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  1. Loved the fact that she was a normal weight, internet says 5’8 and 137lbs (34-26-36), I think she’s lost weight since these photos though? Anyway, she seems very likeable.

  2. One of my favs. I think what makes her so attractive (other than her being physically attractive which she is of course) is that she doesn’t take the hollywood thing too seriously and she doesn’t have a perfect PR filter.

  3. I guessed Evangeline Lilly from lost for some reason even thought she’s much shorter than Jennifer lol but I like both hers and Jennifer’s bodies they are both healthy looking ladies. Jennifer has definitely become slimmer lately looks good either way.

  4. Well I think she looks fine here. She has a typical female body, good amount of body fat, soft and curvy. When I see her the first thing I think is, I bet she is not very fast. Not my favorite body, but I can appreciate the beauty of a soft, study, thick body. Looks good..

    • I’m curious, what makes you say she’s not fast? Excess fat slows people down but she’s not overweight. Diet and muscle tone really make the difference.

      I was a competitive swimmer in school and university. Most women swimmers, including olympians best in the world, don’t have very lean body types – they’re muscular but bf% isn’t too low, what you might call soft. Recently I have started running and it’s the same (I’m pretty fast – just did my first half-marathon last weekend in good time!). Fitness doesn’t usually equate to ectomorphic body types who have trouble building muscle.

      • I know. Strange thing to say I guess. Her weight, her width like she’s pretty hippy to me makes me think shes not terribly fast, just seems like a lot to move. I runthink and lift. First thing that came to mind really. Weight can stop a freight train is what all the jockeys say. She could be fast who knows. But all things being equal, all things muscle, strength, endurance, conditioning/the one who weighs less will be faster. When I am five lbs over, it slows me big time.

        • Really, you were slowed down by gaining just 5 lbs? Interesting, I lost 7 lbs a few yrs ago and my performance suffered (and in swimming a fraction of a second is a huge difference!). I need to eat plenty to be fast, I just got my 5k down to 15 finally, I prefer running outdoors. Run + lift is my routine these days too, boring but not much time for fun stuff, oh well :/

          Jennifer has a curvy shape, I don’t think she likes sports, but some of her movie roles require her to work out.

          • Everything suffered when I was 5 lbs overweight. I am 5 ft 7 and 112 eating a SAD diet and only exercising twice a week and stuffing myself in restaurants all the time, I was a skinnyfat w a bf of 16%, but 5 lbs of that was water, so after a few days of diet mostly paleo w rice occasionally, and runnning 3.5 miles a day, I was at my true weight at 108. And the the dr told me at 108 and 16% bf I had borderline high cholesterol at 198, up 78 points in 5 years. As a very small boned ectomorph, with just 16% bf, I still had things going on inside me that were not good. Just weight lifting heavy and stuffing myself was not healthy. I cont. W paleo pls rice, cut calories, cardio hi intensity usually speed walking running jogging. At 104 and 12 to maybe 13% bf and a BMI of 16.3, it sounds bad! But now am I healthy. My cholesterol has gone down 40 points. My knees dont hurt anymore, look up livestrong

            for info on how just 5 lbs can slow you plus how every pound puts 4 times the pressure on knees. Also on how 1just lb decreases performance by 1%, running 8I mean

          • And my mother just recently died of a massive heart attack right in front of me. Its really changed my perspective on things. I am more concerned with health and less with looks. She was super skinny when young, yet nothing more than a skinnyfat as an older woma. My dad was always a thin ectomorph and had abrief bout w high 42 points just by cutting ice cream. He died recently also but of something else not cholesterol/heart disease related.

          • * bout w high cholesterol and dropped it 42 points by cutting out ice cream. He died a few yrs ago, my mother was very recent. But! J Law, I mean when I first saw her my first thought was, how does this girl run you know, she is a big girl, and is so wide on the bottom. Ever since I have become a hardcore cardio person, I also speed walk and jump rope though it gets on my nerves, ever since I have started running in part. I think of just not appearance, but functionality. J Law looks like a luxorious lounger like in the 1920’s! But she looks good and I can appreciate the beauty in her body type and size.

          • You run a 5K in 15 minutes? You realize that is an A qualifying time for the Olympics for women, right? In fact, to get an “A” qualification, you only need 15:35:00, so you are a highly competitive Olmypian apparently.

          • Another lie. On the Jennifer Love Hewitt post on this site on March 18th you wrote: “Lisa I also hate running and love swimming…I did a half marathon once bc it was for a great cause but it was too hard, idk how people run full marathons, they’re nuts lol.” Yeah serena, you are a real honest girl. Stop lying about your height and weight, you have gone from 5 ft 2, to 5 ft 4, and 125 lbs to 115. What a phony you are. Sorry I ever divuldged my personal info with you, your just a bitter troll who hates thin chicks bc you are not one. Go bite me really. This site, lost its charm mainly due to you. Adios.

          • “orry I ever divuldged my personal info with you, your just a bitter troll who hates thin chicks bc you are not one.”

            Sorry, but you sound like the one with the problem. Sorta gave yourself away there.

      • I’ve run marathons, long distance runners aim to reach a low body fat and weight to increase their performance. A 5 lb increase reduces performance by 5 percent. Since jui was talking about running, she is correct. A runner is ideally around 6 ft, lean with long legs.

        • From what I’ve seen some body types are built for speed and others long distance. In the Olympics I saw that the female runners had a lot of height variation compared to female swimmers (e.g 5’2 to 5’11 and everything in-between). Seems like tall lean figures dominate long distance whereas sprinters tend to have more medium mesomorph figures. If anything being tall seems more advantageous in the pool than track! Along with long torso, short legs, long arms lol.

        • Actually’ being over 5’8″ for men is bad. Historically 80% of Boston marathon winners were under 5’9″… Short for men. Height is a disadvantage in that running range

        • I am an avid marathon runner, and I can tell you based on experience that you cannot predict how fast an amateur runner will be by looking at them. I’ve seen “chubby” people cross the finish lines in less than 3 hours, and people who look like elites take more than 5 hours. The body you are describing may hold for elites and competitive runners, but it is not true for us everyday runners.

  5. something is different about her face these days and I can’t put my finger on it…am I imagining things?

    btw I love her figure. she has just enough of everything : boobs, butt and height.

      • Well .. To be fair Ic, there seem to be a lot of your comments aimed at fuller women being boring, unremarkable, bland ect.
        Maybe you mean it in terms of how you find them physically. But talent often is independent of an actress’s figure or face. Hilary swank won an oscar, but she’s average looking. Sally field is another example. Meryl streep is another non-knock out, but amazing actress.
        By the same token, some very beautiful women are bland as heck – Kate beckinsale, Meghan fox, Natalie portman is overrated.

        So I think that when you say uninspiring, you mean physically, right

        • Yeah, I was strictly speaking about her looks. I’m sure she is a talented actress. But no, her “fullness” is not exactly what makes her looks so boring for me; her FACE is drop dead bland and “blah” imo. She could have my fave body type, but her face would still un-impress me. That’s why the above poster’s comment was ridiculous and necessary.

        • She specifically said her face and body are unremarkable. That is a fact, remarkable is out if the ordinary. Nothing about Jennifer’s body or face is out of the ordinary or “remarkable”

  6. Love, love, love her! In my opinion she can’t do wrong. ‘Winter’s bone’ is and will be one of my all time favourites!

    On another note: I think her ‘fall’ on Oscar night was a PR stunt, because it just smells so like ‘Oh, Jennifer!’ to me (always telling how clumsy she is etc.). It was just to much of an coincidence. But I don’t care, because, like I said, she can’t do wrong.

  7. I personally don’t see what’s so special about her, but she looks cute here anyway. More like normal average cute girl though…not cute in a spectacular way. I don’t like the hair…it’s like she put her dress on and then just didnt have time for hair and makeup.

  8. I love her figure and she has looked much the same since she became famous, which I appreciate as too many suddenly drop a lot of weight. The dress and hair here are not so hot – I generally don’t think much of her fashion sense anyway.

  9. She doesn’t have the prettiest face, she can look a bit weird to me sometimes, but I think there is something about her that makes her really beautiful and sensual. She has really nice proportions, but she doesn’t really show them off unless she is on the red carpet, it makes her look bigger than she is in candids. I guess that’s part of her charm though, she doesn’t really seem that into the whole Hollywood thing, I like it! She seems pretty smart and levelheaded to me, and I think she is a very talented and versatile actress! Loved her in Winter’s bone and Silver linings playbook. Wow, this turned into an essay, sorry!

  10. Is she stunningly pretty? No but there is something very attractive about her. Confident, good sense of humor, lively personality, doesn’t take herself too seriously, not an imbecile or trampy like certain celebrities her age. Decent actress too – no nepotism or connections to land her roles. Excited to see ‘Catching Fire’ and I thought I’d never like the trilogy. Silver is a good color on her.

  11. She was never fat at all! Pretty girl but I hate her chin in some of the pics. Mine is just the same, if I smile/laugh a certain way and the pic is taken from below it’s like the attack of the chin.

  12. She looks better here but I don’t think she’s much of a looker. I though she looked great at the 2011 Oscars but I haven’t seen her look that goof before or since. And her makeup always looks awful– like she did it herself, and it doesn’t flatter her fuller face at all.

    It’s nice that she’s not “into” the Hollywood thing, but she says some really stupid, ignorant stuff.

    • Arent most women pears? Most women I see on the streets look wider on the bottom than their tops. I thinkk she is a pear either ww big or small breasts?

  13. Mia I agree serenas time for a 5K seems incredulous.

    On another note, I do think that J Law’s bf % is enough to slow her run. She looks to be a quarter adipose tissue. But I think she looks fine here regardless.

  14. LOL Mera did you even read why I said those thing to her? Dont attack me for calling someone what they are, a liar and a troll. ReD both my comments to serena to see why I said what I said before you judge.

      • Well Mera if you have no idea about that, than perhaps you should have withheld your judgement. Serena has called me ED, unhealthy and every nasty name in the book, and I never said two unkind words to her. She says in one post my EXACT height and weight 5ft 7in and 104lbs is healthy when talking to somebody else – yet to me she screams its not healthy and tells me I must have an ED? If you think thats cool or appropriate behavior for the internet…wow.

  15. Thank you Mera, that is why I felt the need to say what post she did it in, so I dont look like I am the one who is a trouble maker. I dont think internet bullying is cool, esp. After considering some of the things I’ve said here about my cholesterol, my parents, etc. This stuff is, hurtful.

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