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  • sofia

    FIRST! what have she done to her hair….. still hot

    • Emmy

      I know! even with that hair she’s still a stunner. Life’s not fair 😛

    • happyvegetarian

      It’s for a movie role..

      • hanan

        i will never shave my hair for a movie !!!

        • veeeeev

          If you were paid millions of dollars I’m SURE you would… LOL

  • enbo


  • natalia

    terrible hair, cute but common/commercial face pug nose over plucked brows, biggish thighs, ordinary actress, blah

    • Lala

      I’m sorry, did you not see that Dior commercial?

      • natalia

        yeah I;ve seen her before, know who she is

    • Camilla

      biggish thighs? what? her thighs are pretty slim-looking to me.

      • natalia

        they’re not slim…..?don’t know what else to say, i mean they arent huge, but not slim/lean eitherr

        • Aafje

          Just because they aren’t super skinny doesn’t make them biggish…there are lots of sizes between skinny and big. And I see no resemblance between her nose and this http://animal.discovery.com/images/breed-selector/dogs/breeds/pug_02_lg.jpg

        • JN1976

          Nat, nobody likes silly attention-seeking baseless comments
          Noone shld even bother to comment…you clearly are just looking to get a rise out of others.
          If not…let`s see what you look like…curious to see YOUR thighs, YOUR face

          • natalia

            I mean your comment is just weird, makes no sense, all i did was say her thighs are a little thickish medium sized , normal, , and they are, b/c there are women w/ lean and really slender ones,they do exist….

          • Aafje

            No you said biggish. If you had said medium or normal I think people would not see an issue.

          • natalia

            Aafje, in this society, biggish is normal.

          • Aafje

            Christina Hendricks would be what I call “bigish” thighs, not this.

          • lisa

            oh and christina hendricks looks fat 😀

      • lisa

        well they look biggish to me too, so get over it, it is just our opinion. she used to be much slimmer as well. so what!? she has a pretty face and can pull off this stupid hairccut but her tights are biggish 😀

        • natalia

          Thank you! that’s what im saying, this site, so much backlash, i think alot are bitter b/c they are unhappy w/ their own bodies. I mean, you have to understand, mayb eb/c of my body, I am super aware of, fat…i am super lean, 14% body fat, 5 7 and aabout 103-104. To me, nearly EVERYONE looks fat, even when i was at 16% I thought i was alittle fat. But even if I was obese, it still wouldn’t change the fact, thatCharlezes’ thighs are a little big, and that there are many who have slimmer ones. I mean, come on, we all watched the VS show,,,there they were, w/ there thighs that were slimmer than this lady’s. Cant say her thighs aren’t biggish when there are clearly ppl walking around w/ better ones.

          • speckle

            Geez, she’s 37 years old (not that that’s an old lady, but no spring chicken either). Give her a break. She’s no longer in her prime.

            Also, it all depends on personal taste. It’s childish to criticize everyone with “high” body fat % just because you perceive it to be unattractive. I prefer non-athletic bodies, so should I call you names because your body type doesn’t coincide with my own personal taste?

          • kateuk

            I don’t think her thighs are big at all. They are medium size. But of course, if you idolize VS models, then her thighs will look ‘biggish’ by comparison. But in the real world, she does not have big thighs in the slightest.

          • bbblah

            it’s her bone structure. He legs are small but she’s a very tall woman and has a bigger bone structure. Her legs don’t even touch. If her pants were tighter it’s be more obvious

            and re: “i think alot are bitter b/c they are unhappy w/ their own bodies…. To me, nearly EVERYONE looks fat, even when i was at 16% I thought i was a little fat”. I don’t think ppl are unhappy/bitter about their body, they just don’t like underweight women imposing an often dangerous and unbelievable standard on them. It must be really sad for you when the whole world looks fat to you.

          • natalia

            Well I think most of the women here are unhappy and struggle with weight, but it’s can only dangerous if they try to become another body type, thru unhealthy habits. I am not imposing that.

    • lex

      I don’t agree with what you say about her thighs (I think she has a great body) but I have never found her that pretty. I have never understood why so many people think she’s beautiful.

      • natalia

        I don’t thinkwomen really think she’s beautiful, they jsut say that, it’s obvious she is just pretty/passable as most actresses are, but yeah, thighs are not obese, but not slender, i think when some people get famous and more money, they overeat

        • nicole

          lol you really are looking to start a little comment war

          • natalia

            ? no, women gen. say they like women who are pretty but not gorgeous, makes them feel better, and ? lots of ppl gain when they get money, that’s jut a fact

          • Elle

            I agree @ Nicole. IMO she has a beautiful body, not too lean, looks like she has gained some weight and is looking healthy. Great face great actress, and well, she would be laughing at all these nit picking comments. Just be kind. Life is too short.

        • Elle

          I think she is beautiful. One of the most gorgeous actresses out there. Miss Know-it-all much?

          • Elle

            Well hello my fellow Elle haha

        • Josephinee

          ‘I don’t think women really she’s beautiful’ … Eh, yeah, must not be a woman then, because I think she’s one of the most gorgeous creatures on earth.

          • natalia

            I am female…silly insult. And just b/c you think she is most goregous doesn’t make it so, beauty is mostly objective, not subjective. If she were gorgeous she’d be a top model. But, like most actors, they lack the genetics to become supermodels, so theys ettle for acting.

          • misscheeks

            “But, like most actors, they lack the genetics to become supermodels, so theys ettle for acting.”

            Excuse me? Or maybe they don’t want to be models in the first instance and actually want to pursue a career in acting by bringing drama to life for others to enjoy.

            It’s like saying “well models have no charisma, can barely string a sentence together and don’t know how to act, so they just settle for stretching out half naked on the beach while anonymous commenters on skinnyvscurvy critique their bodies.” This is obvisouly not true. It’s an insult to models and their profession just like you comment is an insult to hard-working actors who actually enjoy what they do.

          • misscheeks

            It may be hard for you to believe, but being a supermodel is not the be-all and end-all of everything.

          • misscheeks

            actors are not failed models, just like models are not failed actors. The notion of “settling” for acting using Theron as an example is really narrow-minded and just not true whether you believe it or not.

          • natalia

            well…i mean ur welcome to disagree with me…don’t know what else to say…

        • Bizarre

          Wow, I’m beginning to think this Natalia girl is an illiterate 14 year old. “Just because you think she’s gorgeous doesn’t mean it’s so. Beauty is mostly objective not subjective.” That doesn’t even make sense. Horrific spelling is one thing, but contradicting yourself is another. Just stop. Now.

          • natalia

            oh and how do i contradict myself…pls explain:)

          • natalia

            exactly. critical thinking is a skill, if youdon’t even know the dif. btw objective and subjective, you should keep quiet.

          • Bizarre

            Seems as though you are the one who doesn’t know the difference. Your first statement completely contradicts your second statement. Objectivity is uninfluenced by someone’s feelings, thoughts, or opinions. Beauty is absolutely subjective. We all have different ideas of what is beautiful. Ever heard of the expression, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder?”
            Learn something new everyday, don’t we, Natalia?

          • natalia

            Actually, that’s incorrect. Objectivity is without subjectivity, one’s personal beliefs, views, opinions – it just focuses on the objective truth of a situation.

            Subjectivity allows for one’s personal beliefs, viewpoints, opinons, etc.

            And also, there is a little bit of room for subjectivity in beauty/aestethics, but not much. Beauty for the most part is objective, there are just certain things that are considered beautiful. There is a little wiggle room for subjectivity, but not much. By the argument ‘beauty is in the eye of…’, well, it’s a hard argument to make, b/c under that arguement even a 180 lb women with acne and a third eye could be considered beautiful, according to that argument. So – a delicate subject, and one thatj’s not completely black and white.

          • Bizarre

            Yes. What I just said. Objectivity is UNinfluenced by opinion.
            This is a woman who is “scientifically” the most beautiful woman in the world. However, I personally do not find her that beautiful. On the other hand, I find Angelina Jolie to be the most exquisite creature on earth, though many others wouldn’t look twice at her. I take it you disagree with Plato’s quote about beauty being in the eye of the beholder, in which case I will just agree to disagree with you. I find the decision to view beauty as an objective entity to be quite shallow.

          • natalia

            Actually, you didn’t say objectivity is UNinfluenced by opinon, you said this:

            Objectivity is uninfluenced by someone’s feelings, thoughts, or opinions.

            But anyhow….no biggy.

          • Bizarre

            ? yes.
            objectivity is uninfluenced my someone’s opinion. I don’t know how to be more clear.
            k bye

          • natalia

            Yeah you’ve got it right now that I explained it to you.

          • Bizarre

            You really are illiterate aren’t you.
            Why don’t you give your trolling little eyes a minute to reread everything I said.
            Or maybe you’re just too thick to understand basic English. All the best in eighth grade tomorrow, bye now!

          • natalia

            You’re right about me not reading carefully, I apologize, didn’t see the UN. But in all reality, if Angelina Jolie were the most beautiful/gorgeous thing around, she would be a super model, not an actress.

          • bbblah

            Or a weird 40yrd old internet troll

          • natalia

            did i insult any of you by calling you names? not very classy. i suspect i touched a nerv.

          • bbblah

            No, I just hate idiocy.

    • Ceren

      Ordinary actresses do not get an academy award.

      • natalia

        no, she’s a great actress! i enjoy her movies, my whole family does, I was talking about looks, I loved Snow White!

        • Ceren

          Ok I misunderstood.

      • urs

        Gwyneth Paltrow?

        • Ceren

          I don’t like her at all but she’s not ordinary either.

      • Aafje

        I dunno…Halle Berry won an oscar…and while she is very beautiful I think her acting is pretty mediocre.

        • bbblah

          Biggest Oscar fluke ever. That movie was horrible too

  • Stace

    She has such a stunning face!

  • What has she done to her hair?! And Im having such a hard time picturing her and Eric Stonestreet as a couple..

    • Aafje

      Its for a movie

  • ary

    she’s looking a bit more interesting than usual…

  • jemima

    Sorry wow I’m in love with it on her face

    • et moi

      100% agree. She looks amazing.

  • Pixie

    The hair is for a movie, so has to be forgiven. Otherwise, she is stunning as always.

  • layla

    Did she do this for a role? she is stunning as a blonde and with long hair. cannot stand short pixie cuts they are always a make under.

  • Rachwestnz

    I’m jelly of her name, wish I had an interesting sexy name!

    • b

      It is SUCH good name, right?

    • Isabel

      Omg, look up on Youtube ‘Charlize Theron Afrikaans’. She pronounces her name the African way, so not the way people usually hear it in America. She also says some other things in Afrikaans. It is AWESOME, I can watch/listen to it all day xD
      Sjar-Liez- Trhon. OMGGG love it! Game of Trhons!

      *ok, i’ll behave now*

      • Sunshine

        I’m South Africa and thats how I’ve always called her and people would look at me like huh?!

        • Isabel

          Haha I am Dutch, so when she speaks Afrikaans I understand most of it and that makes me fangirl-spasm all over. CT is just cool, eventhough I did pronounce her name wrong forever xD

  • Lex

    she is stunning. I just wish she would grow her brows out a bit or pencil them in slightly to thicken them up. like this cut on her ut prefer her as a blonde. she makes a striking blonde.

  • Kate

    Isn’t her neck really strange looking?

  • saya

    She just got out of jail :PP

  • Hazal

    When you look gorgeous even with hair like that, then you must be beautiful. Gorgeous lady!

  • deedee

    I LOVE HER HAIR!!!! makes her even more sexy

  • lc

    Er…no comment.

  • Cristina

    I think she has a very classic beauty but at the same time, I find it kind of boring.

  • Nobsnob

    She’s a true beauty, even with an extra-short brunette hair you can tell she’s a beautiful woman. I love her face.

  • Anastasia.

    I love her. One of the few actresses that is actually truly beautiful and stunning, and doesn’t rely on photoshop to look stunning. Beautiful woman ,beautiful body….I just love her. It looks like she’s a natural brunette, kind of surprising, because the blonde hair looks so good on her, like she was born with it.

  • zahra

    Tha cropped pants makes her legs seemed so short from the front

  • anonymous

    Charlize is so gorgeous! I do prefer her medium length blonde hair… But she’s so pretty that she still pulls this hair cut off!

  • trina

    one word… BADASS!

  • Bruce Jonathan Fick

    Charley could wear sackcloth & ashes, and still appear
    as hot as Summertime. I recently saw a 1998 movie
    entitled Celebrity in which she played the part of a babe in an Aston Martin crashing into a store front. Despite the role requiring the expression of anger, I laughed like Tarzan’s chimp cheetah when she walked off, wrapping her stole around those gorgeous curves,
    chinning up, then sneezing in a high pitch. She has to
    dress down to conceal how incredibly hot she realy is.

  • ellentjie

    Umm can Charlize Theron stop being so hot! Even with a shaved head, she looks amazing!