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  • Megan

    Yikes! Both the blouse and pants look like they were made of tablecloths.

    • Allyssa

      Eeep… those toes :S

  • amber

    Aw, it’s Rosie! She is such a good actress, said no one ever.

    • Ellie

      OMG I cracked laughing when I saw that comment

    • artemis

      was that necessary? it’s not like she’s some pretentious wannabe oscar-winner or smth.
      she scored a role in transformers cause she looks good, same as other hundreds, nothing new. better than megan fox that lists herself as a serious actress.

      • Winnie

        was THAT necessary? at least Amber’s comment was relevant to the topic.

        • Mishael

          Why is Amber’s comment relevant but the one from Artemis is not? Enlighten me.

          • Winnie

            because Amber’s comment is about Rosie. i didn’t see any mention of Megan anywhere in V’s post, did you?

          • Mishael

            Artemis wrote about Rosie too.

    • amy


    • vanessa

      funny. what could you expect from a woman who chose to be an actress for the first time in a transformers movie. I don’t get why people think she is so beautiful, yest she’s a model but she doesn’t have a pretty face. Be real people!

      • Mishael

        I agree. She doesn’t have pretty face. To be precise, she is not conventionally pretty with small, delicate and totally forgettable features and more round chin and face. But she is striking and, for me personally, insanely gorgeous. I like her face-wise much more than other blonde models and/ or celebrities.

  • Love her outfit, especially pants.

  • Hazal

    I knew it was a supermodel because of the outfit 🙂

  • Suzanne

    Yeey i guessed right:)

  • Winnie

    i had absolutely no idea lol

  • leslie

    wow, those are some unflattering clothes! the colours are washed out and don’t go with her hair colour nor her complexion and the cut(s) are terrible. way to make a supermodel look bad.

  • Casey

    Kind of disappointed, she usually has an impeccable style. Maybe she is wearing it for a designer…models are sometimes obligated to wear certain clothes.

    Either way, she is so stunning! Her face and hair are always gorgeous and her body is enviable.

    • La la la la

      agree with every point. i thought it was miley because those pants are not right. rosie is beautiful dressed up or down usually- gorgeous on the red carpet or in a tshirt. she can do better!

  • Pixie

    Horrible outfit. 🙁

  • Ana

    Her face looks good but that outfit is horrendous.

  • JennM

    I actually sort of like the outfit. It is one of those outfits I would try on, and tell whoever was with me, “isn’t this ugly?” while secretly thinking it was lovely.

    • swissmiss

      HAHA! Same here! 😉

    • Winnie

      agree, it works with the right person. i think Rosie looks nice

  • Kik

    Pretty enough face, but ugly neck and pants.

  • Tisha

    I tought it was Jessica Alba lol…but what the heck is that outfit??!!!

  • JJ

    What is that ridiculous top supposed to be? It really made me LOL.

  • annabanana

    i think the pants are awesome, but I would DEFINITELY not wear them with that terrible shirt.

    • ajt

      I totally agree. The pants are very chic but a bit too frumpy with the shirt. It’s definitely an outifit I’d wear to a luncheon or maybe on vacation. 🙂

  • mary

    shes gorgeous but i dont like those pants.

  • Laura

    On it’s own I hate the outfit, but somehow she makes it look really good!

  • MariMari

    Rosie is gorgeous. There’s no denying that. There’s also no denying her wonk-eye. It’s Shannon Doherty status. You cannot un-see the asymmetry.

    • Allyssa

      Oh crap… great, now EYE see it too

  • lc

    She is sooo gorgeous.

  • lizzy

    love the clothes but not together

  • Another Kate

    Nuttin’ like wearing a garbage and curtains out to run errands.

    • Another Kate

      * garbage bag. I meant. Dang. Ruined my joke. 🙂

  • diana

    looks like a Romanian national blouse. suuper sexyyy

    • Puppe

      right no ? 😉 traditional romanian tops with a bit of modern touch are great i liked Rosie before she started posting herself all kinds of boobs-show photos, tacky

  • apple

    looks liek she got lip reduction or stopped injecting her lips

  • Marie

    does anyone know where she got those sunglasses! these are soo soo beautiful – I gotta get them!! PLEEAASE!

    • Marie

      well I just found out 😀
      if anyone else was wondering, here it is:
      It’s the chanel sunglasses ‘Chanel 5184’
      Of course by chanel.. I’m gonna raise money ^^