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    • Even though I’m not even sure that I want kids myself, I really don’t think that having children means giving up your own life. I know many women who have kids and continue having a career, having hobbies, traveling, etc. I don’t agree with the idea that once a woman becomes a mother she automatically loses her own life and personality and becomes just a mother, nothing else. Also, this tendency for women to become mothers in their late 30s/40s is not good at all and I’m sure you know why so I’m not going to explain. I hope that I haven’t offended anyone with my comment-everyone has the right to decide when they will have kids if they want to have at all but it is a fact that having kids later is not the best decision.

    • Ummm, having babies past 30 is not something new. And with that selfish attitude, I hope to god you never have children…you dont “give up your life” its just not all about you anymore. god forbid!

      • I think u take my comment a bit to literally. And don’t bother hoping to god it’s too late I already have one!! My poor child must be so screwed up!! U sound like a complete b—.
        No need to take everything so seriously. And yes I gave up my life to have a baby at 18, did I say it was a bad thing? Did I say it’s not worth it? No I didn’t and it is worth it. But I definitely did give up what I had planned. Sorry I can’t go back in time and have an abortion coz god forbid I have children!

        Once again. I LIKE THAT WOMEN R NOW MORE FREE TO lIVE THEIR LIVES AND HAVE CHILDREN LATER. Is that okay with u maaaaary?

        That’s right..
        I don’t care.

      • I think u take my comment a bit to literally. And don’t bother hoping to god as it’s too late, I already have one.

        And all the mothers I know do feel in some way that they did give up their lives. Did I say it was a bad thing? Did I say its not worth it? No I didn’t.

        God forbid u relax! Atleast my kid won’t be uptight and has a sense of humor.

        I read that u think god forbid I have children to my son , and now we are having a good laugh, so thanks for the bonding material.

  1. Nice body, pregnant or not! She is really lucky to only have a baby bump, though I wouldnot know how far along she actually is. You have to look twice to note if she really is pregnant. Picture 3…oh, there’s it! Sign of a baby on board.

    • It’s kind of sad when girls pick each other apart like this. I hope girls don’t do that to me. And I bet you wouldn’t like it if girls did it to you.

        • Nat, i find you fascinating. I’m exactly the contrary of you: ESFP. I absolutely deny the existence of objectivity, and in beauty-related topics even more. I’m the (ridiculously) emotional type you pity…. Yet, i’m the most self-confident (and somewhat self-centered) person I know, just like you…. Seems like a paradox? I just would like to ask you this: have you ever fall in love with someone else besides you? You know, your hands trembling, obsessively daydreaming in bus stops…etc. I’m just trying to figure out if you ever felt insecure, because I know i have…and yet i love myself and i still rationally believe i have no “flaws”.

      • if you dont have any flaws, please post a photo of yourself for all of us to judge…you know, since you don’t mind being torn apart…you’ve been trolling here for months and still have yet to post a photo of your divine and other worldly beauty…i truly am curious to see if you are remotely attractive

        • @anonymous wahahaha! I couldn’t help myself because of the absurdity of your comments. Self-centred much? Are you really serious??? Just can’t believe it. Anyway, thank you for giving me a good laugh.

        • lol you are too much…if you were SO beautiful you would back it up and shove it all in our faces, but nah… you hide behind your computer and construct these boring diatribes about your obsession with yourself and hilary rhoda…the truth is, you’re probably the short, fat, ugly chick who self loathes…explains most people as insecure and hateful towards those they don’t find ideal…and saying you have genius IQ, oh I love it..you’re a genius but can’t spell or articulate if your life depended on it. Have fun building cobwebs between those “skinny” legs of yours for the rest of your sad life.

      • Your flaw is your miserable,abusive, and misogynistic personality. You’re lying about your appearance, your age, your mother, your location, and your lack of education is plain to see for anyone to see. Some of your recent comments have really crossed the line from pathetic troll to hate-spreading bigot.
        And do you know who this site is for? It’s for people who have not been banned repeatedly by the OWNER OF THE SITE as you have been time and again.
        And now for the 3rd time I’m reporting you again. Get it through your head that you’re not wanted here.

    • versus please block this person anonymous aka natalia. her calling other people terrible names is degrading and seems to be against the friendly nature of this website.

    • versus please block this person anonymous aka natalia. her calling other people terrible names is degrading and seems to be against the friendly nature of this website.

  2. She is so chic. You know, I can’t imagine many others carrying off an outfit like this so well. I love it. Same goes for the platinum hair, not many can pull it off imo but she rocks it with her pale skin and polished look. Many can unfortunately look like p— stars, but not Gwen. I also think it’s because she has such a beautiful and refined, striking face. Rather than a p— star face…if that makes sense? I’m not talking about people naturally this blonde by the way…just the ones who dye their hair this blonde. Glad she is wearing tighter jeans now, as opposed to the baggy low crutch boyfriend jeans things she was always wearing. They did her figure no justice.

    I find Gwen so stunning, with her porcelain skin and gorgeous features. A real beauty.

  3. i guessed Lady Gaga. i love Gwen! it’s hard to believe she’s older than my mom though lol, she’s so “cool”. not a word i’d associate with my mother

  4. i love her cute little hat! i wouldn’t haven guessed it to be gwen, she does actually look pregnant as she looks normally supersuperskinny (looking a bit more curvy here^^)

  5. I would never have guessed her, her t–s look huge in the first picture and that isn’t what I usually associate Gwen with! Nice legs.

  6. She’s def pregnant, those boobies and baby bump! I love it how she has the platinum hair and red lippy but she doesn’t look cheap or overly sexual at all! She’s just perfect πŸ˜‰

  7. mathilde kjeldsen, is that you?? my big sis looks just like gwen, even when she was expecting. for those idiots that say because your mom is overweight, her daughters will be too, is a load of rubbish. hotness

  8. You’re right, it’s ridiculous. It’s all hormones. And i’m a freaking drug addicted. My IQ is far above average too, i also feel lonely in my craziness, not identifying with no one else in the world… that’s why i really like yours :). I also hate when women force themselves to be nice, this website is so appalling sometimes. I actually hate excessively nice people. But I have to try to sell you my truth, my most sincere truth… when I decided to feel instead of overthink… when i left myself drown in this ridiculous and female urge of possessing / be possessed by someone else.. rationality just seemed so boring! Drugs are powerful πŸ˜‰ Cheers! And keep loving yourself, it inspires me!

  9. it’s both, serotonin and some marijuana πŸ˜‰ i could have tried MDMA with this Iranian guy i’m obsessed now…. lost the opportunity, and now i’m daydreaming like a crazy in bus stops πŸ˜‰ Where do you live Nat, by the way? And YES, we are officially the crazy (ultra feminine) and crazy (ultra masculine – Vladimir Putin ) women of the website. Cheers to every other reader.

  10. too bad you’re in the other side of the ocean πŸ˜‰ Yes, you have to admit it, irrationality is entertaining. I chose to be irrational just for the sake of not getting too bored in this very predictable life. But it’s interesting that if you admire men, why you don’t fall in love with them? I should go work now, it’s a pity, i’m very entertained.

  11. Portugal πŸ˜‰ We are idiotic PC cowards too, compared to the other latins, but we have great beaches (with masculine ocean, big aggressive and cold waves !). If you ever come here, i would love to have a coffee with you! You would stimulate my serotonin levels, i’m pretty sure πŸ˜‰ I’m going back to my sh*t now, good luck with your super career and see you here in the future maybe πŸ˜›

  12. Portugal πŸ˜‰ We are PC cowards too, compared to the other latins, but we have great beaches (with masculine ocean, big aggressive and cold waves !). If you ever come here, i would love to have a coffee with you! You would stimulate my serotonin levels, i’m pretty sure πŸ˜‰ I’m going back to my stuff now, good luck with your super career and see you here in the future maybe πŸ˜›

    (Just for instance, i have one comment in moderation because i used a bad word, i guess)

  13. Whoa I guessed Khloe Kardashian! How wrong could I be haha! I love Gwen so much, she has kept her body in rocking shape after two kiddies and no doubt (sorry had to lol) she’ll get back in shape quick smart after his one too. Her skin is great to by the way, wonder what her secret is.

  14. Funny you say this as most women I know are always discussing how truly b—y and awful some women are towards one another in real life. backstabbing, saying horrible things, back handed comments etc peaking in high school and some individuals continuing throughout their adult years.

    • She attacks healthy women as ‘obese’ when she herself has high cholesterol. She has an obsession w/body fat% and admits she sees *everyone* as fat. She admits she’s got 0 friends. She claims to be a beautiful model but never posted a pic. She hides behind her computer posting rants calling everyone fat/ugly all day, banned many times but keeps coming back to be abusive. Is this normal healthy behavior?

      The funny thing is she’s convinced she’s a genius. But she writes like a 2nd grader, went to an avg public school (UMD…not exactly ivy league), and her “logical” arguments are simply rants calling everyone is fat/ugly.

      Being an obsessive nut, she tried to cyberstalk me and posted a rant here with the name/personal info of the girl she thought was me, in the process foolishly revealing her own personal info. Same with Candy/Anna who claims to have the body of Karlie K. + face like Candice S. So if you have the body/face of 2 supermodels why aren’t you one? The extent of delusion is quite funny…

      • That is strange. They claim they look like supermodels but…uhm, why aren’t they? I guess they really must be short, fat & average just like everyone else on here. lol
        It’s also interesting how Helena Christensen-one of the most successful, beautiful supermodels- says “beauty is in the eye of the beholder-how when she traveled the world, she realized different cultures have different ideals of beauty” Funny how SHE says that, but two nobodies who are obviously not ‘supermodel material’ say otherwise.
        Well, I think most of us realize these two are either really the short, fat average ones they like to accuse others of being or are the extremely underweight, scrawny, eating disordered ones…or else why are they so angry, bitter & defensive all the time? It’s also sad how they believe that the worst insult ever is being called fat & more recently short… possibly because they were/are teased/ bullied for being just that. Since they are unhappy with their looks, they want/need to believe everyone else is too.

  15. @versus
    can you PLEASE ban this horrible poster and all her aliases? She’s picking fights with everyone, calling clearly healthy people obese, and trolling every post for the last few days in a desperate bid for attention. Her behavior’s actually gotten WORSE recently!

    And Natalia, you’re making what was once a pleasant and pro-women supportive website into a very hostile environment. Congratulations, you’ve made people unhappy! Is your life fulfilled now or are you going to start trolling tween sites with purging tips?

    • I have banned that user dozens of times, but she changes her IP address all the time, which makes it impossible for me to track her. However, I think I might have a solution and I will try to implement it this week.

      • Um, no, I changed my username, not my IP addresses, of which I have two, my phone and my laptop. You were moderating all my comments…I took that as you were ok w/ me commenting, as long as I used a different username.

        I truly thought this. Sorry, for the misunderstanding. I certainly won’t keep commenting here again.

        • No, I am not OK with you commenting, you got it all backwards. Your IP is changing because of your location, not because you use multiple computers. You are basically decreasing the quality of my website and I have never said that about any of my visitors, ever. I am kindly asking you to stop commenting because you are bothering my readers. And even if you were allowed to comment, you are allowed to using ONE username, not 25 different one, this is like the thousandth rule you broke. I am deleting everything you write anyway, so kindly stop.

  16. Holy moly. I have visited this site for years and have never written anything negative about any other person making comments. But this time, I think it must be said that the person who is overtaking the boards with their largely off-topic babbling is ruining the general discussion and tone of this site. I am pretty certain this person has narcissistic personality disorder, which would explain, among other things, the attention-seeking that underlies all her posts.

    • As I said, your comments have indicated NPD, and these last ones are no different.
      List of NPD symptoms from the mayo clinic website:
      Believing that you’re better than others
      Fantasizing about power, success and attractiveness
      Exaggerating your achievements or talents
      Expecting constant praise and admiration
      Believing that you’re special and acting accordingly
      Failing to recognize other people’s emotions and feelings
      Expecting others to go along with your ideas and plans
      Expressing disdain for those you feel are inferior
      Being jealous of others
      Believing that others are jealous of you
      Appearing as tough-minded or unemotional

  17. Natalia is not ill nor am I you nut. Perhaps the women here with eating disorders are more in need of your diagnosing ‘skills’.. this site is filled with women who have or have had an eating disorder. And most of them are overweight and therefore get all bent out of shape when I or Nat say a celebrity is ‘fat’ or could tone up. They can’t handle it. They crack. Just look at Kimberly, yelling losing her mind screaming Shut F up. I mean, does that sound normal to you?

    • Hahahah so you’re saying we have eating disorders, but a chick who brags about being 30 lbs underweight, claims she thinks everyone looks fat including fashion models, and sits behind her computer obsessing over body fat % all day to the point she admits she has no friendsly/life because she thinks everyone is too fat is mentally healthy? LOL I’m guessing you’re just another one of her aliases she talks to (multiple personality disorder too?). Reality is if Natalia voiced her opinions in real life she’d be tossed into a mental institution – that’s why she hides behind her computer like a coward. Anyone can be a gorgeous supermodel on the internet πŸ˜‰

  18. I don’t take offence when you say a celeb is out of shape or overweight but when they clearly are in shape just not Rhoda model thin and toned and you say they are flabby it reminds me of myself back when I had an eating disorder. I used to think everyone was chubby or on the big side could stand to lose weight or tone up and I was disgusted by very fat people until I recovered that is. For the record I am taller and thinner than most people in real life when not carrying baby weight (probably still thinner now even if the extra weight just have some hanging skin left to tone up) so I’m not an overweight person taking offence to what you say. I think you are entitled to you opinion just as everyone else on this site but you have to admit that your opinions are pretty unpopular and always attract replies which I’m sure you love, so my point is if you don’t like the replies and the people on here then stop posting.

  19. At the end of the day this is just the internet not real life you shouldn’t let it get to you so much. Peace and love to you Natalia, I truly hope you find it is what you are looking for.

  20. She has GOT to be preggers. Her b❆❆bs are usually pretty small… you can see them in the “Let me blow ya mind” music video

    • I don’t even know who that is and I’ve never posted my pic here I don’t want unwanted too skinny comments. I post them elsewhere though etc

      • Anon, she posted a pic of herself trying to pass it off as anon but didn’t fool anybody, that’s why she’s so angry. People know it backfired on her.
        Be careful, it looks like she’s developed an obsession with you and apparently everyone named “anon.

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