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  • neutra

    Love her skin tone…. don’t find her remotely attractive or talented though. There’s something really off putting about her facial features as well as her personality.

    • lc

      ” don’t find her remotely attractive or talented though. There’s something really off putting about her facial features as well as her personality.”

      Agree. She’s blah all-around imo.

      • Amanda

        She may not be talented in the same way Adele or even Billy Joel, but you can’t just say someone isn’t talented…everyone is. Also, Taylor doesn’t have the voice, but she’s a damn good songwriter and entertainer. Even adults get her silly love songs stuck in their heads.

        How is she is slut? Because she has dated people? That’s not fair. How many naked photos or Taylor are circulating the internet? 0! How many raunchy photos are circulating of Vanessa Hudgens, Miley Cyrus, Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton?Don’t throw the word around.

        • Emmeline

          Who said anything about her being a slut?
          Aren’t teenaged-star fans hilariously and irrationally defensive?

          • Amused Observer

            Exactly! No one even mentioned the word ‘slut’ and she went on a rant defending Taylor. Seems like someone is over-compensating…

    • Powwow

      I don’t get what the big deal is with her facially but her legs are perfect.

    • moomuhmuh

      BUahaha, I love this..perfectly said. She is so annoying, but her legs are nice (she is 5’11’ though so that helps)

  • alyssa

    Shouldn’t Taylor be in the recording another song, slut shaming her so-called rivals, or maybe airing dirty laundry or something?

    • Powwow

      Why is ‘slut-shaming’ the topic of the moment? Did someone rant about it on YouTube or something? lol

      • Kate

        Something against that?

    • jemima

      I agree, though, Swift has really started to bother me. She markets herself as this friendly, loveable girl but really all she does is tear down the girls that date the boys she likes/went with. She isn’t ugly physically, but her cattiness and immaturity make her ugly.

  • HeatherE.

    I think she has a very nice shape. Thin, but it looks very natural and not “scary”. I appreciate the fact that she doesn’t have tanned skin and that it’s her normal color.

    • Candy M.

      I think it may look more “natural” because despite her low weight her body fat looks normal, she isn’t very lean. You can really tell from her bikini pics she has zero muscle tone. Ive seen her weight fluctuate a bit and her childhood pics show a chubby girl.

      • Marisa

        Chubby childhood pictures do not mean you are naturally “chubby” for life. As you grow older and your hormones go a bit crazy during puberty and then settle down, if you are generally a healthy person and your weight doesn’t fluctuate significantly, the weight and size you are at that point is a good indicator of your natural body shape and size. HOWEVER, this changes as we also get even older and our hormones continue to change. Some gain, others lose. We are still naturally one or the other, it does not mean we are forcing ourselves to be thinner or larger through dietary choices, it just happens. We can choose to change these natural occurrences through diet and exercise, whether to lose or gain weight. However, I find when people make comments like “Oh, she was so and so before, so this is not natural. She MUST be doing something.” makes me frustrated because you just really don’t know and are making very large assumptions.

        I was a fat kid, and my sister was very thin. As we grew older, our bodies settled to be very different then what we were as children. I am actually much more lean and thin, without trying, and am a consistent weight that only fluctuates within 5lbs. So are you saying this is not my natural body? As for my sister. She is now a more bottom heavy pear shape, and is much “thicker” than she used to be, however, she did nothing in particular within her diet to make this happen. She is a healthy eater and an active woman. Things just start changing when you near 30, and even 40, 50, etc. It does not mean it is unnatural for us to be thinner or larger as we age…

        • elena

          great comment! i think you are right..there are some basic principles about weight, diet, exercise and body shape which may be true 80% of the time for 80% of the people…but so many factor stay unseen, such as hormons, psychology, stress etc etc..you can guess, but never know wether or not sth. is “natural” for sb.

  • Anne

    I can’t stand her personality (or her face), but she does have a nice figure.

    • lizzy

      gahhhhh me too. i hate how she is looking at the camera like, “tehehehe”

  • seijidan

    She looks amazing. Great skin, hair, and figure. Cute girl too.

  • Bellerina

    Very long and lean, I think she looks lovely here. Great skin, as others have already pointed out.

  • Candy M.

    Wow I thought it was somebody short from the 1st picture, I think she looks great in a gown when she’s dressed up and has a lot of makeup but normally she doesn’t do anything for me. She’s skinny and tall but she’s untoned and skinny fat. Her face looks pretty made up but not in candids. Her legs don’t look great especially for her height and her fashion sense isn’t doing her any favors, nor is her fake persona.

  • Lauren

    Like her style, like her figure, but she has horrible swayback posture. Looks like she’s going to topple backwards.

  • serena

    I love her legs, they’re long and lean but not scrawny or too muscular. I know a lot of runners with legs like these. Not a huge fan of her face (looks like a fox/rat) but good skin. I think it’s funny people here call her skinny-fat, as if they’ve measured her with calipers and know her body fat or something lol. I’m sure she works out like everyone else in Hollywood.

    • amber

      Don’t need calipers to roughly estimate body fat. Plenty of people, especially those who watch their own closely, can be fairly accurate.

      For instance, here’s a visual illustrating it

      The bikini pics I’ve seen of her (not sure how old they were), I’d put her at 20-25% body fat. Healthier than most people, but not lean.

      • serena

        20-25% is a rather broad guess, I think most healthy women fall into that range? My body fat was measured at 18% a while ago, and I’m not as skinny as Taylor, though I’m a swimmer so I likely have more muscle tone. Regardless I don’t think Taylor looks skinny-fat. She is lanky but pear shaped so her hips/thighs are fuller than expected.

  • ebby

    wow! she looks good. looks like she may be working out a little as well. her body looks less lanky and a bit more toned and shapely.

  • Wowza

    Pretty, beautiful skin.. It’s a shame this girl annoys me

  • Brianna

    Why does she look really tanned in the first four pictures, and milky white in the others ? Confusing, but anyway she does have beautiful skin.

  • Rey

    Her body is awesome… Those legs…. But her face… I don’t know, but it’s very very annoying.. Bangs don’t suit her face…

  • Coldnipz

    Her music is god awful and after seeing those camel toe pics, all I can say is I hope they were fake. Wow. Agree nice skin thts bet it

  • solaxia

    I’ve never really found her attractive…but she looks cute here. Like, she is working a style that works for her. She has pleasant legs too. Not legs I would say are hot or sexy (imo), but ‘nice’ …and that’s a good thing.

    • Gabriela

      Then what legs would you call sexy?

      • solaxia

        I like legs that are more shapely and have more size to them. Like athletic legs – Britney in her heyday, or Halle Berry, Denise Austin had great legs imo. I think shape is more important than length imo

  • mary

    she looks cute and has a nice figure but i find her incredibly boring and MEH with a capital M.

  • I really thought it was some child actor from the first photo – just the angle makes her look tiny with the big guy in the background! She is very thin and lanky and this outfit accentuates that – it all makes her look kind of pre-teen to me, which I find a little weird. I find her totally uninteresting in every way, tbh.

    • lol

      ” is very thin and lanky and this outfit accentuates that – it all makes her look kind of pre-teen to me, which I find a little weird. I find her totally uninteresting in every way, tbh.”

      Wow! do you ever stop!? I mean seriously. Always so catty!
      and predictable.

      • Jennifer

        So are you LOL.

    • solaxia

      Ha ha! I agree with you Erica

    • Nicole Marie

      Really? I actually find this outfit (or the shorts) flattering. Her legs are a lot fuller than I expected, not quite what I would consider ‘lanky’.

  • Jenny

    she has the same body as kristen stewat. nice legs.

  • D

    She is thin which I believe is natural not due to dieting and it also appears as though she doesnt work out (soft body/no muscle) I think she looks cute here.

  • Jessica M

    She, her body and music are all utterly unremarkable, like so many other celebs.

  • Debbs

    Not a fan of hers but I like her face and body – I think she looks great here.

  • seijidan

    Hi versus.. could you do a post on Vanessa Hudgens? She seems to have lost quite a bit of weight recently ever since the promotional tour of Springbreakers started. And quite a change from how she looked in the movie. Thank you! 🙂

  • Tisha

    those shorts are rather unflattering yet she pulls them off because she has long legs. I don’t really care for her as an artist (actually I have successfully avoided her music) but she has a decent body. She could use more tone but she is definitely taking advantage of her “”naturally skinny” body for now

  • Winnie

    i know youth is a big deal in Hollywood, but I don’t personally understand why despite being 23 years-old, she enjoys looking (and acting) like she’s still in high school

  • babyvincer

    Why does she NEVER wear her hair curly anymore? Just like Nicole Kidman…Ugh! It was so beautiful! But I guess we always want something different than what we have. She’s cute body wise. Would look better with 10 pounds. Sexier…

  • Jaime

    The shoes gave it away 😛 that’s how I knew it (for once)

  • lc

    Can’t stand this chick. Don’t care for her looks either, I don’t find her to be anything special.

    • Candy M.

      Once again I agree with you. She’s tall and slim, which I usually like but she just looks blah. And I can’t stand her stupid 50s housewife persona. What 20 year old girl says ” I enjoy feeling like a 50s housewife”? I mean thats just bizarre and creepy.

      • lc

        Agree on all points again, Candy M. She is soo blah and the (faux) 50’s housewife thing is creepy lol.

  • lol

    Not a fan of her music but she has great legs. I guessed at Miranda Kerr.

  • KC

    I guessed Kristen Stewart. I AM A FAILURE!

  • Nicole Marie

    Nice legs, lovely skin tone.

  • Emeline

    She has nice legs

  • retrobanana

    i know she always seemed phony to me…she acts like she was such a geek but seems like she is so full of herself and i dont think i have liked one of her songs everrrrrr…i think her body is boring her face is boring her voice is boring her fashion is boring..and i just dont get her

  • jessica_rabbit

    i dont know about her personality or about her work, i am from europe, but visually she is very pretty girl in a classic, charlize theron way. i like the way she dresses herself and i like her legs.