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  • Celeste

    This outfit looks as tired as her face

    • A


      • claud

        yup, she’s def stuck in the trashtastic early 2000s.

  • Me

    Love the dress ! And love nicole , such a beautiful lady 🙂

  • Shadycat

    Yikes no. Terrible outfit.

  • Raachel

    I thought it was kourtney or kim…. tacky…

  • chris

    i thought it was kylie, they almost look the same age.
    she looks rough, dead eyes, obvious injections.. never thought she was so gorgeous to begin with. she just wears a lot of makeup and wears skimpy outfits.i guess for the layperson that is enough to mean hot and sexy.

  • Bella

    I’ve never been a fan of her look: too much makeup, forced overdressed look. She would look so stunning in jeans, a tank top and no makeup. How many women are that lucky? She doesn’t need all this.

    • Me

      Totally agree ,but how do you know where is she going ? Or coming from .? Whenevher i see her pictures relaxing she is the person that you just described .
      Maybe she had a meeting to go .or interviev for her next magazine ? Or anything important we dont know, so this is her style .and we dont have to judge ppl why they are dress up ? I have always been an of her looks 😉

      • Bella

        That’s a good point! I don’t know where she is coming from, but even if it is a big event, I think a more natural look would suit her better.

  • Hannah

    I guessed Kylie Jenner…sorry Nicole!

  • lc

    I thought someone way younger. She really doesn’t look 38 to me.

  • Veronique

    That dress+those boots simply do not work…

  • Deborah G.

    I would actually like this outfit if the dress was plain without the ruffle. I love those colors and fabrics together – looks very soft. I also think she would look better with less makeup.

  • Snugglepup

    Weird outfit indeed but she still manages to look pretty

  • Leighton

    Horrible. That outfit. The make up. …. Damn girl.