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  • melissa

    is she pregnant? anyways she’s beautiful as always

    • Monique

      I thought that too, by the way she touched the top of her stomach
      I hope she is 🙂

      • melissa

        thats what i thought. her baby would be such a knockout. i hope she is.

    • Nobsnob

      That’s what I thought. She gained on the face+see tummy area+placement of the hand.

    • Bo

      i’m sure she is… she just doesnt want anyone to know it too early in case something happen… so happy for her!

  • did she gain weight??

  • Pixie

    Looks gorgeous as usual. But kind of looks like she could be pregnant, hard to tell with the black outfit though.

  • Mia

    Is she pregnant?? She is even holding her stomach the way pregnant women do!

  • Faiy

    She is gorgeous as always, one of my fav celebrities. I like how she takes care of herself, she is always fit, with amazing hair and clothes.

  • Hmm is she pregnant? I hope! She’s just so likeable

  • La la la la

    She looks seriously preg!

  • jenna

    She always looks so healthy, fit and toned and happy. Love her. That said, I hate this outfit on her. Makes her look boxy or something.

  • MissMarilyn

    I love her! And I think she looks great (but the outfit is terrible).

    I love her body! She always looks so fit.

    • Agreed – she’s always had a great figure and has this very healthy glow.

  • Andrea

    Is she pregnant? Or is she just posing very strange?

  • Natalia

    I think in Pic #3 looks like she lifts weights, but all the others it’s hard to tell b/c she has enough fat on her to obscure any muscle def. that might be there. I think she has a beautiful looking tan. I think her hair looks very dry, dull from coloring, and stringy from the cut she has. But, that being said, I think w/ her face, she needs the blonde hair. I think also her face is not attractive, but not hideous, that’s all I can say about that. Like the outfit, would like to see it in a runway show.

    • PS

      And here goes the troll again.

      • Adriana

        I don’t view Natalia as a troll.
        I wish people would give her a break.
        I think it’s good to remember comments are moderated and that if her comments pass through “V” then they should be fine by everyone else.

        • Natalia

          Hey Adrianna, I was wondering where you were…I thought about you when I was visiting Mark’s Daily Apple….didn’t you say you go there? Paleo, plus rice, has really helped my digestive/food allergy/food sensitivity issues.

          • Adriana

            Yes, I do follow Mark’s Daily Apple.
            If you are interested a few others I follow are http://www.whfoods.org & http://www.westonaprice.org

            I love rice, especially brown rice.

            I have gluten sensitivity so rice, corn and pseudo grains such as buckwheat, quinoa, amaranth and millet have really helped erase all my digestive issues.

            I am glad to hear you have found ways to eliviate your digestive/food allergy/food sensitivity issues.

            P.S I visit this site nearly everyday, sometimes 2 or 3 times a day but I just don’t always comment =)

          • Natalia

            I go to WF site too when I want to know about a particular food health benefit, they have the most in depth info on foods. I looked into the other one too…you may not believe this, but I am very interested in farming. I am a strong supporter of local, self sustainable farming, and am disheartened to see the government in US giving most of it’s monies to grow soy, corn and wheat, most of which is exported – and not subsiding the poor farmers who grow our fruits and vegetables, leaving them bereft sometimes. In US, only 3% of farmers grow produce as opposed to cereal grain crops, and they do not receive gov. subsidizing – hence, the high cost of fruits & vegetables, esp. organic.

          • Adriana

            I could not reply to your last comment to me so I had to reply to you through this comment again.
            Anyway…just wanted to say that I like your decision to support local, self sustaining farms.
            I believe not only is it usually better for health but you are also doing good for the environment.
            I was not aware of the other facts that you presented regarding farming in the US because im from Australia.

          • Natalia

            Ahhhh…is kangaroo eaten down there? Is it a source of lean protein? Is it paleo? I think so…I think they’re cute, but, I would eat them if that was my environment and I lived in that area and that was a readily available source of protein.

          • serena

            “Paleo, plus rice, has really helped my digestive/food allergy/food sensitivity issues.”

            Same, my digestion is much better now that rice is my main grain, not wheat. I think strict paleo is too much because it bans beans and brown rice both which have benefits, beans especially are a good source of iron and protein, I add it to my salads. I live in NY now but I’m originally from a small town, we grew our own vegetables and always bought from small local farms. I don’t know if you live in the US but the Monsanto Act has made things worse, I don’t want to rant but google it if you live here…

          • Natalia

            Yeah I’m reading about that now…yeah, rice, starchy vegetables, non-starchy vegetables, fruit, mostly game meats, olive oil, sea salt, turmeric tea and probiotics is it for me…difference of night and day, the belching, the bloating, the fatigue, the constipation, the absolute misery…I don’t know what I have, food allergy? sensitivity? no Celiac’s, it’s probably just the fact that those grains are inherently hard to digest…I even struggle a little w/ beans and nuts, but haven’t decided to cut them out, I just soak them and that helps some but not all, like, eating them is not as easy for me as the above mentioned food items (veg., fruit, rice, game meats). Thing is, last time I went back, like 6-9 months ago and had shredded wheat n bran and sprouted 7 grain bread & eggs for breakfast, and tuna on rye bread for lunch, and spaghetti and meat sauce & garlic bread & salad for dinner, I got really ill…like the longer you go w/out hard to digest grains, the worse it is when you go back. I think I’m done for good, that last time left me plenty sick to remember for the rest of my life. To this day, cannot walk past bread w/out recalling what it felt like stuck in my gut somewhere belching on it for hours on end. Yeah, Paleo plus rice has given me a new lease on life, no brain fog, no fatigue, no constipation, no feeling like I’m eating something….that I just can’t digest. Life is easy and normal now.

          • Adriana

            I use to eat spaghetti bolognaise with kangaroo mince all the time but I have not had it for a while now. Im not really a huge fan of spaghetti bolognaise and kangaroo is a strong tasting meat that tastes best with a sauce.

          • Natalia

            Wow……I just googled kangaroo recipes…it looks like a delicious, wild gamey meat, which I love. When you have time, I’m curious to know, what are some of the local dishes down there in Australia, of particular interest, the foods that grow in the wild pertaining to that continent. Thanks Adrianna!

          • Adriana

            Well Australia is pretty much the same as America when it comes to food…well from my experience.
            I have only travelled around California though, mostly LA & Sanfrancisco.
            I guess it varies a bit with cultural heritage & where you live.
            I live in a Lake house that is like a mile from the closest beach & 3 miles from a harbour so the town I live in is pretty big on seafood. Interestingly enough not many people eat gameeat here. Most just beef, chicken & seafood.
            I grew up on typical foods eg cereal, sandwiches & varied dinners. My mum is a fantastic cook & is health consipus sp everything I ate was healthy but also really tasty.

          • Natalia

            Cool! Thanks, I had ideas about there being like exotic root vegetables or plants, out where the Aberiginies (sp) are…I really love rutabagas, all sweet potatoes like Garnett and Jewell and Korean, also the purple Okinawa ones, carrots, acorn, butternut and spaghetti squashes. One of my favorite meals is spaghetti squash & ground bison sauteed in olive oil. Maybe I’ll run into you on Daily Apple, I’ve never commented before, but do read a lot! See ya!

  • Lauren

    Gorgeous as usual; the only thing that gives away her age is her ears. Our ears keep growing as we age, which kindof sucks lol

  • Megan

    Awesome, she’s pregnant! Haha, she had to finally quit smoking.

  • deppfan

    Great skin, firm body, glowing face and hair, positive energy. I’d like to have a body like hers in her age.

  • Stace

    She is my celebrity body role-model, and I’m half her age! lol Her body is toned and healthy looking without being extreme. Plus, she always has a certain glow to her.

  • Puppe

    Great legs and hair. Yeah, she looks pregnant, i think she is, there was one article some time ago with her visiting some doctor for fertility.

  • CK

    love the shorts and her legs look good as usual, but the top is unflattering and is bound to strike rumors bout her gaining weight or being preggers, i doubt she is any of this, just the outfit

  • mary

    never found her face appealing though i did like her with the brown hair in “horrible bosses”…thought she looked young and fresh

  • Fatme

    She looks pregnant. I really like her clothes, the top is very nice.

  • Hales

    Either she’s pregnant or she’s just trying to give everybody something to talk about.

  • lc

    Soooo boring and seriously overrated imo.

    • binks

      I have to agree, I think she is pretty but I never got the hype surrounding her. She looks good for her age but doesn’t stand out to me. Personally, I thought Courtney Cox (before whatever she did to her face) was WAY more attractive than Jennifer. But she does look pregnant here.

      • Nobsnob

        Ditto. I find her rather plain Jane.

      • lc

        I don’t even think I would call Jennifer “pretty”. For me, it would be stretching the truth lol. Courteney does look a LOT better than she does, but then, I already think that she is better looking.

  • Nikki

    I do not like this outfit, the top is making her look pregnant. Her face is beautiful as always though.

  • Mollie

    Her skin is really resilient; she’s been tanning for years and years! I’m not sure how she keeps it looking so youthful. Love her classic style, always.

  • Chocato Drink

    Love her hair, she was never THAT blonde like any other women

  • retrobanana

    wow she def is pregnant……its weird seeing her big since her weight never ever fluxuates….she alwayss looks the same…her face looks a little…yuck….i think i finally can say i am sick of her

  • Indigo Lace

    She may not be conventionally beautiful, yet I have always found this lady to have an aura that radiates true beauty and health. I am glad she kept it together and never lost hope that she would have love again.It would be awesome if she was expecting!

  • JaneParker

    She gained, but she still looks good. That lighting is nobodys friend! I’m a bit disappointed in the outfit. People may say she’s predictable but I love her sense of style. But I’m really not digging that top thing that looks like it was cut from a long overcoat, it makes her look bigger than she is. And why is she posing with her hand over her stomach? Here come the pregnancy rumours for the 20898 time… Anyway, I’ve always liked her. Love that she has a foot tattoo, didn’t know that.

  • Hazal

    Her body is banging! Especially those legs. Hair & skin are also great as always.

  • snugglepup

    Omg is she pregnaant!!! Or either she gained some, anyway, lookin good!

  • seijidan

    shes not pregnant.. she just feels stuffed like a sausage in that tight dress.

  • solaxia

    I think she is sooo pretty! She is unconventionally pretty, but there’s something about her face that’s so striking. Plus she has a great body and great hair! Love her skin tone too. I actually thought her figure was best when she was first on the scene in friends. She seemed really quite hourglassy (but toned and slim) she had an awesome bum on her! Gorgeous woman, and gorgeous personality!

  • Candy M.

    Another one who was voted sexiest women alive, yet looks totally average. She seems nice and fun, but her movies are all exactly the same.

  • serena

    Jennifer gained weight but it suits her, her skin always looks so tan and I wonder if it’s fake or real? She is Greek so could be those Mediterranean genes, lucky her. Nice buff arms too. She used to have brown hair and looked good with it too.

  • Sidney

    I’m usually not one to scream pregnancy when a lady shows a little evidence of a tummy, but Jen does look pregnant here to me. Either that, or both her choice of pose and outfit were a little bit unfortunate. Anyway she’s looking good as always, looks to have gained some.

  • Lau

    Wow she has gained! At least 10 pounds. She has arm fat, knee fat, thigh fat… (not saying she is fat, not at all! just that she has some now)

  • Jennifer

    Here’s a woman who may not be considered classically beautiful (facially), but she works with what she has, takes care of herself to the max, dresses classy and is overall more attractive in her 40’s than most women I see in day-to-day life on the street in their 30’s.
    Love her!

  • vanessa

    I think she is pregnant. =) and I totally love her with Justin I think they are so cute, she is the adorable girl next door and he has kind of a bad boy look with his dark hair.

  • Layla Bach

    Her legs look awesome! She has a glow about her. I’m not a fan of hers at all. I think it’s the layering of the top that gives the illusion on a bigger tummy. My jacket isn’t too thick but when I button it up, instant 10 pounds on my tummy! lol