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Skinny Legs Parade – Take a Guess!

skinny-legs-parade-take-a-guess - Skinny Legs Parade - Take a Guess!

Hollywood celebrities come under various shapes and styles, but you’ve got to agree that some shapes are predominant, just like the blonde heads dominate over the brunette ones. You’ve all guessed what shape that is – now there are a lot of skinny legs in Hollywood and this picture is living proof. Three girls, three pairs of legs, all pin thin. The obvious questions are: Which pair of legs is the best? and Whose are they?

Take a look, then take a guess! 2 days later you’ll find the answer!

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Editor of Skinny vs Curvy Website
  • mariahcareyfan.seth

    The first one could be pamela anderson or maybe paris hilton I dont know I’m terrible at these things

  • NinaFabulous

    Judging by the feet the first one’s Paris.

  • insider

    i think the third one is that hooot girl from victoria sectrets but i don’t know her name, something with M!!!

  • Jemma

    second legs are ugly and bruised, could be tara reid??

  • Winsome Audrey

    It’s scary when you’re so skinny even your feet are bony!

  • joanna

    paris hilton, tara reid, marisa miller?

  • Steffy

    i like the ones on the right best, they look nice and neet. first ones are bony, second ones look greasy.
    if i was to take a guess, i’d say:
    1. nicky hilton or paris
    2. audrina patridge
    3. marissa miller
    am i right?
    come on, tell us the answer!

  • Nicole

    I don’t know about the ones in the middle, but I am pretty sure the first one is Paris and the last one is Megan Fox, she wore similar shoes recently.

    Regardless, I would gladly exchange my legs with any of them.