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  • ChocatoDrink

    The dog’s cool 🙂

    • lizzy

      hahaha yes! def worth commenting 🙂

  • serena

    I know most people here hate her pear shape and short legs, but I adore Olivia! A natural beauty, good actress, comes across as laid-back, smart, and funny in interviews. She also looks much better in motion than in still photos.

    • solaxia

      I think pear shapes are cute! I love hourglass figures, and pears are my next favourite especially when they are in shape. I like the small breasts and thin upper body with the thicker legs and bum (even if the whr isn’t high). I think it’s sexy as! Very womanly imo.

      • lee

        I always thought that apples were the shapes that got the most hate.

        • Magda

          Totally agree even though most of the celebs called “apples” are mostly lolipops.

    • Neri

      Agreed 🙂

    • Casey

      Really? I think unless someone is an extreme pear, most people like pears. Apples tend to be highly criticized, at least on here.

      Personally, a pear/hourglass hybrid figure is my favorite (Candice before weight-loss, or Megan Fox). Pears tend to have curvy hips and a nice butt usually!

      • Winnie

        agreed. pear/hourglass shapes have the best bodies imo

      • serena

        I didn’t mean to imply everyone here hates pears. I meant that when it comes to Olivia, people specifically criticize her short legs, like in the post from the other day. When she gains weight they look unfortunate. But when she’s slim her body is great imo. I think all body shapes have the potential to look good – I prefer hourglass/vase though.

      • Emeline

        Agreed Casey, most here like pear shapes, even though it is not my preference personally. Vase shapes are the best imo!

    • Emeline

      Are you sure she’s a pear? Her butt is quite flat

      • serena

        The defining traits of a pear are short legs/long torso and gaining fat on lower half. In Olivia’s case the fat goes to her thighs, not butt. In comparison her top half is very lean – even bony at a lower weight. So yes she’s a pear. Not all pear women have big butts. Erin Heatherton is another one that gains weight on thighs with a flat butt.

        • solaxia

          So is Megan Fox, I never knew why people went on about her butt because it was really quite flat in her bikini pics etc.

        • Emeline

          Oh ok, thanks. I thought all pears had curvy butts

        • Laura

          I think most pears have a nice pair of strong curvy thighs/hips with a small waist, but their butts are not great, rather flat and low even (just see Keira Knightley).

        • megs362

          Do you have to have short legs to be a pear? My legs are really long, proportionate to my torso, but still they (and the butt!) are where I carry my weight, with a scrawny torso to top things off. I always thought I was a pear? *identity crisis* hah

          • justme

            No, some pears have longer legs (I can’t think of a famous example, and my friends don’t really count!). The bottom heavy build with a delicate upper body defines the pear, waist/hip ration, leg length, torso length, etc. varies by person.

        • artemis

          she definitely has a nice one in this pic:
          and others.
          i guess it’s because of weight fluctuation and especially losing some muscle off it…then gaining just fat=>so that’s why in these bikini pics it’s not as defined.

    • Isabel

      She’s not a pear and most women do not fit under any of the four classifications of body types, most of us are a mix. Olivia has a thicker bottom but pears have a defined waist and smaller chest compared with their hips. She stores fat as a pear but has the skeletal structure of a ruler.

  • mystic

    She looks like a normal woman, I just don’t get her appeal that’s just my opinion..

    • Powwow

      Haha I think saying a celeb looks ‘normal’ is a compliment nowadays 🙂 normal without fake hair, boobs and lips, a botched nose job and butt implants..

      • JN1976

        Yupyup. If I were a celeb and called normal I’d prob cry in thanks…for the realness.
        And considering these pics show a time when she was still carrying some extra weight when she divorced her 1st husband, I think thats pretty normal. She’s looking more fit lately…either way I think she looks great and I find her face, esp the bone structure and her eyes quite unique and pretty.
        (on another note…in a prior post someone ripped on me for thinking Sudekis is cute…am I alone here?!? To me he looks pretty jumpable in the last 2 pics he’s in here…not kidding…a tad hairier on the tummy than I pref but otherwise give him my digits NOWSA! heehee)

  • ary

    her body isn’t phenomenal imo, but she’s so sexy nonetheless 🙂

  • Jay

    body looks normal and healthy here, like any girl i’d see at the beach. i think she’s much skinnier now though.

  • Pixie

    I’ve never found her very appealing. And she has no booty. 🙁

  • Marie

    She just looks NORMAL.

  • K

    She looks great. Like your average, healthy & happy woman. This makes me feel good about being me.

  • maja

    i know from the last post, that you guys didn’T like jason sudeikis (or what his name is) , that she is actually too hot for him.
    but lord, i think he’s so hoooot! maybe i’m the only one.
    she is lucky to have him 🙂
    but of course she is very beautiful , too.
    what a lovely couple

  • Rose

    We have similar bodies… Maybe expect that I have a more defined waist.
    She looks happy and normal. I like her, she seems fun and has a gorgeous face. The dog’s look on the last photo made me lol!

  • lillaliket

    I didn’t see when the photo was taken so I guessed a young Kelly Clarkson. I’m sorry Olivia!

  • Eline

    Wauw! I’m surprised! Somehow I thought she was superskinny, but she looks healthy and normal! I LOVE IT. She’s hot!

  • szczurra

    ilivia please make squats. shes definitely not pear shape at all! she looks like brick.

    • amber

      Although i could care less if she did squats, i agree that she isnt a pear. Also, she looks thin to me from behind, but not as thin from the side. I think because she doesn’t have a very defined waist.

  • She looked good – not in the best shape of her life, but still really healthy and slim. I think for many pears it’s hard because oftentimes being a little heavier will throw off the proportions a lot – Olivia probably looks her best at a relatively low weight because then her legs are slimmer and she looks less bottom-heavy. She also doesn’t have the WHR some pears have, especially when she’s heavier. The same goes for Keira Knightley. But then if they get too lean, the torso can look bony and that is why someone like Keira got negative press for being ‘anorexic’.

    But I still think Olivia is very attractive – it’s her attitude more than her looks for me. Sometimes I don’t find her face that appealing and her body is nothing amazing, but she has the ‘it-factor’ anyway. She’s not a model, so in the end, keeping her weight at the ideal for the most flattering proportions is not her priority. She’s never once looked truly out of shape or fat to me, so her weight fluctuations are fine, imo. And that dog is adorable!

    • Winnie

      really? i actually think she looks more proportionate here if anything :S even when she’s thinner, her legs are about this size, it’s her upper body that gets thin. it throws off her proportions.

      • I honestly haven’t followed her look much, so I’m only going by a few images in my mind. I just know that when she is slimmer her waist definitely looks more defined than here and she doesn’t look so bottom-heavy. But, I don’t think I have ever seen her in a bikini before this and clothes can definitely do a lot to change proportions – so I could be wrong.

    • KC

      I think you’re right on. I’m a pear and it’s very hard for me to get my torso to not look bony. It’s like the only place I ever gain weight is between my belly button and knees lol

      Overall, I think Olivia looks good, but she’d look better if her legs were a bit longer.

      • amber

        Same here! I guess its good that i always have a waist, but i look like two different people smushed together at the moment- fat thighs, big hips, love handles, then relatively lean rib cage, small chest, slender shoulders.

        I know when i lose weight again I’ll even out more (although liking my hips never seems to happen), but for now I am always trying to camouflage the discrepancy. Lol

        My sister in law is an apple- big boobs, thin limbs, tends to gain belly and bigger boobs- and she can look disproportionate when she gains too. I think hours glasses and rulers are probably the most proportionate shapes when heavier.

    • LOL

      So people are either “too boxy” or there proportions aren’t right?
      The things you come out with never cease to amaze me.

      • LOL

        Also stop being so snobby about peoples proportions erica.
        You always do this. You sound awfully cocky and full of yourself.

        • amber

          Erm, how is Erica being snobby or cocky? I may have misread something, but i saw her say that Olivia looks slim, healthy, and attractive.

  • Mew

    I’m surprised. I would’ve guessed Kirsten Dunst but she’s not “hip” these days so I knew it wouldn’t be her… definitely somehow expected Olivia to be more toned but anyway, looking good.

  • MissMarilyn

    She looks hot!! I love Olivia Wilde, I think she is absolutely stunning. Her face is gorgeous and her body looks good at this weight, but it also looks good at her current weight.

  • Winnie

    where’s this tiny waist she supposedly has? anyway, i thought she had a nicer bum than that considering she’s a bottom-heavy shape. not a fan of her figure.

    • Emeline

      Agreed. She has small boobs, not a defined waist, no butt, short and thicker legs :/ She looks healthy I guess but I don’t like her shape at all

  • sassy

    It’one thing to come on this site and talk about skinny vs curvy…its another thing to come here and bash things woman have no control over

  • lc

    I have never gotten the hype over this woman. Not now and not ever.

    • Candy M.

      I know what you mean, she kind of reminds me of megan fox face and body who I also find overrated.

  • jemima

    I think she looks pretty good and works with what she has. I like Olivia and maybe she isn’t VS runway but she looks good and has a flat stomach.

  • binks

    Her bum is a little to flat for my taste but other than that she looks decent

  • Heather

    Her best angle is definitely from the back.

  • Megan

    That’s the body you get from dieting all the time. Skinny fat.

    And it’s so sad when someone’s back turn’s into their butt without a single curve. Like an out of shape man.

  • Lea

    I think that this is her natural shape and weight.. I don’t imagine her ‘dieting all the time’. And I don’t get what’s so sad about some person you’re probably never going to meet having a flat bum.

    • sassy


  • Mara

    I think she looks fantastic. She may have her flaws, but she looks doesn’t look in bad shape or disproportionate, she has nice skin and a stunning face. I also don’t think she looked better at a lower weight – actually she looked more disproportionate then, because, as others have said, her upper body got quite bony while her legs remained normal.

  • anonimuss

    Definetly a brick, not a pear. No waist, flat butt, her hips are slight narrower than her shoulders, chunky thighs and calves. She looks quite good, even though her body shape is the most unfortunate off all types.

  • hanne

    she was so skinny when she did the OC I don’t think it was natural

  • vanessa

    she’s not as stick skinny as I though she was. which is a good thing. I like more the curvier shape like scarlet johanson but she has a cute body nonetheless.

  • Debbs

    She looks great. Her weight seems to flutuate quite a bit – I never would have guessed her.

  • retrobanana

    boring then boring now

  • jerry z

    i thought she always looked so great in dresses BECAUSE of her pear shape – tiny upper body, tiny waist… her waist is not tiny here… maybe she just gets skinnier for award shows?

  • V

    She looks really healthy, I think, but nothing special as well?

  • Rika W.

    I was not expecting it to be Olivia Wilde! Her body doesn’t look very toned in these pictures….. that being said, do the photographers feel creepy taking all these shots of her? It’s stalker-like and nobody is going to look good with multiples shots taken of them w/o being aware of it.

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