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  • MissMarilyn

    OF COURSE hahaha i actually guessed because of those shoes.

    She looks slimmer!

    • Catherin-o

      Lol, that’s what I said when I saw who it was… “Of course!!”

      I was hoping it was some outrageous Gossip Girl outfit… Are they even still filming, or is it over?

      • Missmarilyn

        Gossip girl is over 🙁

        • linda

          I guessed Mischa Barton. Ha.

  • That was easy and I’m so bad with these usually! I don’t like her or focus any attention on her and yet I know her style – that shows how much publicity this woman gets (and also how unique her style is, I guess)!

  • seijidan

    I thought Christina Hendricks

    • ary

      you guessed completely wrong xD lol!

    • Robin

      I thought Lana del Rey 😛

  • Sassy

    I’m totally creeked out.

  • curiouschellie

    I thought Christina Hendricks too! but then I doubted with the choise of footwear. Her dress must have had too many layers to acieve the full-bodied, curvy figure Christina has..

  • Sassy

    Seriously…Why are ppl obsessed with her? I don’t get it

  • JaneParker

    Wow this was one the few times I got it right. I guess it was the outfit and the shoes, but that wrist tattoo also looked familiar. Can’t comment on her figure because it’s hidden, but crazy outfit, as usual!

  • jamie

    what a hideous outfit!!!! she looks like one of the transvestites from little britain!

  • Amerie

    one word: horrible!

  • ^ yeah, that’s about it.

  • Hazal

    A very easy one! She looks terrible -as always.

  • Jacky Daniels

    who is she..? nice hair color!

  • Veronique

    Hmm…is it just me, or does her hair look like a wig to anyone else? It’s pretty but looks a bit too sleek and shiny…idk. But yeah I agree with everyone else, bad outfit.

  • mariaaa

    I knew it (because of the tattoo) 🙂 but nice dress anyway!

  • Ash

    Easy guess cause the extreme high heeled footware gave away!

  • Polska Blondynka

    I guessed Jessica Simpson because she loves to wear huge clunky heels too.

  • artemis

    Holy mother of platforms! she wore worse but now there isn’t anybody there to hold her, lol, i’d fall over in those.
    and yeah, i thought jessica simpson but it couldn’t be, not big enough.

  • Cal

    This woman is so fake. Before the outfits and patronizing attitude she was just a plain girl with a little talent. Her and Taylor swift make my skin crawl.

  • lc

    Lame. Anyway, I guessed Paris Hilton for some reason.

  • jenna

    It’s getting ridiculous already. I’m tired of seeing her in these stupid getups. Thing is, if her costumes looked good, I would cheer her on for being unique, but she looks idiotic every single time I see a photo of her. Hope she fades away soon.

  • annemarie

    Finally I managed to guess one of these right! The horrible shoes were a give-away.

  • Daisy

    Hideous dress yikes!

  • Hh

    Biggest loser in town

  • Casey

    This is the most normal thing I’ve seen her wearing, so I didn’t guess it was her.

  • Sidney

    She looks very Lana Del Ray here to me. Didn’t guess her or anyone. I come here pretty often but for someone reason i can almost never identify a celeb body/think of any celebs..

  • hasita

    She looks beautiful in my opinion. I love how she is soo free with her style and looks. And to say she is talentless is BULLSH*T because she is an amazing singer (just look up her performances and ballads)…

  • serena

    She always comes across as desperate for attention; this is actually the most normal outfit I’ve seen her wear. Narcissism is my least favorite trait in people so I could never be a Gaga fan. Don’t care for her music either.

    • Raquel100

      I can’t stand her – I wouldn’t have even clicked on the post if I knew for sure that it was her. I agree with you on the narcissism comment. It is SUCH a turn-off and it Narcissists could only see how preposterous & ridiculous they look in other people’s eyes!

  • nessa

    even in normal clothes she looks silly. on any one else this would look normal, on her it kind of looks rediculous with the hat and glasses.

  • happygolucky

    She appears to be having a hard time moving around in that get up. That can’t be fun.

  • TonyFae

    Horrific. Its lady gaga, so its fitting…

  • Sofia

    I’m surprised to see her in this… she usually wears something way more revealing.

  • binks

    Aside from the fit, this is as normal as I ever saw her. It isn’t bad just not exactly flattering.

  • liss

    I was guessing Jessica Simpson

  • Natasha

    I thought it was Jessica Simpson

  • 22franzs

    Yep I definitely thought this was Jessica Simpson.

  • anonymous

    She looks better with the darker hair and more ordinary clothes… She actually looks pretty when she doesn’t try to be weird.

  • Bree

    I got it right just recognized her peace tattoo. I did any one else?