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  • Serenee

    Her personality really irritates me but there’s no denying she looks amazing!

  • Mizzy

    wow, can’t believe i actually guessed this one right. She looks AMAZING! I can’t believe that some people have actually called her “big” in the past…she has the perfect body.

  • lp23

    Damn she has a got great legs.

  • New it!

    Versus, you have to post about Rosie substituting Megan in Transformers!

    • Versus

      I posted in the Friday Links section… anyway, it’s not 100% sure yet!

      • CéliAmbre

        it would prove that megan was probably not fired for being too skinny…
        anyway, versus, could you post some drew hemingway please? i’m sure i can’t be the only one that loves her!

        • Versus

          I’ll keep her in mind!

  • elena

    wooooooow is the least i can say……

  • Meko

    she looks a lil diff i guess with no makeup! but she looks good though and has a nice shape.

    • amazon

      she’s wearing make up. You can see the outline of her blush.

  • Cecily

    Gorgeous hourglass shape.
    Her figure is so smooth- no bumps or lumps. And her hips are so rounded.

  • beautiful legs!

  • Lynn

    Wow, this is the first time I’ve seen pictures of her I actually liked! I think she looks much “fresher” and younger than when made up. She looks beautiful! And I want those shoes! 😉

  • Casie

    Does anybody know more about this dress she is wearing? Which brand??

    Btw. i think she looks amazing!

    • mimi

      the dress and jacket are both topshop

  • Nina

    Versus…did Kelly lost some of her weight? I thought she was ,,bigger” … not fat, but with wider hips and more meat.

    • Versus

      It’s possible, but I always noticed that she looks “meatier” 🙂 without clothes.

      • Kae

        I think hourglass figures often look heavier in a bathing suit than in clothes than they do in regular clothes. This statement definitely pertains to me. I fill out clothes very nicely but I always look lumpier in a suit. It may be one of the drawback of having this sort of figure?

        • kate

          Think it depends on how soft your body is. If someone is slim, people automatically assume they will be more ‘toned’ than someone bigger and this is quite often NOT the case.

          • Kae

            It also depends on things like how your body handles having children. Even though I am a lot slimmer after having a baby, my body carries weight differently. I have to work twice as hard to tone my body. Genetics play a key role too. Women with higher amounts of sex hormones will have softer bodies and have to work harder to maintain tone, as is the case with me.

          • snoops

            the sex hormons, oestrogen, progesterone, LH, FSH are pretty much the same in all females and fluctuate through out the monthly cycle – .thus your body shape is not about the level of sex hormones, its just genetics (putting aside certian medical conditions which can cause hormonal problems).

          • Kae

            To Snoops:
            Hmmm…I’ve read many scientific articles which claim that women are programmed to have different levels of sex hormones and this does influence body shape.

          • shell

            So true…. You can be slim and soft, with little muscle tone, or you can be like Serena Williams – larger built (NOT euthanism for fat, lol) and be very toned and tight. I think it’s rare to find someone who is actually overweight, like heavier than their bone structure intended for them to be, to be toned though.

  • right ! WOWZA lol

  • Suji


  • snoops

    She has definately lost quite a bit of weight, it doesnt surprise me I knew it would happen sooner or later because as shes getting older (ie not 19 anymore) she must have to work harder to keep those curves in check. She has a very enviabe figure. I think she is wearing some make-up just very natural, looks better than all done-up.

  • Her body looks like the one of a sculpture!
    It’s like Cecily said, rounded and smooth!
    Her face is not as perfect, but still good enough.
    And she can actually dress up by herself, haha!

  • Rachel

    Wow! She looks incredible. Her figure is absolutely fantastic, I love what she’s wearing, her hair looks really good and her face looks beautiful. Damn! Whatever she is doing is definitely working.

    • i agree. freakin fab! im a vase too and she is my inspiration to tone up a lil bit:) she looks feminine yet slim, the perfect combo! i think i have a lil girl crush on her

  • mermaid

    absolutely perfect figure. i really should have known! who else could have looked like that? lol.

    also – some people think her hips were wider (or she was heavier, probably cause her hips usually look wider)…and i think from the front they are. her butt breaks it up in the back, somehow…like its not just a wide flat space, it curves out too, so it looks smaller…which is so lucky, because from the front, she has a great hip to waist ratio, and from the back she has a lovely behind that doesn’t look wide.

  • Kae

    Incredible…her figure is amazing. I will admit that I envy her and I don’t say that about too many women. She looks gorgeous.

    • haha me 2. i always find faults when i compare myself with other women, i always think “would i like to look EXACTLY like that? and so far, she is the only one that i can say that i would. her body IS perfect.

    • mermaid

      yup. for me, its her and bar refeli…there are few people whose figures i would trade my own for, but those two i would in an instant. i would consider katy perry, maybe. lol.

      • Kae

        Agreed…Bar and Katy have great bodies too.

      • yeah, bar 2:) im a little freaked out about katy perry since i saw that workout pic of her..

  • Jemima98

    Cute dress and great figure.

  • machmalow

    WOWZA, indeed 😮

  • alex

    darn! i guessed one of the kardashians 🙂

    • kate

      Well considering about half the posts on this site are about the kardashians, you had a 50/50 chance : P

      • gen

        hahahaha good one

  • Fabz

    Hey body looks fab. Has she done something to her face though like botox or something because I also noticed in a previous post where she is wearing a red dress her face is uber smooth and she looks aged sort of.

    • snoops

      yeah her face is looking a bit weird, i noticed last time too, I put it down to the weightloss (being british and having seen this chick in a million magazines in clothes and out of clothes, i stand by my opinion that she has slimmed down) – but im not sure if thats all it is. Her face certainly looks different thats for sure.

  • rosie


  • shelby

    She has def lost weight! I’m from England so have known who she is for the last 10 years. She seems to be ditching her 1940’s look that she had to look more sophisticated when she was with Billy Zane…..now she dresses younger and sexier because her boyfriend is 8 years younger.

  • Purplebunny

    Very enviable figure

  • Deyla

    Does anybody know where is her dress from???????

    • Topshop, I think!

  • Elle

    Her Dress is Topshop x

  • gen

    So I was over at The Superficial and there are topless pictures of her there and I saw this quote on one of the pictures, and it really pissed me off:

    “”I rarely watch what I eat, or go the the gym. It’s sex that keeps me fit.”

    !!! How obnoxious is that??

    • Ok I have to ask, what the hell is wrong with sex keeping you fit?! She has a boyfriend, so is obviously not just talking about random hookups to get some cardio done! I think its a great thing 🙂

      • mermaid

        yeah, its great if its a bonus…but anyone who has enough sex, often enough, to replace real exercise has a serious problem. like they won’t be going to work or being social. lol. she said it to be provocative. i have actually heard that quote from her before, and i think its just to appeal to men. but if i were a man, i hope i’d see through it…or think she was too lazy to go to the gym and find that unattractive, no matter how fit she looked!

  • Jj

    don’t know why i thought that was leighton.

    • nay!

      you´re not crazy i did too!! Leighton with a bit more junk on her trunk! 😉 Kelly definitely lost weight!

  • Polly

    I said to myself Megan Fox…but then I remembered she’s gotten very skinny and doesn’t like to dress for attention.

  • Eve

    One perfect body. She has one of the best bodies I have ever seen. I wish some VS models looked like her.

    • candice

      definitely agree with you.. she has the most beautiful body on this site

  • Jenna118

    DAAAAAM she looks good!!!!! If I was a guy i’d keeo staring after her until she fades in the horizon lol… What a hottie!!!! I hate to say this, but I envy her!

  • Holy frick. She looks absolutely AMAZING. Drooooooolll

  • madeleine

    lose weight look great

  • mel

    She looks really good – usually hourglasses come with fuller legs, which aren’t my preference, but Kelly manages to have slim legs and a curvy figure.

  • Gabriela

    Wow! She looks really good. She’s manages to be slim, curvy, and toned all at the same time. I guess it’s a combination of good genes and good habits lol :] I think if I lost the 15 pounds I gained during winter and tone up I could look almost as good as her!


    I couldn’t possibly love this woman’s body any more than I do already! She’s HOTTTTTT!

  • J-J

    i cant belive that its megan she looks great and i really love her style!

    • pppccc

      it’snot megan!!!

      • J-J

        ummmm yeah…i know…mistake