25 thoughts on “Who’s Wearing This Outfit?”

  1. I thought Rihanna. I’m kinda disappointed, because I love Ciara and I think she is so much better than this awful, tacky outfit. But then, every girl is allowed a slip up every now and then.

  2. never would’ve guessed. I like the top items but only if they were worn separately and with some bottom, i mean she has an awesome body, this outfits doesn’t do it justice. Also i hate this hair color, isn’t flattering on her.

  3. I didn’t even know who it was when I saw her face – really don’t follow her, obviously! I thought it was Kim K’s style, but not her legs, etc! Not a fan of this look – but she’s very pretty!

  4. I know I dance in front of the mirror to Ciara’s Ride… And I hope more ladies do the same thing. ‘He love the way I riiiiiddddeeee it”

    Ciara is slim, athletic, and she can dance. Seriously, have a glass of wine tonight, watch her music videos and dance along. Anyone know how tall she is?

    • She is tall 5 feet 9 and 1/2. In an interview she said that men are nervous around her because of her height. She wears the highest heels. I could tell she was tall just from pictures next to other celebrities. She towers over them. Beautiful height beautiful girl. I am also 5 feet 9. I know when I wear heels I feel like I tower over everyone and you do feel amazonian.

  5. she has been looking finnnnnnnnne anyone seen her new vid with Justin girl can move shes an underrated one I don’t mind the outfit hair not so much

  6. Nice! I thought Beyonce, but nice to see someone new. I always liked Ciara and her music…brings back my college days 🙂 And she is very pretty! great skin and lovely face

  7. She looks great but i think the outfit would have looked a lot better if she wore pants or skinny jeans or something (or at least wore bottoms that you could actually see).

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