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  • Emilia

    dont know why people are so obsessed with her,i think shes not a natural beauty,she looks much better today:her hair,her make up,clothes-i guess thats what makes her sooo attractive to many people

    • Liv

      I agree… I do think she has great style now… but she just doesn’t have “IT” for me… Not saying she isn’t pretty… she just isn’t striking for me… but she does have a great bod.

  • Jui

    Not my favorite figure, but her body looks good.

  • Hazal


  • SA girl

    Jess looks great. .simple and beautiful!

  • 22franzs

    Guessed right woot! She has an amazing body.

  • Laura

    I miss early 2000s style

  • JaneParker

    I’ve always found her really pretty and a body inspiration. She’s always managed to avoid big weight fluctuations. I don’t know why people say she’s dumb, she always sounds smart to me, just modest maybe, which is a good thing. But God, those shoes! Pointy shoes are the worst, I once heard someone say something like “this type of shoes is only good for killing cockroaches at the corner of the room” and that’s all I think about when I see them. I actually found a pair in my closet, I must have gotten them when I was about 14 (so 2002 as well) to go to a wedding or something. They were the ugliest things I have ever seen.

  • Winnie

    lol i guessed Ellen Degeneres

    • jessie

      OMG I did too hahahaha..

      • tellmewhatyouwant


  • popo

    I HATE her outfit here and her face looks ridiculously white as compared to the rest of her. Maybe its her make up but she does not look good here at all imo.

  • panama

    whoa! would NOT have guessed. Another celebrity that had terrible style before being famous (blake lively, jennifer goodwin) It’s crazy how much more attractive/stylish people become with money.

  • She’s cute. Thats it.

  • CK

    i knew it when i saw the shoes, Ha! I’ve been a fan of hers since Dark Angel and she wore those type of shoes a lot on red carpets, in my opinion pointed shoes are hideous, but she looks gorgeous anyway i just don’t like the outfit.

  • wonderwoman21

    I guessed Rachel Bilson lol. Jessica Alba is so beautiful, definitely one of my fave beauties.

  • Pixie

    Beautiful. Great body. Luv her!

  • snugglepup

    Jessica Alba makes a comeback in your life when you least expect. I finally had forgot about her arggh.

  • Carla

    my my look who grew into being stylish! Hate the outfit but she’s always been a beauty, lets not pretend she’s famous for her acting skills.

  • Chinny

    Celebs don’t magically become stylish once they become famous… they get stylists. Jesscia’s stylist and pesonal shopper is Brad Goreski a.k.a Rachel Zoe’s ex assistant. Anyway she looks nice, but she was never a great beauty imo.

    • Carla

      Really I didn’t know that but it makes sense now, her style has improved immensely . Why do they call her a style icon in magazines shouldn’t that be Brads kudos? lame

      • CK

        i wonder that too, i mean everyone knows that most celebs have a stylist&make up artist (a lot of celebs even openly say that) and only a few of them dress themselves, yet lots of mags or fashion/style tv segments always call the celebrity “a style icon” not the stylists, i think its unfair.

        • anushka

          I wouldn’t consider a celebrity a style icon unless they dress themselves. I would give that credit to their stylists too.
          Currently I really like the way Blake Lively, Marion Cottilard and Sonam kapoor dresses.

      • Mia

        For the same reason they call celebs who “write” books authors, even though they have ghost writers do the writing. Stylists, ghost writers, etc are paid to remain anonymous and stay behind the scenes. I don’t know how people do those jobs…I would have way too much of an ego 🙂

        • panama

          that’s why you should be the celeb! lol 😉

  • mary

    meh not impressed then or now

  • lc

    Eh overrated.

  • Alias

    Wow that is one hideous outfit, amazing how style alone can transform a person. Also amazing how she has barely aged over 10 years!

  • Fay

    Amazing face. Her body is not my style

  • solaxia

    nope, never understood the obsession. She is ‘pretty’ but very ordinary to me. Never thought she was striking or beautiful. Even her body didn’t wow me. Put any young, relatively attractive and in shape woman on screen with her butt cheeks hanging out at the screen and the men will go ga ga. It doesn’t mean she was actually hotter than the other celebs…she just got the hot roles and then a great pr team to highlight that.

  • truwordz


    • Alexis Christine

      Ha! I know. I hate the early 2000’s style.

  • Alexis Christine

    I personally prefer her blonde. Still, I find her extremely beautiful regardless. Excpecially in “Fantastic Four” http://doblelol.com/20/animated-movies-was-fantastic-year-for-funny.htm