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  • Sandy

    I actually guessed correctly! She always looks like she’s leaning backward when she walks.

  • Fabeuless

    I guessed January Jones, but really the boobs were not big enough. Natalie Portman is a beautiful woman so I can only assume that she’s trying to look terrible on purpose.

  • Nat

    Whoa, definitely not her best look. What’s up with that hair?!

  • Snugglepup

    This really blew my mind 😀 I think she’s wearing a “disguise”.

  • lc

    I guessed Kristin Stewart. I always Natalie Portman so overrated. If I passed her on the street in these pics I wouldn’t look twice.

    • kia

      not only for the looks..I mean, she has a degree and a frozen face: can’t act. the oscar to her was hilarious, I saw the movie and her acting wasn’t great.

    • Ozge

      Finally, someone with the truth!! I always thought she is the biggest balloon in Hollywood. She was super lucky to be in some good movies but she is neither pretty nor talented I think! Look at her face please, is this a naturally beautiful girl on a bad day or is this a plain average girl no-one would ever notice if she wasn’t famous? Why do people like her is complete mystery to me.

      • lc

        I agree completely.

      • kennedy

        i actually think she’s a true beauty , she doesn’t need long hair to look beautiful and she’s cute.
        a guy once told me that he would love to stare at her face all day

      • 98 lbs

        I know you are just stating your opinion, but well, in Black Swan she was MEANT to look that way. Do you expect a girl suffering mental trauma and being unaware of it, to be jolly?
        Other than that, you MUST see her work in closer, or maybe V for Vendetta, hell, even NSA. She’s done a pretty commendable job.

        • kia

          if you say so,I’ll try. I’ve seen 2-3 movies with her and I found in all her acting quite bad honestly. she has one face only,frozen, the opposite of what an actor shoul do. in black swan she made me laugh,really.

          • Have you seen Garden State? She’s amazing in that!

      • claire

        “is this a naturally beautiful girl on a bad day or is this a plain average girl no one would ever notice if she wasn’t famous?” – The answer to that depends on who you ask, my friend. We’ve all heard the expression that beauty is subjective plenty of times, and that’s because it’s true. “Finally, someone with the truth!” – what you could have said was: “finally, someone who shares my opinion!”

        • hehaw

          Here we go again, you cant just say beauty is subjective or objective like its a fact- that statement is highly debatable.

          • claire

            “Here we go again” – Really? Because I say that to myself every time I read comments declaring someone as unattractive as if it is fact, or comments nitpicking at a person’s appearance. These comments come way too often; I’d prefer to see more comments being positive and appreciating that everyone prefers something different.

            Beauty is subjective and it’s really not debatable. Try me. But seriously, if someone finds Natalie Portman beautiful in the pictures above, and the majority disagree with this person, does that make that person wrong? Are they wrong to believe she is beautiful? Some people like big girls, some people like skinny girls, some like dark skinned guys, some prefer light skinned guys, some people like curly hair, some people like straight hair…. there’s someone for everyone.

          • H

            Wrong. Aestethics (the study of beauty), is a philosophical topic. And philosophy has already solved that argument thousands and thousands of years ago. Beauty is mostly objective, meaning the same things are found to be beautiful, across time and cultures – MORE SO than the little subjective qualities that differ from person to person (tan skin, big or little breasts, wide or narrow hips, etc.)

            Read Plato. End of story, beginning of knowledge.

          • claire

            Well, I would bet the the average person believes that Natalie Portman fits the definition of beauty, so anyone would be wrong to disagree if that is case. But I’m not stubborn enough to accept something as true just because of what the majority believes. I can’t discount a person’s opinion simply because it does not fit what is considered “normal”.

            And you stated that beauty has been proven to be “mostly objective”, key word being “mostly”. And if one’s belief is based on ideas that cannot be proven with complete, one hundred percent certainty, than it is an opinion. But I am sorry. I am familiar with Plato’s writings, but I didn’t know that his philosophical arguments constituted as the “end of the story”.

          • anonymous

            Just ignore that poster, she’s been trolling here for months withdemanding that her ridiculous misinterpretation of a 2300 year old theory is some sort of be-all-end-all. Don’t bother trying to reason with her, I did once and got called 4th grader mispelled knicknames! 😛

    • hanan

      i though KS too

    • Alexanna Ben-Zvi

      I think she’s a great actress and very beautiful, too. She’s very elegant, down-to-earth and has a nice figure. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. 🙂

  • iana

    jeeze, I’d guessed Kesha just because of the skinny legs and very boxy torso. Of course Natalie doesn’t have either, it’s just poorly fitting clothes but she’s having on off day so whatever

  • silvy

    bad clothing. i thought her front was her back :/
    wear a bra and put on a v-neck

  • SA girl

    Is it me, or is this the season for ‘manly’ casual clothing, on famous female celebrities? Could be. Looks comfortable, but not feminine. It is most probably a unisex clothing range, like Jennifer Garner’s, but leaning more towards mens’ line of clothing. I would prefer casual yet feminine, much like Doutzen Kroes, when she is photographed with her family.

  • kia

    ahahahahahahah she’s awful come on

  • Juju

    I actually love this look apart from the shoes, this is something I would wear. I like the cut of the sweater and its combination with the nude shirt. :p

    • kia

      that shade of green……………………
      the bag

  • her clothes always make her look so much younger than she is. she doesn’t usually wear clothes that flatter her figure. if i was followed by paparazzi i would probably try to go unrecognized too though.

  • Guest

    Pretty woman and a good actress. I could give a s*** what someone

  • kennedy

    i guessed right!!!!

  • retrobanana

    woah she looks jewish and if anyone gets mad at me im sorry she freakin does…

    • kia

      don’t feed the attention seeker

    • hanan

      she does look very jewish in 2nd pic

      • Jessica

        Which is very beautiful, dont you agree? Very Ashkenazi, dark wavy hair, milky clear skin, small pointy perfect nose. She is a tiny perfect package, even if she is dressed down.

    • lillaliket

      Why do you assume people will be mad at you? “Looking Jewish” is not an insult, well maybe to a Nazi. Or do you think it is?

    • Mia

      Lol!!! How does she look like a religion? 🙂

  • Emily

    If I could look like any girl in the world, I would choose Natalie.

  • dildo depot

    she looks dumpy

    • Mia

      I’m replying just to tell you that your name made me lol!

      • dildo depot

        Cus it’s sexy right:p

  • July

    that outfit is wrong in so many ways? did she go through her old clothes and thought mhh lets put on a long sleeve under a short sleeve and take this small 00´s bag and throw on some horrible mocassins?! the hair is very unflattering too.. the jeans is ok though and she is just so beautiful but i cant get past that outfit..

  • Teiku5

    Her personal style has always been atrocious. Natalie manages to look elegant and beautiful on the red carpet, but in every day life she really makes herself look plain and boring.

  • Uma

    I fell asleep during the photos. Most boring celebrity ever. There are a few hollywood celebs who are supposedly soooo beautiful, I find them boring an annoying: her, Hillary Swank (omg that huge mouth makes me angry), Jennifer Garner. They are probably other too but I can’t remember their names and also I always confuse them.

  • liss

    I guessed right. But why? why?

  • tequilla

    oh i would never guess. she has that ordinary hollywood actress look.. size 0, no curves, grungy street style look.. but also i think its bs to call her ugly. i can respect her natural look.. i find it silly when celebs go to the beach or to take the trash out in full make up..

    • Jessica

      Natural look is the best. I dont think anyone here is talking about her makeup free face though, but some are talking about her masculine clothing choice. Its her choice, doesn’t need to be trendy and hot looking when shopping.

  • Leighton

    what are you wearing, pretty woman ??

  • Blushing

    She’s rockin the Jesus hair.

  • Nana

    I guessed Ellen Page, same body

  • cameron

    She’s dressed like she’s filming Garden State II. I like her hair in that natural texture, though.

  • Aprilz


  • Why do so many celebrities dress like this?! I can only assume they’re trying to look bad on purpose to draw less attention to themselves–if they just wanted to be comfy, they’d wear sweats and a t-shirt with sneakers or something, right?! Or a slouchy sweater and jeans? With a ponytail or a top knot? I feel like it takes effort to look this bad, especially when you’re so naturally gorgeous.

  • Chris

    I’d recognize that distinct body anywhere.