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  • lola

    Not used to seeing her in clothing….

    • Ali

      haha, true

  • Lara

    cute bum, but oof, dat mug o_o

    • Winnie


  • Andrea

    She looks good in clothes.

  • urs

    She looks good, healthy weight!

  • Stace

    Looks like she might have gained some much needed weight.

    • حنان aka hanan

      yeah she did gained like 10 lbs .

  • Emmy

    I’m happy for her that she gained weight. Looks healthy

  • HB

    I would’ve gotten if if she’d had on a bikini!
    Her posture isn’t very good, but she looks small as always.

  • fug

    ugg look at it

    bad tit job

  • Ophelie

    I really like her legs.

    • Tally

      I know she has great legs imo!!

  • kat

    she looks ok but im sad for what’s become of her life

    • G Girl

      I know, but the the thing is, she seems so pleased with it.

  • Cristina

    Wouldn’t have guessed that. She looks good.

  • D

    Looks like she has gained, with her body type/shape she looks better softer and not as muscular/toned..because her body shape is already slightly man-ish with wide set shoulders and no hips.

  • Ron

    This is woman is so irrelevant!

    • Nat Shermans


  • Gen

    She and her weird, insecure relationship gross me out and make me sad at the same time.

  • lc

    Best body/legs EVER.

    • elise

      yeah, firstly I thought she was a model

  • Nobsnob

    Don’t know her to begin with and nothing special to see here…?

  • LaLaLaura

    Haha, In my head I was thinking wow what a great butt… then I found out it was her and changed my mind because I can’t stand her as a person. But it still is a nice butt. Similar to mine is, only I need to lose 5 more lbs.

  • ash

    I thought it was JLO! In my opinion LeAnn Rimes seems to have gained a little bit of weight and she is looking healthy.