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  • Sabrina Vaillancourt

    She herself is so beautiful! I do like her legs because they are athletic and have a nice shape!

  • JN1976

    I gain weight kinda like her…right to my thighs (not to my boobs or really anywhere else, I guess to my face too a bit…no in a good way)
    Not very flattering…the cut of that skirt. I know it seems weird but even if the hem was cut straight (on the side) it would make a noticeable difference for the better.
    I must say she’s got a very special attribute in that her face almost always looks pretty no matter what weight she is at.

    • Sabrina Vaillancourt

      agreed she has a super beautiful face

  • Polly

    That outfit…straight out of H&M it looks. She always looks pretty ALWAYS never seen her not. Lucky girl.

  • retrobanana

    how couldi not get her!!! I could not figure out whos thighs went with that style for the life of me?!?!?!?! they look so muscular she clearly has been working out I thought Britney spear, fergie, reese wither spoon..it was hard then I had hint cuzi saw her blonde hair in the car reflection but it didn’t look like anyones hair…I don’t like that outfit very much but she looks great

    • lc

      My second guess was also Britney, a dressed up Brit haha 🙂

  • retrobanana

    can anyone tell I have been not doing my hw all day and been on this site lol

    • lc

      Guilty also lol!

  • Joyce

    Not my ideal body, but she looks okay. Her face is really cute.

  • Shailene

    Wow, she’s been working on her fitness lately. She looks awesome! And I’m glad she stopped with all the fillers… One of the few true natural beauties in Hollywood, for sure.

  • Cami

    Wow, she’s shapeless, except for her legs wich are way too thick/muscular for my taste. I think she has a pretty face but her body is kinda of…meh. Too stumpy imo, she looked better when she was thinner.

  • louis21

    at first i guessed J.Lo but then i saw the tattoo..she looks really really nice! but her skirt is too short in my opinion :// a bit tacky.

  • kateuk

    Holy calf muscles!

  • MerryHappy

    Not a huge fan of her body, but those calves, man. I only had calves like that when I was doing ballet! She looks great, and happy.

  • very pretty girl.

  • Mel

    I don’t care much for the outfit, it highlights her boxiness. I wish she’d wear things that would create the illusion of shape. But she’s a pretty girl and has a nice figure overall.

  • Layla Bachman

    Guess right. Such a pretty face. I’m sure she’s smaller than she photographs. Always like Duff.

  • scoob

    she’s beautiful….just….imo….she has a layer or two to lose, on top of all that muscle.

  • hannah

    She seems so happy and healthy, love it!

  • lc

    I thought Lauren Conrad! Hil looks amazing, and happy!!!!

  • KC

    IMO, Hilary has one of the prettiest faces in showbiz. And she always looks happy! I don’t like a lot of her outfit choices, and she may not have my favorite body type, but I adore her.

  • CK

    i hate the shirt, and the skirt would’ve looked better in another color but i hate how it goes up. As for Hillary i didn’t guess her, but my reaction “whoa, that’s some awesomely strong legs”. She looks great.

  • Erika

    Dat car!

  • menta

    i guessed right!! my other tip would have been britney spears lol
    she looks good compared to her younger self. she is fit and muscular. but honestly i’ve never been a fan of her body type, she is too short and bulf for my taste with no neck.. but she is really doing her best!!

    • menta


  • tequilla

    nice. fit. i like fit. and she is so cute.

  • Teiku5

    Hilary is very pretty.I like her body type!

  • jscarr

    I’ve always loved her. She looks incredible.

  • dani

    great body, but maybe could pull her skirt down!

  • Mariana Manhães

    It’s funny how the concepts of beauty and “nice body” can change from place to place. In Brazil (my country) women would kill for legs like hers. I think she’s pretty great!

    • Carolina

      Same here in Venezuela, every time I see posts of girls with awesome muscular great all I see are comments about how thick and overmuscular they are and that they don’t find this appealing but if this was posted in a Venezuelan website everyone would be praising those killer legs, including myself! I really would like to know what she is doing, her legs look GREAT!!

      • Carolina

        *awesome muscular legs =)

  • solaxia

    Hillary is such a gorgeous girl! She has such a pretty face, with little to no makeup. Just really pretty features and bone structure, so she is just so striking…and not boring looking that she needs to create interest with makeup…if that makes sense? She looks fantastic overall! Very happy. Gorgeous legs!

    • lc

      “Just really pretty features and bone structure, so she is just so
      striking…and not boring looking that she needs to create interest with
      makeup…if that makes sense? ”

      Yes, yes it does. It makes a lot of sense; Katy Perry is the complete opposite. First person that came to my mind when I read that was her, like, lol Katy’s look is the inverse of that. Dull, bland features with no bone structure and no interest of any kind; so she has to create the interest with makeup. Which is why half of the world is fooled into thinking she is so “beautiful!” lol. Hilary is for sure what you said though, naturally beautiful with pretty features and a good bone structure; pretty with or without makeup!

      • solaxia

        Yes! You are so right about Katy…I always find it really odd that people think she is beautiful. She’s not ugly by any means, but as you said ‘bland’.

        Hilary will be the type of lady that ages really well too imo.

  • ayu

    She looks good. It must be horrible if paparazzi follow you into your own garage, though :/

  • Laura

    I would kill for calves like that…she is a gorgeous woman.

  • Vanessa Baltazar

    She looks hot. She has always been a beautiful girl since she was a teen. Love Hillary.