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  • Lisa

    Lemme guess, a Trimquick shake in hand? 😉

  • Mondezzio

    That was the easiest one to guess ever!
    Also, could she be any closer to have a major camel toe?
    That outfit looks so uncomfortable.

    • LaCandy

      I think so too! It was not a big challenge! Her body shape and her hair are quite recognizable!

  • Jamina

    I thought it was Mischa Barton back to dark hair for some reason.

    • liv

      haha same!

    • DimDim

      same here!

  • Elle

    I was sure it was Kim, not Khloe!

    • Ali

      same here! I thoug it was kim

      • 0hsillyme

        i did too!!

  • F

    I thought she was too white-skinned to be a Kardashian.

  • lc

    Knew it.

    • chinadoll08

      Same here

  • May

    She looks so white I tought it was Michelle Trachtenberg. Or how in the world thats spelled.

    • Nina

      It couldn’t be Michelle, she’s too skinny…I knew it was Khloe the first moment i saw it…Khloe is little wider in the top and Kim has bigger boobs….

  • maddie

    thought it was michelle too

    • Melanie

      Me too!! The pale skin tricked me…

  • Erin


  • Meko

    from the bottom down i knew it was a kardashian. lol

  • sarah

    she is so fat and ugly….why is she famous, at least her sisters are hot

    • Mackenzie

      weird. i think khloe is pretty too. she’s hilarious too on her show.

    • Emma

      KK is fat too.

      • Polly

        And, which “KK” would you mean? haha. I didn’t think Kim was this big, but I didn’t think of Khloe. I don’t think I would of recognized her on the streets like this.

        Oh and I think the whole Kardashian “Klan” (tehe) is anything but fat.

    • Tina

      How come some may say she is ‘fat and ugly’? Where is she fat and how in the world is she ugly? I don’s see fat rolls, I don’t see bulges, I don’t see uglyness.
      All I see is a beautiful figure (I didn’t say “perfect”, just beautiful, but isn’t that enough? If I were to choose, I would spend most of my time trying to become better as a person, not just achieving the “perfect body”), a flat tummy, straight, beautiful legs, nice curves and a fresh face, silky long hair, a sweet smile.
      She has a solid frame, you can’t expect her to have narrow hips and skinny thighs, she’d have to be emaciated to achieve such an “ideal”.
      On the other hand, the outfit could have been better. At least, she could have wore the pants just a little (a little, I stress that) lower, so the “almost-camel-toe effect” would have been avoided.
      I think she would look amazing in an A-cut skirt or dress, with a decent cleavage, wearing natural fabrics like linen, cashmere and silk and, in general, feminine clothes.
      Also, I think the monstrous heels she often wears at glam-events should be replaced by classic heels. As for the day-time, she would look great in branded ballerinas shoes or small heel shoes.

      • LaCandy

        I totally like her too! and she has a beautiful face! And this is her body shape… but she’s not fat in anyway!

    • well i like khloe, i think she’s so funny on the show 🙂

    • She is famous because she is fat and ugly…

  • she looks better at her natural!

  • Bill Bennett

    why are all the women here? and by the by, the woman pictured me thinks she belongs in a bag dress, I think they are perhaps called Mumus?

  • angy

    I got it right for the first time! yeiii

  • Fiona

    Isn’t she supposed to be 5’10? She looks really short in the pictures, IMO, is it just me?

    • EllaLaLa

      Before I clicked the link I also thought it was someone much shorter. I guess it just goes to show you really can’t tell someone’s height by seeing their body alone without anything to compare to (such as a car).

    • Kate1st

      Yeah she does appear short from photos, think it’s because of her big head and shorter legs in relation to her height. It’s an optical illusion!

  • AlexD

    i thought she looked short too. my first thought that came to my head was snooki! (subconciously, and yes i know snooki is 50 shades darker).
    anyway khloe’s body is far from enviable. kim on the other hand is so not fat. im so sick of people saying that. she used to be chubby, yes, but not shes tight and curvy.

    • AlexD


  • Katie

    hahahahah I knew it

  • Lang

    Hmm, she’s fatter than I thought. Nice hair though.

  • Valerie

    Oh, for some reason I thought she was snooki. I feel bad for her, she’s obviously a beautiful woman, but compared to Kim K, obviously people are going to call her ugly when she’s clearly not.
    She’s not even fat, people actually throw that word around like its not offensive to women who clearly look after themselves just because they aren’t a size 2. I don’t see a bulge of fat, just because she’s bigger doesn’t mean she’s a fatty.

    • Eve

      My guess was Snooki too. But the second thought like no, no Snooki is very orange always so it cannot be her. I think she is pretty too and she has a bigger bone structure but no way she is fat. Actually I like her figure.

    • b


  • Ukraine

    Chloe is always white and curvy so i knew it’s her.

  • Teo

    i knew it!!! ahaha

  • holly

    Shes just a big girl not fat but tall and shes not tiny for her height like other tall celebrities shes a size 30 which is good for someone who is 5’8 shes not thin buts shes still a good size.

  • Nessa

    I knew it was a kardashian but I wasn’t quite sure which.. lol

  • sandra

    wow, im so wrong, i thought it was kelly clarkson.