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  • Yan


  • st

    easy[petite and blond]…. nice outfit

    • Sidney

      except you couldn’t see she’s blonde

      • haha

      • Asha

        I knew she was going to be blonde because of the sweater colour and tone. It’s usually something a blonde can only pull off 😛

        • abbey

          that makes no sense! ppl of any hair colour wear various colours of shirts! no waaaay could you predict blonde bc of the shirt colour. nope.

          • Asha

            I predicted she was blonde because of the shirt not that she actually was going to be blonde. The woman looked very stylish so it made sense to me that with her skin tone and the tone of the pink shirt that she must be blonde or it wouldn’t fit into her sense of stylishness. I don’t know if that makes any sense but I honestly did predict she was blonde because of the shirt.

  • Reeplay

    I thought it’s Jessica Simpson. LOL

    • me too!

    • Anne

      ya cuz jessica is really THAT skinny lolz

  • I love her boots!

  • skinnyme??

    She is very cute. Her weight seems to flucuate alot.

  • Jamie

    What?! She really must have been working out lately, because I cannot remember her glutes being that prominent.

    I like her, she seems a little strict, but a very independent and strong woman, and a very responsible mother.

  • Angela

    Never liked her, that’s just me. I like though the colour of the blouse and boots and this relaxed but fashionablie style.

  • kateuk

    I guessed Kourtney Kardashian…oh dear, better stick with my day job! lol

    • danii

      i thought a kardashian too lol

  • I thought it was Jennifer Garner. No idea where that came from lol, it seems obvious now but it always does after you know the answer! I don’t like her body type much but she’s very pretty. Cute overall. 🙂

  • Donna

    She looks pregnant!

    • feli

      I had the same thought! looks like she gained some weight in the midsection

  • seijidan

    I thought it was either her or eva longoria. They’re pretty known to have skinny legs yet they carry a gut. But yeah, her butt looks good here. When I saw the whole picture, I thought it was Britney

  • elena

    i thought it was kate hudson!her legs look toned…nice

  • Mia

    always shopping…i wish i could live a life like that 🙂

    • Anne

      seriosly! all celebrities do i party, shop, go on vacations.

  • Stephers

    I thought it was Katherine Heigl. Eek, bad guess.

  • brainlessblogger

    She picked a great oufit for her body type! I would actually wear this myself no problem. She’s a smart dresser! Mischa Barton could take a few major pointers from her.

  • Princess

    I don`t find her attractive at all especially her jaw line and her mouth i really dont like it but i like her acting she`s a very good actress and i can`t wait for her up coming movie Water On Elephants with Robert Pattinson.

  • Chelsea

    I think Reese is cute and I like that she’s famous for actually having talent and being able to entertain with her talent rather then being famous simply from reality tv, being rich, sex tapes, etc.

  • Ana

    thought it was kelly brook!

  • JF

    I really like her outfit! casual and comfy but cute

  • Sheridan

    She looks cute. Love the sweater and boots 🙂

  • Joanne lme

    I thought it was Britney!

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