Taylor Hill

Taylor Hill Talks Becoming a Model, Being Nerdy

taylor-hill-body - Taylor Hill Talks Becoming a Model, Being Nerdy

On never thinking she could become a model:

There’s always going to be that part of me that’s the girl who got scouted at 14. I was, like, the opposite of cool. Obsessed with Harry Potter. I had all this frizzy hair I didn’t know what to do with; I wore my sisters’ hand-me-downs, which I was too tall for, so nothing ever fitted.

On being discovered:

When this photographer saw me and told me I should model it wasn’t just me who was like, um, really? Even my parents thought – that guy’s insane.

On her first casting for Victoria’s Secret:

I was just winging it. I didn’t train or do any prep, because you’re always being told, “Don’t get your hopes up, VS is a tricky client”. I thought they were going to say I’d messed up and said the F-word too much. Sometimes when I’m nervous it just comes out!’

On still not feeling like a bombshell and more like a ‘loser tomboy type’:

I’m very nerdy, I love to read – I’m not necessarily a girl’s girl.

The model after being discovered:

taylor-hill-body-5 - Taylor Hill Talks Becoming a Model, Being Nerdy

More of Taylor posing on the beach inside!

taylor-hill-body-2 - Taylor Hill Talks Becoming a Model, Being Nerdy taylor-hill-body-3 - Taylor Hill Talks Becoming a Model, Being Nerdy taylor-hill-body-4 - Taylor Hill Talks Becoming a Model, Being Nerdy

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  • Sarah Jennifer

    We’ve heard this kind of interview before. I know she’s young so maybe I’m being harsh but the “I was a geek and now I’m a model” is so cliche. Plus, what about reading books isn’t girly?

    • Veronique

      Lol agreed! Like she was this huge nerd because she loved Harry Potter? I mean, considering it’s the best selling book series of all time, enjoying the HP franchise hardly makes one a social pariah…

      • Snugglepup


    • a

      Doesn’t being a “girl’s girl” mean having lots of girlfriends you’re close with and spend a lot of time with? I didn’t think it meant being “girly”. honest question tho

      • Agatha

        I’m curious too.

  • Jason Downs

    Geez, either I’m getting really old or she is really young. Probably a combo of both.

  • claud

    this just in: reading makes you nerdy. that’s right, ladies, the only reading you have to do is on the labels of $11,000 purses you dont need but buy anyway to attract attention from sugar daddies and envy from the other illiterate bimbos you call besties! why live a miserable nerdy life burdened with intellect and pressing current events of our ailing country when you can live like a kardashian in 140 nonsensical characters or less?! now that’s feminism!

  • annabeatrice

    Is it just me or did she gain weight? She looks like a normal girl (not that’s anything wrong w that).

  • Kia

    She has a perfect body but in professional pictures and campaigns her face is always being shot in very pornish expressions which disgusts me a little. She often makes a pornstar face even on the runway.

  • Leighton

    Geez’, the sad thing is that she truly believes those things. She truly thinks of herself as a nerd, because she likes to read. And because she likes to read, she obviously can’t be a girly girl. OMG. Just make her stop talking! She is a model, she just needs to look pretty on camera (which she does), there is no need for her to make us believe she actually has brains. I think this interview cleared that up anyway.

  • Leighton

    LOL. Those models trying to prove they have beauty and brains. And “I was an outsider and now I am a model”. Two such clichés.

  • Trey

    Nothing ever *fit* not fitted

  • Lea

    That quote was just so annoying to read! Yeah cause “””girly””” girls don’t read, all they care about is makeup and clothes… Honestly, I can’t believe someone is truly ~intellectual~ as she is trying to portray herself when they believe stupid things like that. Reading does not make you special or a nerd, however it does tend to broader your perspective so it’s surprising to me that someone who’s such a “book nerd” would have this mindset.
    Anyways, her body is good but her face is 50/50 to me. Sometimes she looks very pretty, sometimes she looks so .. meh

  • a

    she’s such a special snowflake

  • Alyona

    Yes every model ever was deemed an ugly duckling as a teenager. They all hate makeup and clothing and anything girly. Oh and they also eat grilled cheese sandwiches and french fries only to post on Instagram their model diet (yet neglect to mention it is the one thing they eat the entire day!)

  • sharlane

    omg yet another “im such a nerd tomboy, i hang with the guys” interview. it gets so old.

  • Mel

    I’m sure a lot of models, being much taller and thinner than average, were considered gawky in school when it’s important to “fit in”. But I don’t understand how reading somehow makes you less feminine.

  • angry_bird

    She looks good from the front and I like her hair. However from the side, she has no butt and no hamstring. Her thigh looks the same size as her calf. Not my favorite look

  • Snugglepup

    She’s not really fit like the other VS girls. Refreshing, but also I don’t think she’s on the same level with them. Bad posture, flat butt and cankles. She’s really beautiful though.

  • Agatha

    When you internalized misogyny shows off: “I’m not like the other girls, I actually read and have deep thoughts”. Hope more women realize this.

  • chris

    weird body, she’s thicker but has no butt at all and back rolls

    • Lisa

      lol, i noticed the back rolls too along with the no butt thing..maybe she gained a couple pounds?

    • Zoe

      Um… doesn’t pretty much *everyone*, regarldless of size have back rolls when they arch their back like in the 1st pic? She doesn’t have them in any of the other pics. I also wouldn’t describe her as ‘thicker’ personally, unless you’re referring to her gaining weight.

  • Ziva16

    That picture of her when she first got discovered… stunning. So she’s saying she looked like THAT and was SURPRISED she was scouted????

  • Lisa

    Right, a nerd would surely say “nothing ever fitted” instead of “nothing ever fit. If you’re going to try and prove you have brains on top of looks, then at least use proper grammar.