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  • Hazal

    I thought Kelly Brook O.o

    • lillaliket

      hahah, me too!!

    • Miss x

      Me too!!

  • snoops

    She is always smiling and with a twinkle in her eye, I think it’s endearing. I would have guessed someone a bit younger than her before the reveal, how old is she exactly? I don’t know if she looks young for her age per se, but rather she has aged well, gracefully, and is still “vibrant”.

    • lillaliket

      she is 67!

      • snoops

        I googled it after my last comment coz I was curious :), yeah I think she looks “good” for her age but not “young” for her age, if thats makes sense.

        • lex

          I know what you mean. A person who’s at middle age or above really shouldn’t try to look younger. For example, Goldie Hawn looks like she’s trying to be 40 when she’s about 70 and she looks ridiculous.

          But with Helen Mirren she looks 67 but it’s a good 67.

        • I agree – she does look 67, but a very ‘well-preserved’, fresh and natural 67! I have a close friend who is about the same age and she’s much like Helen – youthful because of her energy and good humour. The best and most ‘youthful’ way to age, if you ask me!

      • Nobsnob

        My mother is her age and barely a few grey hair….the mystery of genetics….

    • Adriana

      I know what you mean & feel the same way.

      Imo a celeb that looks youg for her age would be Lesley Ann Warren.
      Seriously if you don’t know who she is you will when you google her.
      Im guessing Lesley has exceptional genes and has looked after hetself very well over her entire life because despite being 66 to me she could easily pass as 46.
      Not only does she have a youthful face but a great body by most people’s standards.
      When people use that saying “you have to pick your bum or face as you age” well imo it looks like Lesley did not have to pick because lucky for her she got both!

      • snoops

        Had to google Lesley Ann Warren but recognized her when I saw her. She does look amazing for her age, another one is Christine Brinkley (sp?) she has barely aged, but she looks almost suspiciously young!

    • HB

      Same! She’s fabulous.

  • zz

    Love it! She looks happy and has a completely natural look to her.

    How rare to see this amongst celebrities (or should I say modern society) whom appear to stigmatize aging.

  • I guessed Katherine Heigl. Good for you Helen!

    • Puppe

      Same here.

  • Puppe

    Hmm, the lady that has experience with cocaine, is atheist and didnt had kids to keep her body and career on top….

    • Candy M.

      So its a crime to be atheist and not have kids? Grow up.

      • serena

        agreed Candy, we’re not living in the 50’s anymore, many people don’t go to church and some women choose not to have children, it is no big deal, live and let live.

    • lex

      I’m confused by your comment, especially the atheist part. What does that have do with her body?

      She may have done cocaine but I don’t think it’s generally used as a diet aid.

      So she didn’t have kids. I don’t have kids nor do I want them. I’m not worried about what having kids will do to my body; it’s just that I don’t want kids. Maybe she felt the same way.

      • Miss x

        It’s just good that not everybody is getting kids, the earth is overpopulated as it is. So that is something people should get credit for, not weird looks from strangers.

    • jenna

      1) Do you have any idea how many celebs have used cocaine? Hello! I guess you should hate on all celebs.
      2) If someone isn’t a Christian, they aren’t acceptable? What age are we living in here that you’re judging someone on their religious preference.
      3) Unless you know her personally, then how do you know she didn’t have kids to keep her figure and her job?
      Again, you’re against her because she chose not to have kids????
      A lot of the things you say make you sound like you’re living in the 50’s or 60’s. You do realize it’s 2013 right?

      • Puppe

        Haha, chillax, have i said is something wrong in any of those things ? You guys just react so fast and jump to conclusions, maybe i was pondering if this is a recipe to look good even old 🙂
        and even if i say i find those things wrong, is my right.

    • elycestefani

      LOL what does being an atheist have to do with it?

    • lux

      Which is the worst to you doing cocaine, being an atheist or not having any kids?

      Just curious because i have a child and have never done cocaine. but i am an atheist.

      • Flemiel

        Well my mom has often tells me how me and my siblings aged her -_-
        Maybe that’s what they meant by the fact she doesn’t have kids/how she looks at her age?

    • Nobsnob

      Funny how people say mention someone being atheist as if it was special….for me being an atheist is kinda the “by default” setting, and is seen as different is religion, but it seems that for some people it’s the other way around….

      • Nobsnob

        *what is seen

    • Kimberly


  • siobhan

    It doesn’t matter if she believes in God or not. Clearly he has decided to bless her with external hottness anyways.

    • georgi

      cool comment, made me smile

  • Adriana

    Versus can you PLEASE! do a post on Lesley Ann

  • Adriana

    Versus can you PLEASE! do a post on Lesley Ann Warren.
    Imo she looks amazing for her age in both face & body. Just amazing!
    If you don’t think you know who she is im sure you will if you google her.
    She played a small part in Desperate Housewives.
    She played Susans youthful mother Sophie.

  • MerryHappy

    I love you Helen, but the shoes… Why? I know they’re practical, but WHY?
    She is so beautiful still.

  • lc

    Well, I guessed Kelly Brooke.

  • lux

    I wounder what she looked like in her 20s bet she was a hottie.

  • Mara

    Why did everyone guess Kelly Brook? Lol. I didn’t guess anything, had no idea.
    She looks happy, healthy and confident. If there is someone in Hollywood I would want to age like, it’s her or Susan Sarandon.

  • tequilla

    how can it be kelly brook, she has so much thinner legs? i thought hillary duff! 🙂 annyways helen looks great!

  • Laura

    With a red hat which doesn’t go, and doesn’t suit me.
    And I shall spend my pension on brandy and summer gloves
    And satin sandals, and say we’ve no money for butter.
    I shall sit down on the pavement when I’m tired
    And gobble up samples in shops and press alarm bells
    And run my stick along the public railings
    And make up for the sobriety of my youth.
    I shall go out in my slippers in the rain
    And pick the flowers in other people’s gardens
    And learn to spit
    – from “Warning” by Jenny Joseph

    • Tally

      Awwww i already do some of those things

    • misscheeks

      I love this poem. Can’t tell me nuthin’…I’ll be old and obnoxious! 🙂

  • Debbs

    Wow I guessed right!

  • kateuk

    I have to say these are probably not her most flattering pics. She looks around her age here, but usually she could pass for 5 years younger. She’s had a little work done but it’s subtle. She’s probably had a long day at the theatre starring in The Audience, so she’s entitled to look a little wiped out!

  • Adele

    She won my heart with her pink hair at BAFTA awards! I love how happy and radiant she always looks. She is a good example on how to age gracefully, but not become dull.