i find strange since usually i find her to be far too skinny..but now her legs are my new inspiration!

  • Bells

    I guessed Rosie Huntington , wow nice bod.

  • Isabel

    She looks good, nice outfit choice. i thought that it was Jessica Lowndes. I just didn’t imagine Zoe wearing this type of outfit.

  • serena

    She looks great! I thought Jessica Alba

  • Debbs

    I guessed Olivia Wilde. Zoe looks great.

  • Neri

    Huh I was way off… Guessed Miley Cyrus..!

  • lc

    I guessed Nicki Hilton. I like her style.

  • Sidney

    I thought Sienna Miller, Zoe looks nice.

  • La la la la

    she has such great effortless style

  • kateuk

    It’s good to see she’s gained a little weight. She was far too thin before IMO.

  • nessa

    again another skinny celebrity, but again makes her look so old in the face.

    • artemis

      maybe it’s cause she has always been very skinny or cause she smokes but she’s been having defined smile lines for years

  • Stephanie

    She looks amazing, as always.

  • carrie

    so skinny but cute. maybe 5’6 120 lbs? thin.

  • Lauren

    I thought Rosie HW. She looks amazing.

  • Veronique

    She looks great! She’s gained a bit since her lowest weight, but that’s a good thing, she looks much better, IMO. Healthy and still slim, just perfect!

    • Adriana

      I love your display picture of the cat.
      It is so adorable! But then again, I really love all cat’s.
      Got me thinking about http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sP4NMoJcFd4
      Im only young but im really not scared of turning into the old single cat lady type lol since I love cat’s so much.Hahaha!

      • Veronique

        Haha thank you! It’s my baby boy Dexter actually, I love him so much!

  • Nika

    The weight gain makes her look much more attractive and healthier. I thought she seemed far too fragile before.

  • carrie

    weight and height guesses? 5’6 120 ish? she looks great and maybe gained.maybe even 130 lbs?still thin though

  • Snip

    Why do grown men wear those hanging sweater hats on their heads? That look is still happening? Looks kind of Hipster Douchebag to me.

  • happygolucky

    Fabulous! Love her style. My eyes went straight to those boots –gimme!
    She also appears to have excellent posture –never forget that girls, it makes all the difference.

  • retrobanana

    wow i wore a very similar outfit the other day (not that there is much to this outfit..but almost same sweater, clror skinnys, and similar boots)…im same complexion as zoe but i always considered her like as small as my pinky finger and i think i pretty much looked exactly like she does in these pics…go me 🙂 zoe looks great as usual!

  • Sienna

    Looks good!

  • Stephanie

    Prettiest skin!

  • Tia

    She is one of the very few uber skinny girls that I go gaga for!! I just love the way she carries herself and her style is always impeccable IMO. Her legs look amazing!!

  • anonymous

    Very skinny, but she has a pretty face 🙂

  • Duemilatredici

    she has no booty going on lol

  • Sheri

    She ooks cute. LOVE the sweater!

  • Daniela

    I love Zoe! She is gorgeous and has a good style. However, I must say I prefer her when she is skinnier. I hope she´ll get back to her usual skinny self when she finishes shooting this movie (it already looks like she lost a little since her last candids).

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