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  • HB

    Weird outfit, but if anyone can rock it, it’s Pink!
    Those tights would be terribly unflattering on basically anyone EXCEPT her! Love that you can see her obliques through that shirt 🙂

  • Pixie

    Luv her, but that outfit looks like it should be on a little girl. 🙁

  • lex

    Only Pink can get away with this outfit. On anyone else it would look awful but Pink makes it look cool.

  • Polly

    OMG, she’s carrying her baby girl on the suitcase, so cute. Love Pink, glad she’s still very successful.

  • Liv

    I love P!nk, but I do not care who you are… that outfit sucks… if her daughter was wearing it, then it would make sense… but it looks like she is taking tips from her closet and putting them in her own… I know she’s different, and I love that… but come on

    • Couldn’t agree more!

    • Winnie

      hahaha omg, this.

    • PS

      LOL Maybe she did just that, let her baby girl choose her outfit.

  • goldfish

    lol had no idea who it was but then i thought who would wear such a horrendous outfit- and i guessed pink.
    this outfit is unflattering and just plain ugly

  • Natalia

    I’m actually sorry I looked.

  • Hazal

    Terrible outfit but it suits her 🙂 Pink is just very likeable imo.

  • Magda

    Don’t ask me why but I thought Justin Bieber at the first glance.
    LoL at the second and third pic.The way she carries her luggage with her daughter on it.
    I quiet like her body. Strong and fit.

  • icg

    funny… i thought it was the biebz too!

  • mary

    lol my guess was a clown. i like pink and her music.

  • Sophia

    The tats on her left arm look like scars at first glance :/

  • Ro

    Despise her and her outfit. Total bitch…

  • Debbs

    Hideous outfit from hat to shoes.

  • MerryHappy

    I thought it was Kelly Osbourne….
    Pink is silly. She seems happy and likeable though.

    • Robin

      Yes, me too. Especially because her legs look chubby in the first pic.

      The outfit really is garbage material.

  • nessa

    oh pink your 33 years old. You have no business dressing like an 8 year old girl. The jacket is fine, the shirt too, everything else needs to go. its kind of hard to look bad ass when your wearing those particular tights.

    • Eve

      Does it really matter if she is 33 or 53? I believe in the 21st century you can dress any way you want, no? Sorry, nessa, not attacking you by any means, i just don’t get such “rules”…who said?!

  • JaneParker

    I guessed right, but this one was easy. The skintone and that tattoo. Crazy outfit, would look good with a black skirt or shorts, that shirt has nothing to do with the rest. But it seems she was just trying to have fun with her clothes, I love Pink, and her style is always fun and relaxed. I don’t think she takes herself seriously in terms of fashion and neither should we.

  • DD

    She must have had a power outage in her house.

  • Sidney

    I like colorful and wacky outfits but this is rather terrible. Well she still looks pretty, but i agree with others, this would be ok on a little girl.

  • serena

    I think Pink is one of the more likeable celebrities. I don’t care for her outfit or looks in general. Her body is really strong though, you can tell she kicks a$$ in the gym.

  • Ro

    Despise her and her outfit. A bit too butch for me.

  • lc

    I guessed Kelly Osbourne.

  • Nikki

    No, no, no, no etc.
    There is nothing right about this outfit.

  • jenna

    If she just wore black tights and some type of boots/booties, she’d still look like her but like an adult instead of a child.

  • Rosemary

    Lit-ull shoesies!!! LOL

  • Pandora

    Haha musta let her two year old dress her!

  • snugglepup

    Her legs & arms gave it away 🙂 outfit… too much everything imo

  • Laura

    Hey Pink, you can be punk without the middle school fashion sensibility… Also lose the nurse shoes girl! Stick to singin the next fierce break up anthem. Oh yeah, that’s right, my exes.. Take THAT!

    • snugglepup

      You seem to really enjoy writing your comments 😀 😀