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  • Lucy

    Gorgeous! She has really nice legs

  • MNG

    nice legs!!!

  • Cassidy (:

    she has like….the perfect body imo 😀

  • goodlord

    i love when she does her hair/dresses up. she really looks incredible here.

  • MirandaWannabe

    Damn, I guessed Nikki Hilton…

    She looks incredible.

  • Crumpled shirt… despite this, she looks fantastic.

  • CC

    I’m liking the Farrah Fawcett hair with the comfortable loose blouse. I’m a big fan of oversized tops over small or tight bottoms and Kristin is pulling that look off really well.

  • Dani

    She quite possibly has the best body in Hollywood.

  • movershaker

    ew. her boobs are waaaaay too far apart and saggy. it ruins her whole physique. and she has little to no curve in her waist, almost boylike. I dont agree, I wouldnt want her body- there are other celebs that I would more favour than hers…


    good legs though

    • Julia

      thats probably because she has natural breasts, and thats how natural breasts usually fall- besides, they are not overly saggy or anything like that.

      • Janelle

        Totally agree with Julia. Her breasts are REAL. That is how they look when they’re not full of silicone. Geez.

        I think KC worked really hard for this body and she looks amazing.

        • Movershaker

          First off I don’t think breast implants are the only alternative for kc to improve her appearance. I’m just saying, you can clearly tell she’s not concerned with wearing a bra to support those poor babies, and IMO it’s a bad choice. Nobody looks good braless, period. And secondly, of course she works out, but not enough to show she’s committed to toning and strengthing. She has a few more pounds before she’s fitness magazine potential, and I’m not talking about ‘shape’ magazine here. And even so, her bossiness, bitchiness and lack of substance would never make up for her great figure. And if she’s actually wearing a bra, she needs a better one with support.

    • Jill

      I think she has nice boobs, but I agree about her body type- it seems kind of boyish to me and lacking curve in the waist. There’s nothing wrong with that, but I’d rather be curvy. It probably doesn’t help either that I hate her personality.

  • jay

    but i don’t like the broad shoulders/boyish body shape of hers…

  • snoops

    Like the body – she works with what she’s got and it shows. Never liked this girls face though, really bothers me for some reason, like her head seems really big, and a big face, but boring features, and short neck, and her expressions always seem to annoy me. Sorry sounds really horrible I know I just dont know why it is that I really have such a problem with her face lol, and I am sure it is probably just me who has this issue with her (maybe she reminds me of someone I met and didnt like or something lol).

    • Emilie

      All the hills have annoying faces.Like lauren and her fake smiling.

  • KM

    Cute outfit!

  • Anon

    So creepy that I knew who this was right away…

  • wonderwoman21

    Wow amazing legs!

  • sydney

    i dont see anything special about this girl. her face is whatever and her body is messed up to me. broad shoulders, mushy tummy, short legs, no thanks

  • madeleine

    to me her body isnt great…broad shoulders, narrow hips, and legs that rub together…(i know its her body type but i HATE the look of it)……………..she’s the girl nextdoor you could find in any neighbourhood

  • Ana

    Her legs look nice here, horrible outfit though. I don’t like her body shape either, but she can’t help that and she is definitely in good shape.

  • She has a good body and great legs!! Outfit is awful though.

  • yeeey, i was right 🙂

    she looks good! nice petite body with no visible cellulite 🙂

  • cathy l

    I never get these right 🙁
    She looks really good! Amazing legs.

  • solaxi

    dont think she is all that pretty imo. but fab legs!

  • siennagold

    I like her legs!!

  • Kimberly

    She has great legs!

  • mel

    I thought Annalynne! She looks good!

  • shell

    I guessed it was one of the Hills girls, or AnnaLynne McCord. She has good legs and carries off the shorts well. I’ve never seen her in a bikini as far as i can remember, so i’m not sure what her body type is – although i’m guessing she’s a ruler.

  • jjj

    Wow, she really looks great! Very beautiful!

  • WHAT A CHANGE! she looks bangin! wow oyung farah faucett esque…