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  • melis

    I guessed right (for once) Hilary is looking great.

    • cece

      that’s exactly what i said haha and she does

  • D

    Hate the outfit, not flattering, her body needs work – I always liked her at her thinnest. Her hair is nice though.

    • C

      give her a break! she had a kid and she’s dropping off the weight at a normal pace.. i think she looks fantastic and happy.

      • Missmarilyn

        I agree! Her weight loss is going slowly and that’s generally healthier than losing everything in a month or two, plus she gives herself time to be around her adorable baby!

        She always looks gorgeous 🙂

        • Magda

          I had a question: How long does it take to loose all the pregnancy weight ? I know it depends on a lot of factors such as the weight gain in itself, the health condition of the mother, her age, if she does sport or not… one year seems a lot to me to loose everything, no ? Not judging at all, just curious.

          • may

            I really have no idea. Some women never lose it. But if you want to calculate it. You are supposed to gain 25 -30 pounds. Lets say 7 of those are baby. It’s probably more than that with fluid and stuff. So that leaves 18-23 pounds. At a rate of a pound a week which is what they say is healthy you are looking at 4-5 months. And you might not want to think about it the first few months, if you choose to breast feed. I’ve heard it makes your really hungry and your body needs lots of calories for the milk. So I think some women probably wait before they try to lose it. Some might even wait a year or longer. But I would guess around 5 months from the time you actively start to try to lose the weight.

          • Sandy

            Doctors say that new mothers should give themselves about a year to lose their baby weight. Women of normal weight are expected to gain about 25-35 pounds while pregnant, but thinner women are told to gain more (up to 40 lbs) and larger women to gain less (15 lbs, I think).

            About 20 lbs of that weight is a combination of the baby, amniotic fluid, the placenta, water weight, extra blood that your body needs during pregnancy, etc.

            Women that breast feed often lose the baby weight a little faster because your body burns about 300 extra calories each day producing milk. Breast feeding also makes your belly go back down quicker because it stimulates the uterus to contract. The only downside is that those last 5 or 10 pounds usually hang on when you breast feed because your body wants to make sure it has enough to make milk.

            Most active and healthy women that didn’t overindulge while pregnant are able to lose most of their baby weight within 5 or 6 months. Although, most new mothers do not have the time or sanity (thanks to sleep deprivation) to worry about their diet.

            I’m in my first trimester now. I’ll let you know how it goes 🙂

          • Magda

            @ May and @ Sandy : thanks a lot for your answers and congrats for your pregnancy @ Sandy !

      • Catherin-o

        Wasn’t she about at this weight before pregnancy? My guess is that she won’t get much thinner than this.

        She doesn’t always dress in the most flattering way for her body, but she always looks beautiful!

    • Rach

      Seriously?! She looks great.. especially since she just had a baby not that long ago!!!

    • Liz

      She could be wearing more flattering jeans, but I think her face looks better when she’s not super thin. There was a brief period where she dropped a ton of weight and her face looked completely different, like a blonder version of her less cute sister.

    • tr

      At her thinnest, AFAIK, Hilary Duff was at a weight that was not healthy for her natural body-type at all and I am similar to her in this regard.

      While I will be ‘healthy’ according to the BMI charts at a BMI of 18 or 19, I’ve been down that road before and I could not hold on to such a low weight on the long haul without severely restricting my calorie intake to a mere 1200 a day and compulsively exercising and that would in turn have permanently affected my cognitive and bodily functions in a negative manner and ruined my immune system and metabolism. No thank you.

      I am now at a BMI of 25 or 26, technically ‘overweight’, yet no longer suffering from low blood pressure, foggy mind and intense dizzy spells or the risk of early-onset osteoporosis as a mere 16 year-old.

      And my blood pressure, heart as well as all other internal organs are absolutely fine and I have a healthy body fat %. I can hike more than 10 to 12 km at a time up mountains and swim for two hours continuously.

      I would rather ‘look fat’ and have my current body with its functional abilities 1000 times over than again be the sickly, tired creature I was when I ‘looked thin/fit’.

      • Kay

        Hilary made some comments about realizing she had lost too much weight at that size too. I’m glad you’re no longer putting yourself at risk, people like you inspire me! :]

        Oh, and I think Hilary’s body looks great! Lucky you for having the same body type!

    • Kay

      Its funny, a year ago I would’ve said the same thing, because I did like her thinnest figure back then. Now I think she looks great! Yay for recovery :’)

  • lc

    I thought Jessica Lowndes lol.

  • pewpy

    she is flawless..her skin is amazing!

  • AnnieC

    Pretty lady. I think she’ll always be bigger now, especially if she has more children.

  • wonderwoman21

    My guess was Demi Lovato.

    • annemarie

      I also thought it was Demi Lovato.

  • Layla Bach

    I guessed right! Such a pretty lady she grew up to be. I’ve always been a fan, even though she was a terrible actress, there was a warm feeling about her. And I LOVE her music. 🙂 She looks cute!

  • Megan

    Her boob job was such a good idea. She looks great.

  • ca

    I think this is the first time I ever guessed right. She looks good. What a beautiful face.

  • annemarie

    Her face is gorgeous at any weight.

  • Kik

    She looks good and healthy already and there is no need to lose more weights. Thousands of women would be happy to have her figure. Even skinny ones.

    • Tally

      IMO if she had a thigh gap she wouldnt look ‘big’ as some are saying. To me she is beautiful head to toe.

  • Warda

    I got it right! I never get these things right… Anyway, she looks good.

  • Jacky Daniels

    i guesses right. sweet girl.

  • Debbs

    I guessed Kelly Clarkson. She looks pretty as usual.

  • Stephanie

    She has one of the prettiest faces!

  • jenna

    She’s so pretty and her skin is flawless. I’m definitely jealous of that skin!

  • jamie

    shes cute but too heavy

  • retrobanana

    she looks reallty cute i never find her really pretty just kind of plain but i do think she is super duper cute this weight looks great on her to me if she lost a little more thatd be fine but def doesnt need to overdue it

  • La la la la

    pretty momma! she’s always had such striking bone structure

  • Jj

    she looks awesome!

  • Beans

    I feel bad/wrong/sick/whatever admitting this, but she did look way better when she was thin…sigh

  • vanessa

    so cute. and simple. she will always be one of the cutest actresses in hollywood.

  • kat

    i knew it lol she looks so much like me