Body Comparisons, Take a Guess!

Which Pair of Sisters Has the Best Legs?

Which-Pair-of-Sisters-Has-the-Best-Legs - Which Pair of Sisters Has the Best Legs?

Double leggy battle!

Which Pair of Sisters Has the Best Legs?

Turn the page to see their owners (you probably figured them out already)!

First pair: Kim and Kourtney

Which-Pair-of-Sisters-Has-the-Best-Legs-22 - Which Pair of Sisters Has the Best Legs?

Second pair: Pars and Nicky

FP_4756872_Hilton_Family_RGT_032610 - Which Pair of Sisters Has the Best Legs?

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Editor of Skinny vs Curvy Website
  • Marie

    the kardashians!

  • The Hiltons!

  • Lisa

    Kourtney and Nicky have the best.. As sisters-couple I would say the kardashians

  • Hydrangea

    Although my own look more like Paris and Nicky’s, I think the Kims have the better pair. 😉 Could be the healthy glow and softness I see.

  • Hiltons, but if it was a hair/face battle then I’d say the Kardashians 🙂

  • Uma

    kourtney; a bit too tanned, but she has the best legs. the hiltons have weird legs, never liked them and kim is nothing special

  • Erin

    The Hiltons, hands down. <3

  • Melina

    I think Nicole and Paris look better than Kim and her sister , I can’t stand her

  • Dlicious

    the kardashians

    wats w/ paris’s legs ? O.o

  • Coco

    The Hiltons, Nicky in particular.

    • Amy

      I agree!

      • jenna

        i don’t understand how someone could think that those legs are nice… they look a little sickly… the coloring and the size.

        • artemis

          they’re horrible

          • Beans

            They look fine, she’s naturally skinny & has refused to get a fake orange tan, which I like to see.

  • sara

    definitely the kardashians! hiltons’ look scary i don’t know why XD

  • CN

    Absolutely the Kardashians! They are just simply more beautiful than the Hiltons, they don’t have anything on the KKs

  • edie

    the Karsdashians, especially Kim’s. I’m surprised people actually like Nicky’s legs, they truly freak me out.

  • Natasha

    Kim and Kourt no one wants to look like the other celubutards oops I mean the hilton sisters

  • Ali

    I think the Kardashians! great legs!

  • Anya

    Hiltons! They just look so much more classy and chic.

  • Casey

    Kim and Paris have the best legs. But out of the two, I prefer the Kardashians, mostly because I really dislike NIcky’s legs. However, out of everyone, Paris has the best legs.

  • terri

    the kardashians they have the best legs

  • Kim and Kourtney definitely. The Hilton’s legs look like skeleton’s.

  • kate

    Kardashians’ legs are much nicer.

    Hiltons’ are bony and too skinny on the thighs.

  • violet

    kardasians. though kourtney could ease up on the tan a bit

  • Vic

    OMG!!! Can this site stop talking all the freakin time about the Kardashians?!!

    • Beetle

      i don’t think so 😀

    • Kx3

      LOL! They’re EVERYWHERE!

    • Padme

      I’ll second that motion! Sooo sick of them.

  • b

    No way the Hiltons do. Even though their legs are thin, they’re so unattractive. Those girls have the grossest body parts I’ve ever seen. Huge, bony feet, long arms, short, bony legs. Their knees and elbows protrude strangely. Really, they might not be homo sapiens. Something close but not quite the same.

    • Mirabela

      I agree with you!
      I tell in other articles about the Paris toes. And now i quote you: “bony feet, long arms, bony legs. Their knees and elbows protrude strangely”
      It’s ok if somebody have this king of body gived by mother nature. Because they cannot help it, they can not make changes.
      But!!! About the Hiltons … Everybody knows that fact: they are so skinny because they exagerate with loosing weight.

    • Angela

      homo sapien=human

  • GoGo2010

    The Hiltons!

  • Eve

    Hate myself supporting KK, but this time, yeah, the Kardashians!

  • Nina

    Why, the Kardashians of course!

  • Kx3

    I like the Kourtney Kardashian’s legs simply because they’re shapely.

    I’m also a bit surprised that some of the ladies on here like Nicky’s legs. I dunno…I think the reason I don’t like them is because I think your thighs should kinda touch when your knees are together. O_o

  • Polly

    I thought Kim’s legs were Kourtney’s and Kim’s were Khole’s. The Hilton’s legs look so weird and sickly as someone said, when put in perspective.

  • e

    Kourtney’s legs are killer. Best out of the four.

  • Naomi

    I don’t like any of them.

  • nannou

    Nicky’s of course, her sister’s got fugly legs

  • Vera

    Kardashians hands down

  • Jesspastry

    Parishilton or the the hilton duh! kardashians for me are quite big already.

  • lina

    I vote for the kardashians.

    Hiltons are just too skinny for my liking ;D

  • CW

    Kardashians for sure!

  • livefree

    Can I just chose Kourtney’s?

  • dd

    The kardashians!

  • jjj

    Not even a serious comparison, the Hilton sisters.

    • Milly

      thankyou. Someone with a brain ^^

  • xo

    hiltons.. but all four make me feel sad for our country

  • Kardashians, hands down!

  • Avalin

    The Kardashian sisters have way better legs.
    I like Kourtney’s the best! (though I agree they are too tanned)

  • L

    The skinnier, the better. I like the Hilton’s, just not what they’re attached to.

  • Milly

    The Hiltons. Hands down. Also, the Hiltons aren’t as faked tanned as the Kardashians.

  • Josh

    …None of them
    Kardashians: uneven
    Hiltons: creepy, really creepy, and those feet! What size are they… 15?

  • Jules


  • Cynthia

    The Kardashians! i don’t know why some girls loved Paris’ and Nicky’s legs! they are so skinny! they look like skeletons! I say curvier is sexier and healthier! for sure!

  • Kelly

    The Hiltons, in my opinion have always had awful legs. Kardashians <3

  • Melo

    wow, definitly the kardashians after seeing these photos. It really kind of surprises me though, cuz without these leg close ups i totally would have said the hiltons.

  • Musaafiruun

    Paris has the prettiest legs, then Kourtney, followed by Kim and finally Nicky. Overall I think the Hiltons have the sexier, though not necessarily the prettier, legs. There is no shame in them being so slender, or for the Karkashian girls is being obviously sturdier and stronger than the Hiltons. Paris and Kourtney especially have very prettily shaped thighs although the fragility of Paris’ slighter musculature gives her the edge in sex appeal. Nicky’s super-slight and fragile limbs are very sexy but they are not straight enough to match any of the other girls purely in terms of beauty. Kourtney has much better definitiion in her muscles than her sister, but the femininity of Kim’s soft thighs is very attractive.

  • My vote for Paris Hilton

  • Mary Kathrine

    Kim and Kourtney!

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